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Frontier Reviews

Frontier user reviews & ratings

Frontier User Reviews

Not RecommendedYou can at least call them.The frequent disconnects are indeed "FREQUENT."

I call time after time, they send technician after technician, and the problem still persists: FREQUENT DISCONNECTS! Also, phone clarity is iffy at best. When able, I WILL be switching. AVOID FRONTIER!!!

Not RecommendedNothingEverything

I got the CEO involved and it was still a failure.

Not RecommendedNothing that I have been able to identify to date!Cannot find a way to rid myself of the service!

I have had the service for less than 30 days, and have had to essentially "reset" the service every evening around 7:00 p.m. Talking with any representatives from Frontier is like having a conversation with a 2-year old. The agents cannot offer a reliable solution to the continued service interruptions, NOR will they connect you with a supervisor!

Not RecommendedNothing. Lying. Over priced, Can't Contact

Lying about prices and plans. Over priced. Can't Contact.

Not RecommendedPoor customer service. Over priced.

Difficult to contact by phone. Always get the run around. Lying.

Not RecommendedThey Provide Internet ServiceHi priced service interruptions and slow speed.

Service keeps getting worse as prices keep increasing.

Not RecommendedStatement is always on time. Statement is always on time.

Poor service. Nobody to talk to that understand. They always want you to try to fix the problem. Spend at least an hour doing things that don’t work. Then tell you if they send a tech out and the problem is in the house you will be charged for the visit. Let me think. There service coming into the house, there modem, nothing works so l should continue to pay my bill for service that doesn’t work.

Not RecommendedFrontier sucks! Look elsewhere.Everything!

Worst experience ever!

Not RecommendedI hope this isn't their bestHold > 10 min. Then hung up on

On hold > 10 minutes to be told Frontier doesn't service my area after they finally understood I only wanted a landline phone, no internet or cable. Then I was hung up on. Unacceptable service!!!

Not RecommendedNothingLack of respect for customers.

charged me $10 to cancel my service. Made me wait 3 weeks to get my final bill, then when it was 7 days late while I was disputing the total, the turned it in to collection and disabled my login. Crooks!! Now they just hang up on me.

Not Recommendeddo you really need to askworst thing about Frontier, they exist.

they are slower than dial up...really, no really.

Not RecommendedNothingDo not give you the internet that is promised

I had to give up a job that I loved working from home because of the poor internet they provide.

Not Recommendednothingconstant outages / price jacking

internet goes out without fail at least twice a year, takes 1-3 weeks and countless calls to get issue resolved - all while being treated horribly be "customer service". And do you think they pro rate the bill for the number of days THEIR service wasn't working? Hell No!

Not Recommendednot a damn thingthey turn off dns server to send a modem

it has been the worst experience.

Not RecommendedNothing..absolutely NOTHING!Rates, Speed, and Reliability

Where do I begin? When Verizon was our problems! Frontier? Nothing but an overpaid letdown! Twice I've bought faster service, only to be told by the service tech that my area doesn't provide anything faster and I lost my "locked in rate" of $34.99/mo. So now I pay $54.99 for the same shitty service! And if you pay online and you're late by 2 days while your payment is processing, they slap you with a $9.99 fee but when you don't have internet service because their network is down or whatever malarkey they text don't get any credit for that! Believe me, first provider that I can get internet service from, I'm dumping this joke of a company!

Not RecommendedLandline?? I was doing great with ATTThey keep raising price to old customers.

They can't answer simple questions; they keep transferring my chat sessions to other departments that don't know the answer to my questions either. I will cancel my service with them and I will get penalized by them, with a fee, for exercising my rights to cancel a subscription or contract. They took over ATT and started behaving like a dictatorship or a communist state where customers don't have any rights to fight back.

Not RecommendedI don't have it.Decided not to get it based upon the reviews.

Web site is unorganized and lacks meaningful information for the most part.

Not RecommendedDon't knowPhone number to call doesn't accept calls

Ridiculous. I'm looking for new service. Both options on the phone tree said they couldn't help and not to call back.

Not RecommendedNothing!Customer Service/Pricing

I haven't even had Frontier for two weeks and have already made 9 phone calls to them about problems - either with services promised (by a door to door rep ~ yes, I should have known better), in home equipment (only have two TVs and one runs on Ruku), voicemail, channel lineup promised. Called again today to check pricing on upgrading my channel package. Was told I could now get 1gb internet speed with the Ultimate triple play package...For $321.00 per month, plus taxes and fees! You have got to be kidding me!

Not Recommendedthey existthey exist

they raise rates more often than a teenage boy gets excited.

