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Ooma home phone

Ooma equipment
Telo Equipment cost: $99.99
$0 /mo
Telo Air Equipment cost: $119.99
$0 /mo
Telo LTE with Backup Equipment cost: $129.99
$19.99 /mo
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Community Phone

Community Phone equipment
Unlimited landline service Equipment cost: $99
$39 /mo
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Spectrum home phone

Spectrum landline only
Spectrum landline & internet
from $69.98 /mo
Spectrum landline, internet & TV
from $129.97 /mo
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2.5 (64 Spectrum home phone reviews)

Xfinity home phone

Xfinity landline only
Xfinity landline & internet
Xfinity landline, internet & TV
from $99.99 /mo
Call to order now: (888) 474-1137 *Landline only service not available
1.7 (125 Xfinity home phone reviews)

Landline phone coverage in New Mexico

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The FCC collects coverage data, which only offers an approximate indication and doesn't account for indoor coverage. The actual speed and performance can vary depending on your location and device. The reception you experience is influenced by local conditions and elements like natural and artificial physical features in your area.

Home phone service reviews in New Mexico

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Community Phone

Reasonable priced landline service

I got the basic plan with just the regular phone service. Don't see many companies offering that nowadays. Service works great, 2 months in.

Community Phone

The ability to simply call a friend is so nice

Community phone have made everything so simple and reminds me of the old days. Extremely easy set up where all you do is plug in the landline device. To picking up the phone and calling my family and friends. Everything in this day and age has to be complicated and high tech. Gives me great pleasure that making a call is simple again.

Community Phone

Professional and clear

The representative, Will, was amazing! The process was easy and he explained everything professionally and clearly.

Community Phone

Great reception at home

Needed a home phone that had good reception at my address. What I liked about Community Phone is that they were able to run a check before signing up to see if they had service at my address. Was great to know that before paying for anything. The landline base arrived shortly after, and I've had great service since.

Community Phone

My service works without power

My old provider got rid of my traditional service leaving with no choice but to leave them as I don't get great internet out where I live. Community phone was to get me hooked up, and it even works during a power outage.

Community Phone

Staff really took care of me

My experience with Community Phone has been second to none. I was in dire need of a home phone since my old provider tried to get me to switch to internet phone service. The internet reception where I live has never been great. The staff guided me through the whole set up which was very easy. I am really grateful.

Community Phone

Satisfied with the phone service

Helpful reps provided all the details up front. Sent the base and my phone was working within 3 days. Took 2 minutes from taking out of the box to start making calls. Will recommend to family and friends.

Community Phone

Service has been very good.

Set up the phone purchased thru Community Phone was simple. Service has been very good. The price was very reasonable.

Community Phone

Competitive Rate

Competitive rate, but most important, service - actual service, not a maze of know-nothings with difficult accents.

Community Phone

Great local company

Community Phone are a small, local, independent company created by a person and they give you an option other than the goliath companies. And their prices are affordable.