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Customer Service is very negative at the end!

Once you have completed your contract and all of your credits are gone, DirectTV will increase your bill and then tell you we have no more discounts for you and you are stuck with paying high costs. So long DirectTV !

Customer loyalty discounts

We have used DirecTv since 1990 and have been mostly pleased with the service. My customer loyalty discount expires in about 3 weeks and when I called to see what was offered after that, I was told that there isn't anything at this time and that I need to call back closer to the end of the month to see if there is anything, If not, I will be forced to downgrade my package because it is too expensive at the regular price. I hate to do it because we will lose some channels we really enjoy but it is just to much money for the use we get from it. I hope AT&T will continue the discounts or we might have to change services.

Bad service in rain

Service goes out at any sign of rain. Just a drizzle and we lose service. God forbid we get a hurricane come on shore, we would never know where it was. Do not use or fall for their tricks about new satellite dishes being better in weather conditions. NOT TRUE

price gouging, not living up to their agreements.

I got shafted when I signed up with direct TV at the time of the AT&T purfchase. The would not honor the price that I was quoted and said it was not recognized by AT&T.

Rediculous prices. Hello streaming!!!

All about the money for dtv. Insanely high prices. They will be history soon.

Horrible Abusive Customer Service


Yesterday was the day from H E L L . I have never ever experienced such incompetence, disrespect, and indifference from any business that I was trying to purchase a service from. Over an eight hour period on the phone speaking to no less than two dozen ATT and Directtv associates they could not get my installation coordinated. I was lied to, disconnected, and indifferently appologized to over and over again by associates in the sales, sales support, installation, and customer loyalty/retention departments. When I was disconnected no one had the courtesy nor decency to call me back. All of this was going on while two directtv installers waited patiently at my home to do the install. What a wasted day that I took off from work. It is amazing the excuses they gave as to why they couldn't talk to other departments, see other department's notes one my accounts, and why their 'systems' wouldn't allow them to place the order nor modify it. I have been an ATT wirless customer since the '90's and had Uverse internet for over ten years. I am so very glad that I am not under any contract with them as I will jump at the first good opportunity to leave. It is so very, very sad that they treated me the way they did after I had the patience to spend six hours on the phone to try to resolve their problems so that I could buy their service. In any respectable company half of the people that I spoke to yesterday would have been fired on the spot for the indifference and disrespect. Beware! With my apologies to the installers who have to work for these people. D Reiste, Hialeah, Florida

customer service & signal quality

Various channels lose sound intermittenly, recorder skips and has dead spots. When I called to complain about service, I was told that it would take a service call to check. This would require me to pay for the service.

Package Options

So glad I moved over to Directv. The whole service from the start is professional and friendly. The package options they have are brilliant and we found one that fits in with our family and the picture quality is excellent.

Horrible customer service. Must record calls.

Bills for packages not ordered or cancelled. Charged for extra tv for 3 yrs.

to high on price

I had my grandchild for two days and she wanted to watch frozen two and the adams family. I have two tv with Direct tv, tried to order the shows on paid preview for 5.99 each and soon as I press rent, there was a signal on a blank screen, unsupported signal. Check your device out put. Therefore, waited later that day and decided to check the tv in the bedroom and both shows would show already paid for, but looking at my bill charging me 21.99 for frozen 2 and 5.99 for adams family, it showing I bought frozen 2 and i did not and now they are avoiding my call.