Best Verizon prepaid SIM card in 2023

We compared cheap prepaid SIM cards with Verizon wireless coverage: Cut your phone bill by $600/yr.

1. SIM card with free trial: US Mobile Unlimited

US Mobile logo
  • Verizon 5G & 4G LTE networks
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited data
  • $650 in annual savings


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*50 Day FREE Trial

4.5 Read our US Mobile review

2. Prepaid verizon SIM card: Twigby 2GB

Twigby logo
  • Verizon 5G & 4G LTE networks
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 2GB data
  • $750 in annual savings


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* Only $5/mo for First 3 Months

4.5 Read our Twigby review

3. SIM card plan for Android: Twigby 5GB

Twigby logo
  • Verizon 5G & 4G LTE networks
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 5GB data
  • $690 in annual savings


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* Only $10/mo for First 3 Months

4.5 Read our Twigby review

4. SIM card plan for iPhones: US Mobile 12GB

US Mobile logo
  • Verizon 5G & 4G LTE networks
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 12GB data
  • $600 in annual savings


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*50 Day FREE Trial

4.5 Read our US Mobile review

5. Verizon unlimited SIM card: US Mobile Unlimited

US Mobile logo
  • Verizon 5G & 4G LTE networks
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited data
  • $420 in annual savings


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*50 Day FREE Trial

4.5 Read our US Mobile review

Cheapest Verizon SIM cards in December

Getting access to the Verizon network doesn't have to come with an extortionate price tag.

Verizon MVNOs like US Mobile, Twigby, and Red Pocket Mobile can cut your cell phone bill in half while still giving you the same Verizon coverage, saving you up to $600 a year.

Whether you're looking for family plans, unlimited data, basic, or tablet plans, we've broken down Verizon prepaid SIM card deals below to help you find your perfect fit.

Best Verizon Prepaid SIM Card

Compare Verizon unlimited data plans

Plan Data Monthly Price Annual Cost
Verizon Unlimited Welcome Unlimited $70 $840
Verizon Unlimited Plus Unlimited $75 $900
Verizon Unlimited Ultimate Unlimited $85 $1,020

Verizon vs US Mobile comparison

Keep your Verizon phone, number & coverage: Save $650 per year

Carrier Network Coverage 4G/5G Data Price Annual Cost
Verizon Verizon 4G & 5G Unlimited $75/mo $900/yr
US Mobile Verizon 4G & 5G Unlimited $25/mo $250/yr
Savings $50/mo $650/yr

How to choose the best SIM card on Verizon

Does Verizon offer coverage where you live?

Operating on the Verizon 5G & 4G LTE wireless network, Verizon MVNOs offer the same great coverage, which comes out top for 5G gaming and video experience, according to an Opensignal 5G experience report 2023. If you're new to the Verizon network, whether you need coverage in rural areas or cities, you can use our coverage area checker to find the best cell phone service in your area.

How much data do I need?

Do you really need a Verizon prepaid SIM card for unlimited data? They want you to believe so. But in reality, the average monthly cellular data consumption is around 10GB. If you tend to use Wi-Fi at home or work, your cellular data usage is likely to be lower, so you could choose a lower data GB allowance that fits your needs with cheap Verizon cell phone plans. So the good news is if you use less, you can pay less.

Is mobile hotspot data included?

Many Verizon low-cost carriers permit the usage of hotspot data. However, they impose restrictions on the quantity of data that can be used through tethering. The specific limit varies depending on the carrier and plan that you select. Additionally, some low-cost carriers provide exclusive data only SIM cards designed specifically for iPads, tablets, and mobile hotspots.

What's the monthly price?

While an unlimited data SIM card with Verizon costs around $75-90 per month, the best MVNOs offer budget-friendly SIM cards, ranging from $5-35 per month without compromising coverage or data speeds. Watch out for hidden fees & taxes; some providers include these in the price, and others, such as Verizon, don't.

How many lines do you need?

Verizon's low-advertised plans may seem a reasonable price, but it's only available if you buy four lines. But with a Verizon Mobile Virtual Network Operator, the price you see is the price you pay, even for a single line. Many low-cost carriers now offer further discounts for multi-line plans.

Can I bring my own phone or buy a new device?

