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Service is terrible, equipment is terrible

If you have other providers - GO THERE!

It takes an average of 10 days to get a tech out to fix your problem. It is NEVER fixed the first time, never. I have had them have to come up to 4 times on the same problem. They say they will give you credit for your down time, but the rarely do. The phone reps treat you like your trying to scam them if you ask for credit when you have not had the service for weeks on end. It’s unbelievable. Run, Run somewhere else.

And they are ungodly expensive. I live on the water with high winds so my only other choice is direct tv which goes out a lot due to the weather. If I had ANY OTHER OPTIONS I WOULD RUN TO THEM..... I suggest you do that !!

I had Time Warner/Spectrum for 30 years in OH before coming to FL. They are fantastic compared to Mediacom. Too bad you can’t give negative star rating.

Only if Mediacom is your only choice

The internet/cable connection goes out numerous times a day. I have had their service crews here to resolve the issue. Only to tell me it’s the main lines. They will put a work order in for them to replace the lines but it never gets done. They still charge me full rate for a 3rd world monthly service. Mediacom is the only available service provider where I live. I can’t wait for our house to finish building, so we can move where there is more than mediacom. Honestly , their service is worth about $20-30 a month.

Its entire existence.

I lived in Indonesia, a third world country, for two years and never experienced the connectivity issues that daily occur with mediacom. The company should be embarassed and ashamed of their product and their service.


I have been a Mediacom customer for over three years only out of necessity because we have no other internet service available and the only other option for TV service is satellite. I have had NUMEROUS issues with both my internet and my television service over the years. They have replaced 3 TIVO boxes and 3 Routers and yet still the problems remain. If you have to call after hours or on weekends your going to get a foreigner reading a script to you that sounds like a Robot. I WOULD NOT EVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE LAUGHABLE WHEN IT COMES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE, IF I COULD GIVE THEM 10 NEAGTIVE STARS I WOULD DO SO. DO YOURSELF AND YOU RFMAILY A FAVOR AND DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Cannot seem to get anything right

Looking at broken pieces of picture and wondering why I pay for it

Reliability and stability of the internet

Speed is fine when it works. However, I often lose the connection, especially in the evenings.

works only sometimes

many down times, keep repluging modem



Service is awful. Can't get straight answer to ?s.

Every month internet goes out. Service calls are 4 days out! Not acceptable. Can't get straight answer to questions. Plans are not as flexible as other companies. Too hard sell when you talk to them. Internet site is horrible. Can't find answers without 'talking' to sales people. Waste of time...

Good cost

Decent experience except when outage. They only have customer service online when when service is out.