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Vyve Broadband Reviews

Vyve Broadband user reviews & customer ratings

Vyve Broadband
Average Customer Rating17 User Reviews
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Read 17 Vyve Broadband user reviews

Accounting dept needs to be all fired.

Sent bills to wrong address. Said they would send reprint. Still waiting. Paid bill on 5 houses with bills sent to my email. No service. Stated have to wait for check to process. It’s your fault that I never got a bill!!! I even called and was told it wasn’t due yet. You have my phone number and email but you never contacted me. Bunch of idiots!!

Vyve Broadband

Constantly lagging and going out. Having to ask multiple questions to get the obviously bothered receptionist to give any information on the right package to upgrade to based on usage. Upgrading to the highest package to cover all the devices and security system only to discover the service is not any different. Still lagging, still constantly going out.

It is constantly going offline now

Vyve used to be the best provider but I hate the service now because it is constantly going offline and buffering all the time now and within a few days it says I have used up half of my data and I would have just paid for the month. I rarely get to enjoy it for months now


Corporate sold southwest KS business (Internet) to Idea Tek. Without any notice, they shut off cable TV To everyone, even though we paid for service thru Nov. Now hundreds of people have no TV service including nursing homes, hospitals and elderly. Vyve gave NO NOTICE to anyone they were shutting service down. The elderly are quarantined and now have no access to a TV. The satellite tv companies are booked for weeks for installs and many elderly do not have smart tv’s that have roku so they cannot stream, nor do they even know how to stream.

It’s unbelievable you accept our payments, do not give notice to your customers of shutting down and tell your customer service people they are not allowed to speak about this area since it is shut down. Whoever made this decision should be terminated immediately! How would you feel if your father is locked in a nursing home room because of a virus and now has NO CONNECTION TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD, because VYVE cut off their TV with no notice to allow people to switch to another service.This should be criminal! SHAME ON YOU VYVE! We hope you go broke! And we will mount a campaign against your selfish behavior! We are calling in the news media and exposing you for what you are on social media!


our technician Kyle Wellborn was the best ! Courteous, kind, respectful. :)

Customer service

Rep immediately fixed a problem that Northland could not fix in 5 years

The service sucks and you have to reset the modem

Terrible, this company claims to have highspeed internet but it always lags and you have to reset the modem which then takes 5 to 10 minutes to power back up.


Poor CS! Pay too much for very little in rural areas but have no other providers in area

Was lied to/they add extra fees and say your late

Vyve Broadband started out okay. They have recently been having outages, lied to me about billing due dates to collect late fees. The worst internet provider I have ever experienced as far as billing.

No one will respond


They have non-existent customer service.

I've spent about 90 minutes on hold trying to talk to a human. Was transferred twice only to end up back into the automated phone system. There was literally no one to ask for help with my cable channels going out.

Customers service

Never good when I call and talk to someone say one thing and I'm still paying for equipment I lost in a fire two yrs ago


Internet is constantly going out. Vyve has been the worst internet experience I've ever had.

It exists.

Horrible internet service. Works 20% of the time. Horrible customer service.

Fast speeds

Best internet service I ever had!!! Super fast too!

Great service

Very pleased with Vyve.

Terrible wifi

Internet buffers constantly when watching movies! Rebooting helps but only for a few hours before it happens all over again. Starting to reconsider this service.

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Vyve Broadband Internet FAQS

How much does Vyve Broadband Internet cost a month?

Vyve Broadband Internet prices start at $25 per month. The pricing varies depending on your area, the download speed, and whether you bundle it with other services.

Is Vyve Broadband Internet available in my area?

To check if Vyve Broadband Internet is available in your area, you can use our Internet provider by zip code tool.

Is Vyve Broadband Internet cheaper if you bundle it with TV or landline?

Yes. Vyve Broadband bundle deals offer better overall value if you buy more than one service.

Does Vyve Broadband Internet service include WiFi?

Yes. Vyve Broadband Internet service includes WiFi.

Vyve Broadband Specs

States Covered:10 states
Population Covered:606K
Connection Type:Cable/Fiber/Fixed Wireless
Internet Speeds:25Mbps - 960Mbps
TV Channels:65+
4K Channels:No

Vyve Broadband Company Info

Company Name:Vyve Broadband, LLC.
Headquarters:Reckson Executive Park, Four International Drive, Suite 330, Rye Brook, NY 10573
Customer Service:1 (855) 367-8983
Website:Go to Website
Facebook:Go to Facebook
Twitter:Go to Twitter
Call Vyve Broadband now: (775) 374-6229