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The Best Places to Sell DVDs and CDs

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Taylor Numbers

CDs, Blu-rays, and DVDs are a rather dying breed in the age of digital downloads and streaming. In fact, Best Buy stopped selling CDs altogether in 2018.

If you're wondering where you should sell your CDs, Blu-rays, and/or DVDs, then read on, as we have researched several online companies and put together the best sites to sell your discs.

Key Considerations

  • How rare are the discs? There are plenty of discs that you can easily get rid of, but what if you had a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray that was valued for quite a bit? For instance, Coldplay's Safety EP CD, a very rare CD that launched in 1998, sells for around $1,000 (at the time of this writing, anyway).
  • Confirm the condition of the disc. Unfortunately, after a quite a few plays of a movie or CD, your disc will probably suffer from some wear and tear. Make sure to mention that when you sell that disc, as the condition plays an important role in how much money you'll make for that disc.
  • Compare prices on the disc. To maximize your profits, you should compare prices among online sites.

Sell DVDs and Blu-Rays

There are plenty of reasons why you should sell your discs online:

  • Validation in minutes. The time it takes to have your listing and profile validated is only a few minutes with required identification.
  • Make More Money Fast. To put it simply, it would be incredibly difficult to trade in or sell any of your DVDs, Blu-rays, or CDs locally. In fact, most retail chains don't even accept those forms of media as trade-ins. There are quite a few online sites that accept CDs, Blu-Rays, and DVDs. Furthermore, it only takes a couple to a few business days to receive your payment!
  • It's Environmentally Friendly. According to the CD Recycling Center of America, 5.5 million boxes of software are tossed into landfills and incinerators each year. By selling these discs to other companies, they could either end up recycled or in the hands of another consumer.

Sell CDs

  • Seller fees - Some sites will charge you a seller fee, which may or may not consist of transaction fees and listing fees.
  • Shipping - Are you paying for shipping or is the buyer paying?
  • Are you selling to the company or directly to the individual? - If you're planning to ship your product to the company, it's usually the company who will take care of the shipping for you, otherwise, it's your responsibility to make sure the package moves safely from point A to point B. That includes packing the product well and the insurance.
  • Returns - Be sure to review the company's policy on returns. If your disc doesn't meet expectations of the company or match the description you provided, the company may either return the item or won't sell the item.

Best Places to Sell

Decluttr Review

  • Pros
  • Decluttr's app is incredibly simple; simply use the barcode scanner from the app, set your condition, place into the shopping cart, and sell it!
  • The company pays you the day after it receives your items
  • You can receive direct deposit or PayPal as payment
  • There are no auction fees
  • Shipping on all orders is free of charge
  • Cons
  • They reserve the right to not pay you for rejected items- and they will not return the items
  • You don't get a huge amount for your items

Our number one pick goes to Decluttr due to its acceptance of discs, the easy-to-use interface of both the website and the app, and the speediness of the selling process.

eBay Review

  • Pros
  • eBay's process of selling items is straightforward - simply list the item, then sell it and ship it. After then, you'll receive payment
  • You're able to list up to 50 items free of charge each month
  • You'll only pay eBay when you sell your item
  • eBay features robust seller protection
  • There are 168 million buyers worldwide
  • Cons
  • Customer service isn't the greatest

eBay is one of the largest eCommerce sites in the world, defining online shopping as of its debut in 1995. What makes the site so distinctive is that sellers not only have the option to sell products immediately to the buyer with the buy-it-now (or best offer) feature, but they can also set up an online auction for the item, which is a great idea if the item is rare.

Amazon Review

  • Pros
  • You set your own prices
  • Amazon help with the customer service and shipping process
  • Much of the time, plenty of potential customers will view your products
  • To combat scams, Amazon issues payment fraud protection
  • Cons
  • You have to pay to sell on Amazon

Amazon, the world's largest online marketplace, can be great when you want to sell CDs, Blu-ray discs, or DVDs. Fortunately, when you sell DVDs to Amazon (or anything else), you can often make a pretty penny, depending on the movie.

You do, unfortunately, have to pay to sell on Amazon. There are two memberships available: individual, which should be used if you only have a few discs, as it only costs $0.99 per listing (alongside various other fees), and professional, which is for when you have large batches of items. The professional membership fee is $40 per month.

More Ways to Save Money

There are always other ways to save money. For instance, you can sell your video game consoles, video games, Macbooks and laptops, iPads, and tablets. You can minimize clutter in your home and fatten up your bank account by selling these goods, but to make the maximum amount possible, please check out our guides on where to sell the following:


Selling your movies (either as DVDs and Blu-rays) and CDs are great ways to clean up the home and earn a little extra money.

While there are, unfortunately, plenty of retailers and online sites that do not accept DVDs, Blu-rays, or CDs, there are a few that welcome them with open arms: Decluttr, Amazon,, SecondSpin, and eBay.

Just be sure to compare prices on your items to maximize your profits.

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