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Monthly Price:$1-300
Need help choosing a plan? Call now: (888) 338-9064
Verizon FiOS
$30per month
Call Verizon FiOS Now:(888) 512-3395
ProviderVerizon FiOS
Download Speedn/a
Upload Speedn/a
TV Channelsn/a
Monthly Price$29.99
ConnectionFiber & DSL
Data LimitNone
Customer ServiceCS: Mon. - Fri., 8am - 1am, Sat. - Sun. 8am - 10pm EST Tech: 24/7
Contract Term2-year
4k ChannelsYes
On Demand Library140,000+
Average Customer Rating1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star26 User Reviews

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Provider Coverage Availability in Diamond Bar, CA

Summary of Landline Providers Deals in Diamond Bar, CA

Landline Only

ProviderConnection TypeMinutesMonthly Price

Internet + Landline

ProviderConnection TypeMinutesMonthly Price
Time Warner CableCableUnlimited$54.98
ViasatSatellite InternetUnlimited$69.99 - 119.99

Triple Play

ProviderConnection TypeMinutesMonthly Price
Time Warner CableCableUnlimited$89.97 - 134.97
ViasatSatellite InternetUnlimited$129.99 - 179.99
Verizon FiOSFiberUnlimited$134.99 - 149.99