Verizon loves keeping you locked into a constant phone upgrade cycle, especially when there's a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. But with their MVNOs, you can bring your own phone to Verizon. This means you take back control and only change your phone when it suits you. If you do want to purchase a new phone, many MVNOs offer 0% financing over 1-2 years.

Are there any promotions?

Promotions on a Verizon plan can seem a great choice at a glance. But once you read the small print, it often leads to buying things you don't need and being stuck in 3-year phone contracts. Most MVNOs on Verizon's network offer short-term introductory discounts for new customers, and their pricing is much clearer.

What perks are included?

Many plans from Verizon come with complimentary TV subscriptions, like the Disney bundle, but these often convert into paid subscriptions that are automatically billed after a few months. Some affordable carriers, like US Mobile, do provide plan choices with free subscription services. However, a good option is to keep these subscriptions separate to avoid paying for unnecessary things.

What international features are available?

Some Verizon MVNOs offer free international calls to a number of countries, including Canada and Mexico. If this is important to you, make sure to choose a carrier that includes this, as some only offer unlimited calling within the United States. If you're a frequent traveler and are looking for SIM cards for international travel, checking the carrier's data roaming availability is vital to avoid unexpected costs or inconveniences while you're abroad.

Do they offer parental controls?

With easy access to Google, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, YouTube, and Social Media, we understand the importance of internet safety. There are plenty of options for parental controls for monitoring phone usage and data limits. Some low-cost carriers on Verizon's network offer this with their plans, or it's available in the settings of your phone.

What SIM card size do I need?

The SIM card you need will depend on your device. Most smart devices now use a nano-SIM or eSIM, but some older devices may need a micro-SIM or a standard SIM.

Check out our comparison of the cheapest Verizon cell phone plans before you decide.

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If Verizon isn't giving you the best coverage, check out the best prepaid AT&T SIM cards and the best prepaid T-Mobile SIM cards.

Compare the cheapest prepaid Verizon phone plans

Carrier Network Data Price
US Mobile Unlimited SIM card Verizon 5G/4G Coverage Unltd $0/mo $25/mo
Twigby 2GB SIM card Verizon 5G/4G Coverage 2GB $5/mo $15/mo
Twigby 5GB SIM card Verizon 5G/4G Coverage 5GB $10/mo $20/mo
US Mobile 12GB SIM card Verizon 5G/4G Coverage 12GB $25/mo
US Mobile Unlimited SIM card Verizon 5G/4G Coverage Unltd $40/mo

SIM cards for international travelers

In the quest for affordable and flexible communication, especially when traveling, prepaid SIM cards have become a pivotal part of helping to stay connected. For travelers jetting from the USA to Europe and other various countries, the GSM technology underlying most prepaid SIM cards ensures phone compatibility, catering to both iPhone, Android, and other smartphones.

Whether you're looking to buy a new SIM card on arrival or opt for a travel SIM card, either is a great option. Also, if your phone is compatible, an eSIM can make this process even easier.

However, your current carrier may offer international plans, but they usually come with a hefty price tag. The best option can be getting a local SIM card, which presents a cost-effective option, often providing a substantial GB of data, free mobile hotspot data, and local call minutes, which are invaluable for internet access to navigate via Google Maps or stay connected through WhatsApp and Skype.

A new SIM card can offer an ideal plan tailored for each destination and guarantee the best rates.

Verizon prepaid SIM card FAQs

Recap: What is the best Verizon SIM card?

Prepaid SIM cards with Verizon MVNOs offer a great choice of plans with something for everyone.

If you love Verizon but not the price, you'll find plenty of deals at half the cost with access to the same nationwide coverage you're used to.

Prepaid SIM card guides

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With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we intentionally don't include plans from the big wireless networks in our reviews. This is because of their expensive pricing and fees and lack of transparency.

Verizon MVNOs operate on the same Verizon network, and we research each Verizon low-cost carrier with the features and benefits it offers. This includes coverage, easy activation, eSIM compatibility, multiline discounts, and special discounts for specific demographics such as military, students, seniors, and more.

We also examine additional perks like pay-as-you-go options, unlimited plans, kids plans, senior plans, and smartwatch plans, evaluating them for their individual benefits and overall value.

We did consider these other Verizon alternatives: Total by Verizon, Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, Straight Talk, Tracfone, and Visible, but we discounted them because we still don't consider these to be good value for money.

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