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Rob Webber

Rob Webber

Is your carrier courting you with a "great deal" if you just trade in your current Samsung phone for the latest and greatest new one?

There are other options outside of the trade-in cycle that the major carriers have created and successfully kept their customers trapped in. For example, keep your phone until it's paid off - your phone bill will drop and you'll own your device outright.

If you do want to upgrade, you don't have to trade in your device. I'm going to show you how to get the most cash out of your Samsung phone, plus get your next cell phone at a huge discount. Let's explore your options!

Sell Your Galaxy Online

You're virtually always leaving money on the table when you trade your device in to your carrier. Sell your Samsung phone online to get the highest value for it.

You've got several options. Handle everything yourself through a site like Swappa, including putting up your own listing, waiting for a buyer, and dealing with postage and returns.

Or you can sell your Samsung phone directly to a buyer like Decluttr. There's no waiting for a buyer and the process is simple. You'll get a little less for your device this way but it's more convenient.

Benefits of selling your phone online:

  • Higher offer than you'll get from your carrier
  • Real cash to spend as you wish - not trade in credit
  • Fast payment - as quick as one day after the buyer gets your mobile device
  • Prepaid shipping
  • Compare offers from multiple sellers all in one convenient place

Trade vs Selling

Price Comparison: Samsung Phone Trade-in vs Selling Online

DeviceVerizon (Credit)T-Mobile (Credit)AT&T (Credit)Sprint (Credit)MoneySavingPro (Cash)
Galaxy S8 Plus$284$195$230$190$300
Galaxy S8$252$223$105$185$299
Galaxy S7 Edge$104$91$105$50$166
Galaxy S7$80$62$71$45$134

How Much Is My Samsung Phone Worth?

Now let's look at the factors that affect your Samsung phone's value.

  • Condition: Obviously the less wear and tear your phone has the more you'll get for it. Buyback sites generally use a rating system ranging from Excellent (like new) to Poor. Most will buy flagship phones like the Samsung Galaxy series even if they have visible defects like breaks or cracks, even water damage.
  • IMEI status: You must have a clean IMEI number (your phone's ID number). This tells the buyer that the device has not been reported as lost or stolen.

Timing can also have an impact, for example you'll get a little more for your phone if a new model has just come out.

See how much cash you can get for your Samsung phone right now.

Sell Online for Cash

As I said, the actual process of selling your Samsung phone is simple. Honestly, the hardest part is shipping the device. The whole thing takes just a few steps.

  1. Locate your Samsung model on the buyback site.
  2. Answer a few questions about condition and the like.
  3. See how much the offer is.
  4. Choose email or snail mail for your free shipping label.
  5. Send your device in and wait for payment.

Most companies lock in your offer for a limited time - typically about 30 days. Your offer may be lowered if they get your phone and it's not in the same condition you described.

Payment methods available usually include paper check, PayPal, or a gift card.

Selling Advice

Concerned about protecting your personal information when you sell? No problem - it's easy to keep your private data safe by doing a few things before you mail your phone in.

  1. Back up your data: Perform a backup to your preferred Android cloud app. Make sure you save any pictures or videos from your text messages that you didn't save to your gallery.
  2. Sign out of your accounts: Log out of Google Play, Gmail, etc., just to be on the safe side (don't worry, you're going to wipe everything in a minute).
  3. Do a factory reset. You'll find reset options in your Settings menu. Do a hard reset - this wipes everything out of the phone and returns it to factory settings.
  4. Take out your cards. Remove your SIM card (usually found under the battery) and any memory cards you've installed.

Money Saving Tips

Now that you've broken out of the trade-in cycle you may be wondering where to get your next cell phone. We've got you covered.

Buy a used or refurbished Samsung phone for 50% or less of the cost of new. By going with a model year or two old, you'll save hundreds and still get a sleek high-end device with the features you love.

1. Buy a refurbished Galaxy

  • Savings of half or more off retail price
  • Free shipping
  • Used phone warranty up to 12 months included
  • Wide availability of phone fix-it stores for affordable repairs

We've engineered a tool that makes it easy and fast for you to compare refurbished Samsung phone prices from multiple sellers all in one place.

2. Switch to an MVNO

If you're overpaying for your device you can be pretty sure you're paying too much for your cell phone plan as well.

Save over $600 a year by switching to an MVNO, or Mobile Virtual Network Operator. These carriers are smaller mobile providers that lease space on the big four wireless networks. This allows you to save money on your cell phone plan without compromising the service you love on your favorite network.

MVNO benefits:

  • Coverage on the same wireless networks the major carriers use
  • Savings of 50% or more off your cell phone plan
  • Custom plans that let you choose - and pay for - only what you need
  • Bring your own phone and keep your phone number
  • Easy online sign-up and activation

No matter which wireless network you prefer there are cheaper carriers that run on it.

Compare cell phone plans now from multiple carriers all in one convenient step.


If you're ready to get out of the trade-in game and get more money for your device, sell your Samsung phone online for cash.

When you're ready to buy we make it simple to compare the lowest prices on refurbished Samsung phones. Find great deals on recent model devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9.

If you want to extend your savings even more, compare cell phone plans from MVNOs to put $600 a year back in your pocket!

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