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Optimum Internet Review

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If you live in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, finding a reliable internet service shouldn't be a chore. Luckily, you have options, as Optimum services your area.

Of course, there is so much information to go through for each internet service provider that it may become difficult to absorb.

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That's why we're here. We've gone ahead and compiled the important data, molding it all into a comprehensive guide that is easy to digest. Inside this guide to Optimum internet plans, you'll find information on the available high-speed internet packages, the services and features, the bundles, the tri-state area availability, the customer service, and more.

Hopefully, by the end of this review, you'll be able to decide whether or not the tri-state area service provider is right for you.

Optimum Internet Plans & Prices

Optimum Internet Plans

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedMonthly Price
Optimum Internet 200200 Mbps$44.99
Optimum Internet 300300 Mbps$54.99
Optimum Internet 400400 Mbps$64.99

Optimum internet plans offer much in the way of variety, but these plans come with promotional pricing for only a year.

Below is a closer look at each of its package offerings:

  • Optimum 200: If you do much in the way of online gaming, Optimum 200 is the plan for you.
  • Optimum 300: The second-fastest Optimum Online plan has the capability of delivering download speeds as fast as 300 Mbps and upload speeds reaching 35 Mbps.

You can also purchase Optimum Online services for your business, thanks to Optimum Business. Not only will you receive Optimum Business speeds, but you can turn your business into an Optimum WiFi hotspot, enhance your network capabilities with Optimum Online Static IP service, and more.

Optimum Internet & TV Bundles

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedTV ChannelsMonthly Price
Optimum Core TV + Internet 200200 Mbps220$64.99
Optimum Select TV + Internet 200200 Mbps340$74.99
Optimum Core TV + Internet 400400 Mbps220$84.99
Optimum Premier TV + Internet 200200 Mbps420$94.99
Optimum Select TV + Internet 300300 Mbps340$109.99

A great way to save on cable internet service to bundle it with other offerings from Optimum such as digital cable (Optimum TV; you can view Optimum's channel lineup here) and/or Optimum Voice.

Optimum Triple Play Bundles

Provider/PackageDownload SpeedTV ChannelsPhone PlanMonthly Price
Optimum Core TV + Internet 200 + Phone200 Mbps220Unlimited$69.99
Optimum Core TV + Internet 400 + Phone400 Mbps220Unlimited$89.99
Optimum Premier TV + Internet 200 + Phone200 Mbps420Unlimited$99.99
Optimum Premier TV + Internet 300 + Phone300 Mbps420Unlimited$139.99

Further, by combining services such as the Optimum Voice home phone service with Optimum internet service and Optimum TV, you have the best chance of saving money since internet service providers like Optimum offer their most competitive pricing on bundles.

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Optimum Internet Speeds

Optimum offers high-speed internet service in the tri-state area. As part of its service, you have access to a wide range of speeds, making it a great choice if you want to engage in a variety of online behaviors such as video chat, playing video games online, streaming movies and more.

How you choose the best plan for you concerns your household's internet use and how many devices you need to connect online.

By understanding your home's internet needs and speeds, it allows you to choose a high-speed internet connection that aligns most with your preferences so you don't experience lags in service.

Optimum Internet Coverage

Use our availability checker to find internet providers by zip code. Or check out the Optimum coverage map.

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Optimum Equipment & Fees

Optimum includes a few things in their starter pack when you sign up:

  • Optimum App - You'll be able to stream live television or watch On Demand programming on the go thanks to the Optimum App. The Optimum App is included free of charge with your digital cable package. What's also included is Multi-Room DVR.
  • Smart Router - What makes this router special is it becomes your home's WiFi hub, where you can connect all your internet devices wirelessly. Furthermore, Optimum upgrades its software regularly so you'll have the most up to date technology for faster internet speeds and better security.
  • McAfee - With this protection, you can browse the internet with confidence knowing you have the latest security tools working to keep your information protected.
  • Extended McAfee Protection - In addition, you can install the security software on up to 20 internet devices such as your smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Perks of this benefit include: Data encryption, anti-virus/anti-spyware, firewall, device protection, and file shredder
  • Parental Controls - Optimum's parental control feature allows parents to monitor what their children do online. In addition, it also offers instant messaging monitoring and controls so you can restrict the type of content you don't want your children to view online.
  • Free Email Accounts - Depending on the package of your choice you could have up to 15 email accounts with 5GB of storage.

Overall, Optimum offers a full complement of perks with its internet service from security features to WiFi hotspots to appeal to diverse needs.

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Optimum Customer Service

If you encounter technical issues or have general questions, you can contact Optimum by calling its customer service line or doing the live chat feature.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index states Optimum is one of the best internet providers in terms of customer service. In its study, it ranked Cablevision's Optimum internet with a 69 ranking.

What's more, it received a 13.1 percent increase in satisfaction from 2015 to this year. This shows that while Optimum does have its share of problems, the cable provider is making strides to improve things and its customers are noticing it.

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Optimum has a wide variety of internet plans and speeds to meet most household needs. With no-contract plans, there's no risk to try its services to see if it is right for you.

When you sign up for its internet service, you receive an ample array of benefits like internet protection, a free wireless router, access to many Wifi hotspots and email accounts with storage.

Of course, make sure to read the reviews and opinions from Optimum customers to get a feel for how the company operates.

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Optimum Internet Deals FAQs

QWhat is a smart wireless router?


A smart wireless router is an internet router than can interact with mobile apps. For example, these apps can change router settings, monitor network devices, restrict access to certain web sites, and more.

QHow fast is optimum Ultra 50?


Optimum's Ultra 50 is now the Ultra 60, offering high speed internet with up to 60 Mbps download and 25 Mbps upload speed. You can have up to 15 different email accounts with 5 GB of storage, and sync up to 10 devices to Automatic Wifi Sign-in.

QHow fast is Optimum?


Optimum offers a number of packages with competitive internet speeds at a low of 10 Mbps download to a high 400 Mbps download speed at affordable prices.

QHow much does it cost for basic cable and Internet?


Optimum offers two cable and internet bundles. The Optimum 100 and Showtime bundle offers 100 Mbps download speed and the Showtime streaming service starting at $59.95/mo for 1 year. The Optimum Triple Play offers 200 Mbps internet speed, cable TV, and home phone service starting at $89.95/mo for 2 years. With that much speed, the Optimum Triple Play is a great deal.

Optimum Specs & Info

Optimum Specs

States Covered:4 states
Population Covered:12.4M
Connection Type:Fiber/Cable/WiFi
Internet Speeds:200Mbps - 1,000Mbps (varies by area)
Data Caps:None
TV Channels:440+
4K Channels:Yes

Optimum Company Info

Company Name:Altice (successor of Cablevision)
Headquarters:1111 Stewart Ave., Bethpage, NY 11714
Customer Service:Mon. - Fri., 7am - 11pm, Sat. and Sun., 7am - 10pm
Call Optimum Now: (888) 492-9415