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How to Find the Best Family Phone Plans

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Finding the best family cell phone plans is a big deal in today's speedy and expensive world. Without family cellphone plans - otherwise known as a group or shared plans - families and groups would suffer from exponentially higher costs each billing cycle. With family plans, particularly smartphone plans, you are saving money that would instead go toward other bills or a much-needed vacation.

In my research, I made sure that value and benefits were at the top of my list. Some family plans are cheaper, while others carry greater benefits at a more expensive fee. Knowing this, what is the best provider when it comes to the best family cell phone plans? Well, I'm here to help you decide what services will provide you with the greatest value.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Family Cell Phone Plan

When looking for the best cell phone family plan, there are many factors to take into account. When you do your own research, here are a few things to reflect on:

1. Incentives

Some providers offer valuable incentives alongside their family plan to lure in potential new customers. This might include a certain number of phones added for free or a hefty discount on added lines. Incentives are always a great way to attract fresh customers, but there are other factors to bear in mind. One of the main things to remember is that cut-rate prices for cell phone service are typically only valid for a limited time. Before you choose a cell phone provider for your family mobile plan, read the fine print.

2. Pricing

Pricing is a major factor for most families seeking a shared plan. According to ABC News, as of May 2015, the average American spent roughly $1,000 a year on their cell phone bill. Fortunately, all family plans are valuable in comparison to individual plans, but some are far cheaper than others. Not only should the monthly fees be taken into account, but additional costs such as monthly phone payments, activation fees, and even the early termination fee should also be considered.

3. Features

Features, such as a data plan, mobile hotspot functionality, and unlimited text, should be factored in when deciding upon a family smartphone plan. Data is especially important in today's world, whether for streaming video and music, using a GPS, or just passing time at a dentist appointment. The T-Mobile unlimited plan, for instance, offers you 10GB of high-speed hotspot data while AT&T gives you none.

You can learn more about mobile hotspot functionality here.

4. Coverage

Coverage area is important, especially in today's world. Families and groups need to be, for the most part, connected with not only their phones but with each other. If a service offers poor coverage, that service is limiting the connectivity a group has. While it's true that Verizon and AT&T technically rate highest as far as coverage, the difference among the major carriers is only a percentage point or two, making the Sprint and T-Mobile networks perfectly suitable for anyone who doesn't live in an extremely remote area. For extra peace of mind, however, you can check our coverage maps.