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ViaSat Reviews

ViaSat user reviews & ratings

Viasat User Reviews

Not RecommendedNothingConstant buffering

This is so slow that it buffers constantly when trying to watch low resolution Youtube videos. It even drags when trying to look through my facebook timeline. Loading web sites is iffy, sometimes it will sometimes it won't. Basically it really sucks.

Not RecommendedRuining my day Every single thing

Viasat has is genius they've gotten a contract with the military to secure fund to provide the worst service humanly possible. I've gotten to the point of collecting rocks in my room naming them and making them fight. Someone could tell me my account is drained my house is destroyed and the insurance wouldn't pay for it and it still couldn't amount to how much viasat has pissed me off. Customer service will tell you to deal with the problem yourself and call back if it doesn't get better in a month. Nothing more i love in life than having a smart phone and only being able to make phone calls and send texts. When I told the lady my wifi wasn't working at all to the point of not even being able to load netflix she told me "wow that really sucks. Well it is what it is you have the best plan but it's the best you're going to get. just keep turning your devices on and off and maybe it'll work.... goodluck"

Not RecommendedNothingSpeeds

Ever since I ordered the 10 mbps plan at an absurd $50 simply because there is no other ISP that can compete, viasat has been nothing but a problem. I never get anything above 1 megabyte per second, and that's on a good day. As I am writing this review I am getting 150 kilobytes per second, and can barely load web pages. Every time I've contacted customer service nothing has happened or they have hung up on me. Don't give them your money, they're the worst company I've experienced.

Not RecommendedNOTHINGNo integrity, they are thiefs!!!!!!

If I could give negative stars, I would! They are liars, I can't even go into all the details but they have perfected the bait and switch, they LIE and you get horrible internet. It's impossible to cancel, DON'T DO IT!!!!

Not RecommendedIt's an option when no other choiceIt's speed

I ordered the up to 25 MB package because it was the only option that I had in the area. The speeds were terrible. Running a speed test daily I was averaging 7 MG's upload speed. I needed it for my laptop and for streaming TV. It would stream Netflix barely and Amazon TV not at all. i was very unsatisfied and cancelled the service after 3 months.

Not RecommendedNothingTheir customer service is terrible

Leo the “supervisor” was not respectful. The service lied to us about what it would be capable of.

They take your money and it’s a complete scam. People beware!!!!!! We are out about $500 thanks to these people. It’s worthless. Additionally, they don’t seem to care about people’s hard earned money... instead they make you pay the cancellation fee regardless if you only had it for literally a few days. Again, Don’t trust this service or Leo the “ supervisor”.

Not Recommendednothing.Lies and deceitful practices.

Lied about service to get me on a contract. Never delivered on promises and refused to cancel contract without a huge penalty.

Not Recommendedavailabe in most areascustomer service and reliability of equipment

equipment went bad and it took over a month for them to fix problem. But they would not credit me for more than 1/3 of the month since they said that was the max credit they can give

RecommendedSpeeds are good. Price!!!

I stream movies and browse internet a lot. Have had no major problems. Managing my account online is simple. Just wish it was cheaper.

Not RecommendedIt works sometimes.Max package and I go to liberty pass after 4 days.

Data cap sucks . If I could go to Wave or roadrunner I`d be gone.

Not RecommendedThey Lie Really WellStone Age internet speeds

Signed up for premier plan. 30MB. $100.0 month. Then they stopped offering it. When checking, was advised to keep cause it was best speed available. Then they dropped speed to 7MB in peak hours.

Then they wanted me to take new plan, 30 MB for $150 a month. They are on crack.

Not RecommendedNothingSlow

Pay for highest pkg. Don't even get half speed.

Not RecommendedNothingPrice

Service was unreliable. Speeds were slow. I had to purchase two extenders in other to have internet throughout my house. Pricing was exorbitant. I had to pay $10/month to lease their equipment I was locked in a two-year contract. When I canceled because Viasat didn't deliver what it promised to deliver, I had to pay over $300.

Not RecommendedNothing. There's nothing good at all about Viasat.It is overpriced. It is unreliable.

I was locked into a two-year contract for unreliable service. I was charged $180 a month for this unsatisfactory service. Their hidden charges included a $10/month lease charge for use of their equipment. I had to pay $283 to cancel the account, even though I canceled because they were not delivering what they promised. Viasat was a disaster!

Not Recommendednothing everything

it is the worst their billing is a nightmare, there setup was bad they had to come back to fix it. they will shut you off in ten days if your payment is late. the service is slow when you go over your data use they say unlimited but its not I say run run stay away from them go somewhere else.

Not RecommendedThey are an option when there's nothing else.Marketing is shady.

