Best MVNO Plans


Mobile Virtual Network Operators are the cheap, prepaid wireless alternatives who are often competing with one another. If you're someone who enjoys budgeting but would love receiving the network of the big four, then you should contemplate the possibility of adopting an MVNO.

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However, before you can choose an MVNO, you should understand what MVNOs are and how you can save money with them.

Best MVNO Plans

What is MVNO?

An MVNO, or again, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, are small carriers that lease - or borrow - cellular coverage and data bandwidth from any of the major four carriers: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. According to MakeUseOf, leasing the towers allow the MVNO to save money and pass the savings to the customer in the form of substantial discounts. In fact, according to a FierceWireless report, Sprint and T-Mobile executives explained that MVNOs have a wholesale appeal, and since there are plenty of customers that don't exactly need the latest and greatest in speed and smartphones, they are tempted by these MVNOs.

However, with MVNOs, you may become de-prioritized in terms of speed, since you will be not using the big four networks directly. Furthermore, you should understand the restrictions of each MVNO, like whether or not you can bring your own phone.

According to GSMA Intelligence, between June 2010 and June 2015, the number of MVNOs worldwide increased by a whopping 70 percent. As for the United States? There are roughly 300 MVNOs within the country.


There is more than one type of MVNO, so it's a good idea for you to understand them before I delve into the specific MVNOs. The different types are:

Branded Reseller

The resellers are the ones that have the closest relationship with one of the big four networks. They tend to buy services from their partners, then re-brand and sell them.

Basically, they reflect the mobile operating network. They can, however, own and operate customer service, marketing, and sales operations.

Service Provider

The service provider typically relies on its own customer support, marketing, sales, and distribution operations. Furthermore, the service provider can set its own fees for products.

Enhanced Service Provider

This is closer to independence from MNOs, as this MVNO has more control, capable of managing its own infrastructure. Branding, customer-ownership, and differentiation are emphasized through this type of MVNOs.


Finally, we have the full MVNO, which utilizes a network implementation that features basically the same technology as a mobile network operator. Full MVNOs only lack their own radio networks.


Here is a list of the major MVNOs, complete with their host networks:

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Best MVNO Comparison

So just which is the best MVNO for your dollar? There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting the best MVNO, such as:

  • 1. The pricing: What is the pricing of each plan? How much cheaper are the plans compared to the major four carriers? A majority of the time, you can save far more money with an MVNO compared to a major cellular provider.
  • 2. The features: What features are highlighted in the plans? Are there incentives that would cause you to jump at the MVNO? For instance, Boost Mobile sports unlimited music streaming, meaning that streaming music will not eat your data when you use any of the partnered apps.
  • 3. Network reliability: Unfortunately, the flagship networks are going to prioritize their own customers, so when there is traffic, you're going feel the pressure and reduced speeds. So unless you don't mind having less reliability on your network, then by all means, you should consider an MVNO.

Sprint MVNO

Here are just some of the best Sprint MVNOs that you should consider:

  • Boost Mobile - Boost Mobile is an MVNO that does not skimp on the features while retaining incredibly affordable pricing. Plans range between 2GB and unlimited, which are completely affordable. There are optional add-ons and incentives to consider, such as international calling, boostTV, and unlimited music streaming.
  • Virgin Mobile - Virgin Mobile features fantastic rates, though it is considered to be a little bit more expensive compared to Boost Mobile, but only if you opt for the unlimited plan. The Data Love and Data Love+ packages are actually cheaper compared to Boost Mobile's plans. This MVNO also features data-free music streaming, but only with the associated partnered apps.
  • FreedomPop - Out of the Sprint MVNO networks, FreedomPop is the cheapest. With FreedomPop, you'll have access to a free plan, complete with internet services. Better yet, there is no contract attached. The 100 percent Free Basic Plan provides you with 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 500MB of data each month. It also utilizes Wi-Fi calling and texting from anywhere.

Even better is that there is free unlimited calling and texting between FreedomPop phones and free international calling from over 60 countries. You can also earn unlimited free data by completing partner offers. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Verizon MVNO

  • GreatCall - Okay, so GreatCall caters to a particular demographic - particularly, senior citizens, but GreatCall is amazing because the company not only takes cell phone service into consideration but also your health. If you're in trouble or need medical assistance in any way, GreatCall is there for you with its Jitterbug Smart, Jitterbug Flip, Lively Mobile, and Lively Wearable products. Not only that, but cell phone plans begin at a small fee per month.
  • Credo Mobile - Credo Mobile is great for those who love supporting progressive causes, such as the Americans for Tax Fairness, Detention Watch Network, or Rainforest Action Network. The service offers shared data plans, and though they may be a little expensive compared to other MVNOs (partially due to being on Verizon's network), there is a free 25MB data option, which is for basic phones only.
  • Page Plus Cellular - Page Plus Cellular, which is operated by TracFone Wireless, features no contract data monthly plans that are again, a little more on the expensive side due to being on Verizon's network, but the Pay-As-You-Go Plans shine, ranging between 100 minutes and 2000 minutes for as little as $0.04 per minute.

