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With titans like Apple, Samsung, and Google dominating the smartphone industry, it was only inevitable that Microsoft would throw it's million dollar hat into the ring. One of the world's largest software makers, Microsoft was prepared to bring Windows, the world's most popular operating system for PCs and laptops, to the mobile space.

When their phone division launched in the early 2010s, they were met with limited success. Providing more of the same black rectangles and touch screens as everyone else, it simply seemed like people were not all too interested in what Microsoft had to offer. Nowadays, however, they've made significant strides in digging out their own niche in the smartphone industry. Their line of Microsoft phones, and the hopefully-soon-to-be-announced Surface phone, are touted as the most productive smartphones in the world.

What does that mean?

Simply put, the stronger push toward efficiency, productivity, integration, and usability makes a Microsoft phone a handy companion for PC users and business owners worldwide. Designed to complement your work on your PC, laptop, or tablet, a Microsoft phone boasts a seamless transition of documents between devices when synced to the cloud, enabling you to bring your work with you wherever you are, make edits, and keep up-to-date files on everything you do.

Why you should consider buying a Microsoft phone

I've already mentioned Microsoft's emphasis on work integration and productivity, but there are also several other factors you might want to consider before deciding to purchase a Microsoft phone.

  1. Windows 10 is here: And presumably future OS updates, too. A mobile version of PC's Windows 10, you can expect a simple, intuitive user experience with everything important at your fingertips. For PC users, you'll immediately be familiar with it.
  2. Great value for your money: There are plenty of choices for the budget-conscious consumer. Even for mid and low range phones, you can expect solid specs at affordable rates.
  3. Gorgeous Interface: If there is one thing that may attract you to a Microsoft phone, it's there beautiful, minimalistic design that is a breeze to navigate.
  4. File Integration & Support: It's worth reiterating, through OneDrive, you can view, edit, and export Excel PowerPoint, and Word documents on your phone and share between devices.
  5. Customizability: Change the layout of your home screen, pin your favorite apps or tools, and determine what updates and notifications you want to appear on your lock screen.
  6. Super Smooth Processing: Windows 10 is incredibly well optimized for mobile use. You won't experience any bugs, hiccups, or stutters.
  7. Social Integration: Social butterflies are in for a treat. Microsoft phones have dedicated support for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Make and share posts without ever having to launch a dedicated app.

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