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Where to Sell Your Used iPad or Tablet for the Most Cash

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Do you have an iPad or tablet collecting dust somewhere? If you do, it may be no surprise, as according to Statcounter, between desktops, laptops, and tablets, tablets make up 3.89 percent of the particular computing sector. So if your iPad purchase happened to be a regretful impulse buy after an afternoon of browsing the Apple Store, it may be time to sell that iPad for some cash.

But you may be asking, "Where should I sell my iPad or tablet?" Well, we're here to answer all your questions. With this guide, you'll learn of the best sites to sell your iPad or tablet, the reasons as to why you should sell your device, and key factors to keep in mind when selling your device.

Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Selling Your iPad or Tablet

  • Consider the timing of your sale - Not many buyers are looking for a current-gen pre-owned device. Wait until the next gen of tablets launch before you sell that particular iPad Pro.
  • Back up all of your content - When you want to sell your Android tablet or any of the iPad models, you'll need to make sure to back up any files you'll need. If you want to learn more about backing up your Android or iOS device, please refer to our guide to backing up your phone (it applies to tablets as well).
  • Remove the SIM card - Your SIM card contains valuable personal information, such as contacts, so be sure to remove the card from your tablet.
  • Wipe your tablet - Sure, some sellers will wipe your tablet or iPad for you without any worry, but you are still better off taking on the task yourself. Simply put, it is better to be safe than sorry (wandering eyes, curious employees, etc.). Fortunately, wiping your tablet or iPad is a simple process. You can refer to our guide to restoring your iPad, but as for Android tablets, you can simply hold the power button down and press "Volume Up," causing the Android recovery menu to pop up. From there, you can choose "wipe data/factory reset" and confirm your selection with the Power button. Finally, scroll down using the volume keys and choose "Yes - Erase all Data."
  • Compare prices on your tablet or iPad - To get the maximum amount of cash possible for your iPad or tablet, you'll need to compare prices among online sites.

Why Sell Your iPad or Tablet Online?

There are several reasons why you should sell that Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad Air.

  • Validation in Minutes. Validation within an online marketplace generally takes a few minutes with sufficient identification, such as a Driver's License, government ID, or social media profile.
  • Make More Money Fast. The best part about selling your device online is that you'll receive this money within just a few days (or next day, depending on the marketplace) after the buyer receives your tablet.
  • It's Environmentally Friendly! To put it bluntly, you're doing your part in preserving the environment when you recycle. To recycle your tablet or iPad, you simply need to sell it! There are plenty of people willing to purchase and use a pre-owned device. You can even sell broken tablets to the marketplace so that the company can either fix or recycle the tablet.

Best Places to Sell Your iPad or Tablet

Decluttr Review

  • Pros
  • It provides a simple and convenient means of getting rid of unwanted items
  • Payment the day after items have been inspected
  • You can sell via the desktop or the Decluttr app
  • All you need to do is scan the barcode or enter barcode manually to get an instant price
  • You get free shipping on all items you sell with the use of the provided shipping label
  • Cons
  • They reserve the right to not pay you for rejected items- and they will not return the items
  • You don't get a huge amount for your items

Decluttr is our top choice and for good reason. Decluttr allows you to just sell your items with just a few button presses. While Decluttr features an efficient website, it also offers a fantastic, simple-to-use app for Android and Apple users.

Gazelle Review

  • Pros
  • Paypal, check, or Amazon Gift Card are offered payments.
  • Gazelle offers fantastic customer service.
  • There are no transaction fees or costs associated with your Gazelle account.
  • Gazelle lets you sell current-gen Microsoft, ASUS, Google, and Samsung tablets, as well as iPads.
  • You won't have to do the dirty work - Gazelle will ship you a box complete with a shipping label, and all you need to do is place the tablet into the box and ship it off.
  • Cons
  • The payout for sold items is lower because the service is simpler
  • If your evaluation doesn't line up with the online questionnaire your offer may decrease accordingly
  • If a new offer is sent- you have 5 days to accept/reject the offer. If you don’t choose before the 5 days are up the offer is automatically accepted

Gazelle is touted as a leader of the online marketplace, offering instant quotes and high payments for your goods.

Swappa Review

  • Pros
  • Swappa ensures quality standards by closely reviewing listings.
  • Any purchases and payments are made via PayPal in order to protect both the buyer and the seller.
  • It has implemented a seller system.
  • Swappa features excellent customer service.
  • The site design is clean and efficient.
  • Cons
  • PayPal is the only method of payment
  • There is an expiration date on your listing
  • Seller is responsible for device and it's condition until it gets to the buyer

Swappa is a peer-to-peer marketplace, meaning that you'll sell your tablet or iPad directly to the consumer using the platform as the "middleman." Swappa heavily monitors the listings and requires sellers to provide photographic proof of their fully functional device.

More Ways to Save Money

Of course, there are other ways to save money. If you're on the hunt for another tablet, then consider purchasing a used, refurbished tablet or iPad from a reputable seller. That way, you'll save potentially hundreds of dollars, especially if you put money from your tablet sale toward that newer tablet.

More importantly, you should also consider selling the following to clear up your home and earn some extra dough on the side:

Just as important, you should compare prices with any of our comparison tools, which would not only help you save time and energy, but you'll also be able to make a lot more money when you sell your product.


If your tablet or iPad is collecting dust, then you should certainly consider selling it.

While trading in your iPad or tablet is an option, you'll earn far more money for your device by simply selling at an online marketplace like Swappa, Decluttr, Gazelle, BuyBackWorld, and Glyde.

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