Considering Viasat and called sales to find out which wi-fi standard was utilized by the built-in router. Wow! What a run around. I was first assured that "most" of their hardware used the current AC standard. "Most" being ambiguous, I dug deeper. He then stated it was area and plan dependent. Since the lease price doesn't really vary, this was technically illogical and pressed ahead. He then tried to convince me it was because of the "beams" used in some areas of the country. When I wouldn't bite on that nonsense (satellite beam side and house router are completely separate functions, i.e. no technical reason for them to be linked) and told him I'd call later as it was clear he couldn't answer my question, he said if I would give him the address he could tell me exactly what would be provided. I did and he proceeded to rattle off the modem model and all the wi-fi standards supported, beginning with A and working his way up to N. His patter didn't hesitated at N and if I hadn't been listening. When he finally took a breath I said I didn't hear AC in there anywhere and at this point he admitted they weren't offering an AC router. When I asked why they'd lease an obsolete product, he bristled slightly and said he wouldn't call it obsolete. My counter was a years out of date protocol is obsolete and an obsolete product. I ended the call at this point. IMO, a snake oil salesman of the first order!

Not Recommendedit is a serviceit sucks

not worth the money I pay every mon th

Not RecommendedNothing - They lied from the beginningSystem to slow - they lie to sell you the package

When I ordered this I paid for the Unlimited 50 Gold package because that is what they said I would need for gaming. Have called several time complaining about the speed and not being able to game and they tell me "on not you can't game on it". What am I paying $180.00 a month for? DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THIS COMPANY TELLS YOU ABOUT THEIR SPEEDS.

Not RecommendedNothingEverything

Multiple problems starting after first month. We were given the run around by customer service. Kept on hold for up to and hour. Service techs never show up on first or second attempts after scheduling work days off to be available for their visit. Slow speeds, several equipment problems, incorrect setup after multiple visits from several techs, unable to use on phone or computer. Will load tv programs occasionally with stop and go connectivity. Very disappointed in speed. Promised 25 actually runs between 1 and 3. Customer service states they only have to be at 25 during one point during a day and they get to pick when. If we had another option for internet I feel confident Viasat would not be in business in our area.

Not RecommendedNothingSlow internet, unable to stream on Demand

We are in the same position as a lot of the other subscribers. We're kind of rural but, on our road we can ONLY get Directv/ Viasat. yet half a mile down the road there are other internet options. Hmm, trapped into having to use Viasat (Exede).You bet. Supposedly our contract With Directv includes the On Demand, We can't stream because of our internet speed and they want us to upgrade our plan to the highest package. They say with our mid-range package isn't strong enough and if we want to stream we have to unplug/turn off any and all devices whether we're using the internet with them or not including our phones. I am NOT turning off my phone. It's BS. Also they want us to pay with our credit card and refuse to email information on eh payment being received and how much we're paying we have to wait for our credit card bill to see how much the payment was. I don't look up all of the payments to make sure they aren't raising my bill. I also have yet to find a customer number to get this problem fixed! The only number I find is the one that wants you to either subscribe or upgrade and it's a robot, no human I try to get a person and I get disconnected EVERY time. If I try to cancel it's going to cost me hundreds of dollars and I'm stuck with no internet AT ALL!!!!!!!

RecommendedQuality of serviceCustomer service

Having been with Exede for a few years now, they have worked fine for us which is why all the bad reviews surprise me. We have had good service with them and customer service has always been ok, as good as you expect with any company, but no problems.

RecommendedInternet SpeedsCustomer Reps

People who have not had satellite internet before need to realise that it is not the right package for you if you are streaming movies all day everyday. Since I have been with Exude I have had nothing but great service from the internet and really good speeds. The customer reps could be a little bit more informative, but other then that a top service.

RecommendedFast internet speedNone

I've been with Exude for 3 years and I don't know what people are complaining about. My service has always been reliable and the internet speed is faster then you would expect. It's not as fast as cable, but it is perfect for my family needs

RecommendedAcceptable serviceData Allowances

If I am honest, Exede would not be my go to provider if I had more choice, but being in a rural area they are my best option. That said I have not had any problems and find the service I get pretty acceptable. The only problem I have encountered are the data caps which are often exceeded.

RecommendedInternet speedsNone

If I had more options I probably would not go for satellite internet, however finding a great deal with Exude I signed up and have been amazed by the whole service. The internet speed I get is much faster then I expected and the customer support team are very helpful when you have any queries.

Viasat Specs & Info

Viasat Specs
Services:Internet/Voice/TV (via DIRECTV bundle)
States Covered:49 states
Population Covered:308M
Connection Type:Satellite
Internet Speeds:25Mbps - 150Mbps
Data Caps:None
TV Channels:330+ (via DIRECTV)
On Demand Library:25,000+ (via DIRECTV)
4K Channels:Yes (via DIRECTV)

Viasat Company Info

Company Name:Viasat, Inc.
Headquarters:6155 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009-1699
Employees:5001 - 10,000
Customer Service:24/7
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