Not RecommendedExpensiveCustomer service

Signed up on 7/1/19 for $54 a month and was promised $100 gift card and Amazon Prime free for a year. Had to wait 9 days for a technician to come set it up... After set up I found out Amazon Prime did not come free. Then I received a call from their sales team, a week after the service was finally set up and working, that I could upgrade for FREE to faster service. That was not true either, my bill increased and when I called in about this, they completely shut off my original internet service, leaving me with nothing. They said they would come back out for 10 days to re-setup the service but the faster internet I was promised for FREE (which wasn't) was not even available in my neighborhood!

This Company is the most disorganized company I've ever dealt with, causing their customer service to be the absolute worst, I've ever dealt with.

I canceled and can only imagine what kind of fees they are going to try to charge me with.

I spent a combined 81/2 hours on the phone and on hold with them, I will never get back. They also drilled a hole in my wall when they set up the internet so I also have that to remember this terrible experience.

RecommendedFrontier internet PackageOffers

Experience secure and fast internet with frontier internet plans.

Not Recommendedi have nothing good to say right nowcustomer service is absolutely is terrible

can not talk to a live person its all automated. then when it says wait to talk to a rep its a 45 minute wait time

Not RecommendedThat they are likely headed for bankruptcyLiterally everything else

Look anywhere online...other than this shill site, and you will see Frontier is a dumpster fire. I've been with Frontier since they took over our Verizon Fios in 2016. Prior to the takeover by Frontier, we loved our Verizon Fios internet and TV packages. However, once Frontier took over it has been nothing but grief and aggravation. In addition to the world's rudest, least responsive, and most inept customer service (nearly every customer service call we made had to be handed up to a supervisor who invariably turned out to be surly, self-important, and inflexible); Frontier repeatedly messed up our channel packages, charged us for channels we never received, gave us internet at much slower speeds than we were paying for, outrageously and repeatedly jacked the rates for our internet and TV packages (now over $200 /month for basic channel package and 100/100 internet), charged us full boat monthly rent for outdated and malfunctioning cable boxes and wifi modem, and refused to update our outdated equipment without charging us - all while offering new customers deals at less than half what we were paying as long-term customers. Today we'd finally had it and cancelled all services from Frontier. Despite the fact that we were less than a week into the new billing month, Frontier refused to prorate our service and return the unused portion of our payment. "John" at Frontier informed us that Frontier changed our contract, which allowed for such refunds, by placing some small print on our bill back in 2017. Without a doubt, Frontier is the worst all-around service provider I have ever dealt with in any category. If I had stock in this company, I would dump it as fast as I could. There is no way a company run like this can survive its competition in a world where over 60% of adults 18-35 stream their content and have no use for cable TV.

Not RecommendedCan't think of oneCharge DSL "Processing" (cancellation fee)

I had DSL and Frontier kept raising prices so I called and cancelled (10+ years customer). They are charging me a $9.99 "processing" fee to cancel saying it's not a cancellation fee but of course it is. After over 10 years of loyalty, I pay a cancellation fee? Ridiculous! They wouldn't budge at all.

Frontier Internet FAQS

How much does Frontier Internet cost a month?

Frontier Internet prices start at $29.99 per month. The pricing varies depending on your area, the download speed, and whether you bundle it with other services.

Is Frontier Internet available in my area?

To check if Frontier Internet is available in your area, you can use our Internet provider by zip code tool.

Is Frontier Internet cheaper if you bundle it with TV or landline?

Yes. Frontier bundle deals offer better overall value if you buy more than one service.

Does Frontier Internet service include WiFi?

Yes. Frontier Internet service includes WiFi.

What Internet speeds does Frontier offer?

Frontier offers Internet speeds from 50 Mbps - 1,000 Mbps. The speed you actually recieve will depend on your area and the plan you choose.

How do I get a Frontier Internet discount?

Always compare Internet deals from multiple providers to ensure you get the best deal. When you call to order Frontier Internet, always ask if they have any special deals or promotions running. Also, if you bundle Frontier Internet with other services you will always get better overall value for money.

Frontier Specs & Info

Frontier Specs
States Covered:29 states
Population Covered:33.5M
Connection Type:DSL & Fiber
Internet Speeds:6Mbps - 1,000Mbps (varies by area)
Data Caps:None
TV Channels:230+
On Demand Library:150,000+
4K Channels:No

Frontier Company Info

Company Name:Frontier Communications
Headquarters:3 High Ridge Park, Stamford, CT 06905
Customer Service:Mon. - Fri., 8am - 9pm Sat., 8am - 8pm EST
Website:Go to Website
Wikipedia:Go to Wikipedia
Facebook:Go to Facebook
Twitter:Go to Twitter

Get Frontier Now: CALL (888) 475-7478