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The Best iPhone 8 Deals 2018

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The Best iPhone 8 Deals

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The iPhone 8 saw a worldwide launch on September 22nd, but compared to the iPhone 7 release, the reception was rather dull. Does that mean that the iPhone 8 is a complete dud? Certainly not. The latest iteration of the iPhone is a solid buy for several reasons, and I will be going over them with you (though if you have a little extra in your wallet, you may want to consider purchasing the iPhone X).

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First is the design. The design is by no means a significant departure from the design of the iPhone 7 - quite the opposite, really. Ultimately, the iPhone 8 is considerably "safe" when it comes to appearances. However, the iPhone 8 does feature some noticeable upgrades.

For instance, the rear. The rear of the phone is not aluminum like its predecessors - instead, it is glass. With that in mind, the iPhone 8 has a better grip but is a little heavier compared to the iPhone 7. Additionally and obviously, the glass rear is more fragile - if you're the clumsy type, it's heavily advised to invest in a case. What coincides with the glass rear design is wireless charging. While those two features are pleasing additions to the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 looks far too similar to the iPhone 7. So if you're looking for a massive upgrade in visuals, you won't find it with the iPhone 8. Another issue you may find is that the iPhone 8 only bears three color variations - a new shade of gold, black, and silver.

What also continues to be missing from the design is the headphone jack. However, this may not be an issue, as many consumers have adapted to this change. Finally, Apple maintained the IP67 rating for water-resistance, which has become a prerequisite for many phones.

One can argue that the design of the iPhone 8 is the weakest point. Fortunately, there are lots to embrace regarding this powerful hardware.

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For instance, the iPhone 8's IPC LCD screen. At 4.7 inches, the iPhone 8 is sizeable - however, the resolution can be a bit of a disappointment. The LCD display features only a 1334 x 750 resolution at 326 ppi. While the LCD display isn't worth boasting about, what makes the iPhone 8 stand out from the iPhone 7 is the True Tone feature, which was introduced with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. So what exactly does True Tone do? Well, the display's white balance dynamically alters depending on the environment you're in, providing more comfort for your eyes. It's certainly a welcome addition in an age of eye-straining screens.

Additionally, Apple now supports Dolby Vision and HDR10, meaning that you can watch HDR movies. Unfortunately, the iPhone 8 doesn't sport a True HDR screen.

Other noticeable improvements are embedded in the RAM, storage, and GPU. The initial model of the iPhone 8 comes with 64GB - double the amount of the iPhone 7 - though there is also a 256GB storage option. That's a massive improvement off the bat, but what really makes the iPhone 8 shine is the six-core A11 Bionic CPU, complete with 64-bit architecture, neural engine, and M11 motion coprocessor. According to many, it is a 70-percent improvement over the iPhone 7's performance. Jaw-dropping, isn't it?

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As far as the RAM goes, only 2GB of RAM has been stuffed into the iPhone 8 - the same amount found in the iPhone 7.

And in terms of battery, the iPhone 8's battery is smaller than the iPhone 7 - 1,821mAh versus 1,960mAh. This is both a surprising and disappointing fact, considering all other performance upgrades the iPhone 8 incorporated. Despite that, the battery performance of the iPhone 8 rivals the iPhone 7, which doesn't have the greatest lifespan, but without heavy usage, it will get you throughout the day with a single charge.

And what of the operating system? What of iOS 11?

Well, iOS 11 is not a vast improvement over the iOS 10, and it supports the iPhone 6S and later. However, what is a notable feature of the iOS 11 is full augmented reality (AR) support, but it's not a feature to be incredibly ecstatic over (at least, for now). Additionally, the iOS 11 has also implemented an upgraded Control Center and an optional setup for when you're transferring data from one iPhone to another - that is, if both iPhones have been updated to iOS 11.

Of course, you can't complete a review without an overview of the camera. The iPhone 8 sports a 12-megapixel camera on the rear and a 7-megapixel selfie camera, but it does not feature a dual-camera - a tool that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has utilized. However, one shouldn't knock off the iPhone 8 camera - it's the best camera embedded into a 4.7-inch iPhone, implementing excellent lighting as well as a favorable and default HDR mode. What should also be noted is the 240fps slow-motion video feature, which can be recorded at up to 1080p.

Overall, the iOS 8 is a very familiar that plays it safe in terms of design but improves upon performance vastly. With that being said, you may want to set your sights on the iPhone X. You can compare used, refurbished iPhone X phones with our comparison tool here.

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