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Mediacom Customer Service, Tech Support & Bill Pay Phone Numbers

Customer Service Number:1 (888) 482-6411
Technical Support Number:1 (800) 883-0145
Bill Pay Number:1 (855) 633-4226

Mediacom Internet Plans & Prices

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedMonthly Price
Mediacom Internet 6060 Mbps$49.99
Mediacom Internet 100100 Mbps$59.99
Mediacom Internet 200200 Mbps$69.99
Mediacom Internet 500500 Mbps$79.99
Mediacom Internet 10001000 Mbps$90

About Mediacom

Mediacom Plans December 2019

PlanDownloadMonthly Price
Digital Voice0 Mbps$29.99
Local 60 Double Play60 Mbps$49.98
Internet 6060 Mbps$49.99
Internet 100100 Mbps$49.99
Internet 200200 Mbps$59.99
Internet 500500 Mbps$69.99
Silver 60 Triple Play60 Mbps$79.98
Internet 10001,000 Mbps$79.99
Xtream 100 Bronze0 Mbps$84.98
Family TV + Phone0 Mbps$89.98

Mediacom Specs & Info

Mediacom Specs

States Covered:22 states
Population Covered:7.9M
Connection Type:Fiber & Cable
Internet Speeds:60Mbps - 1,000Mbps (varies by area)
Data Caps:150GB - 6,000GB
TV Channels:170+
4K Channels:No
Contract:1-year, 2-year, 3-year

Mediacom Company Info

Company Name:Mediacom Communications
Headquarters:1 Mediacom Way, Mediacom Park, NY 10918
Employees:1,001 - 5,000
Customer Service:24/7

Internet Speed Test FAQs

How do I test my Mediacom Internet speed?

You can test your current Mediacom Internet speed by using the speed test tool provided on this page.

What are good download and upload speeds with Mediacom?

You can often browse the Internet without any issue with download speeds of 6 - 10 Mbps. However, if you're looking to game, download large files, or stream a vast amount of media, you should consider 15+ Mbps speeds.

How long does it take to run a Mediacom internet speed test?

Testing your internet connection speed only takes a few minutes at most.

How can I boost my Mediacom internet speeds?

There are many ways to improve your internet speed, such as resetting your router, reposition your router closer to your computer, use an optimized browser such as chrome or firefox, use an ad blocker, install a virus scanner, clear your cache. If none of that works, you may want to consider upgrading your Mediacom internet package or switching internet providers.

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