T-Mobile MVNO

  • Simple Mobile - Simple Mobile sports 30-day unlimited plans, completely with unlimited international calling to mobile phones in Mexico, Canada, India, China, and 16 other countries, unlimited landline international calling in 65 countries, and unlimited international text. The truly unlimited plan's price isn't bad either, being just a little cheaper than T-Mobile's ONE plan. However, for unlimited talk and text, you can pay far less.
  • US Mobile - With US Mobile, only text is unlimited, but that doesn't mean that its other options are expensive. In fact, data runs you fairly cheap for 6GB and you can get unlimited texting for just a few dollars. US Mobile also features a Student Discount service, which can earn you - if you're a student - a free SIM card.
  • MetroPCS - MetroPCS is one of the bigger MVNOs out there, sporting a data unlimited plan for far cheaper than what you'd find with a major cellular provider. Plans range from 1GB to unlimited LTE data with an 8GB hotspot. Even better is that during congestion periods, you may experience reduced speeds after 28GB of data usage. How is that better? The major carriers typically reduce your speeds after around 23GB of usage.

t-mobile mvno carrier


  • Cricket Wireless - Cricket Wireless is a tad cheaper compared to the big four major carriers, featuring an unlimited plan for just a few dollars less compared to T-Mobile. With the unlimited and 8GB high-speed data plans, you'll have international texting to select countries, as well as talk, text, and data usage to and from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada (with a minimum of 50 percent U.S. usage required).
  • H2O Wireless - H2O Wireless is rather cheap, granting you 3GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited international text, and unlimited talk to 50 countries for what the big four would charge for a smaller data amount. You can also purchase a Pay as You Go plan, which will eat minutes, texts, MMS, and data until you reach your selected limit.
  • AirVoice Wireless - Airvoice Wireless features several plans, including unlimited talk and text, Pay as You Go, 250 minutes for $10, and international. Unlimited talk and text range between short term for just a few dollars, complete with unlimited anytime minutes, unlimited text messages, unlimited MMS, 25MB of data, and unlimited international text for five days, to unlimited everything save for data (5GB) for 30 days. Unfortunately, this plan is rather expensive compared to other MVNOs.

AirVoice Pay as You Go plans are also a little more expensive compared to typical MVNOs, ranging between 100 minutes and 1200 minutes.

Combination MVNO

  • Republic Wireless - Republic Wireless is seriously one of the best MVNOs out there, which relies mostly on Wi-Fi, but if you do not have access to Wi-Fi, then you will be switched to either Sprint's or T-Mobile's services. For a small monthly fee, you can receive unlimited talk, text, and Wi-Fi data, though you can add data for just a small fee. Unfortunately, it becomes more expensive the more data you want to tack on, but if you're looking for cheap, Republic Wireless is the best way to go, especially with its Adaptive Coverage technology with Bonded Calling.
  • Project Fi (Google's MVNO) - Project Fi, having launched just a couple of years ago, is a wireless service from Google. It blends a network of three leading national carriers, over a million Wi-Fi hotspots, and incredible international networks. Fi Basics is incredibly cheap, and you can add friends and family, as well as data, for just a few dollars more - except in the case of data. You'll receive unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texting, and calls and texts across devices. Furthermore, you can use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot and secure a free data-only SIM card. You'll also be credited for the data you don't use. Unfortunately, you're limited to three devices: Pixel, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.
  • Straight Talk - Straight Talk utilizes all four networks, and it's fantastic for those on a budget. It's simple and rather "skinny" however. Plans range between 100MB and 1500MB to 10GB.

the best mvno offers great coverage

Best MVNO Recap

MVNOs, depending on the plan, can save you quite a bit of money over time. Overall, there are plenty of MVNOs, each with their own features and prices, so finding the best MVNO may differ for each user. If you're looking for a basic plan with fantastic prices, then you should certainly consider either Republic Wireless or FreedomPop. However, if you're looking for a plan that comes with bells and whistles, then you should think about Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile.

Unfortunately, do keep in mind that many MVNOs do not focus on iPhone devices but instead Android.

If you're looking for an MVNO, you're more than likely enticed by the prepaid incentives. If that is the case, why not check out our review of the best prepaid plans? Furthermore, you may want to also explore our review of the best cell phone plans for plans that offer even more.

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