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The Cheapest BYOD Plans on the Verizon Network

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BYOP - or bring your own phone - is a great way to save money on your cell phone bill.

Owning your own device gives you the freedom to choose your carrier without being tied to one provider because of phone payments. It also lets you get the most life out of your smartphone instead of discarding it for a new one just because you switch carriers.

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If you love the Verizon Wireless network but not the high prices of Verizon BYOP plans, I have more good news. You can avoid those expensive mobile service rates without giving up the quality and reliability of the Verizon Wireless network by choosing a Verizon MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

MVNOs are smaller wireless carriers that buy usage on the big four networks and resell it, typically at a deep discount. These carriers have low overhead since most of them only operate online. This means they can afford to give you lower prices on the same service you already know and love.

Ready to learn more about Verizon BYOP plans at lower prices? Let's get started.

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Keep Your Verizon Phone and Number and Switch to a Cheaper Plan

As for the actual process of bringing your device to a Verizon network carrier, it's pretty easy to do.

  1. Pick a carrier. We'll go into some of the best providers in a minute. You'll want to shop for a carrier with the plan that fits your needs and your budget. That might mean an unlimited data plan, or maybe you need international calling. There's something for everyone.
  2. Check device compatibility. Verizon is a CDMA network. It's the fussiest of the four major networks in terms of compatible phones, so you'll need to check on your carrier's website to verify that your CDMA phone will work. If you already own a Verizon iPhone or Android phone you're in good shape.
  3. Order a SIM card/activation kit. This is the easiest part. Once you've received your SIM card you just pop it in and follow your provider's activation instructions.

In most cases your service plan and SIM card will be plug-and-play, meaning it will start working as soon you put the card into your phone and activate your account. In some instances, however, you might need to change your APN settings. You should also learn how to unlock your phone from your previous carrier.

Benefits of MVNOs

The low prices aren't the only benefits of going with an alternative wireless carrier:

  • Service on the top-ranked 4G LTE network (RootMetrics)
  • Savings of up to 50% over the major carriers
  • No-contract plans with no credit checks or early termination fees
  • Customized plans so you only pay for what you need
  • BYOP and keep your phone number
  • Extensive customer service hours
  • Simple and fast online signup

Verizon MVNOs

You may have already heard of some of these carriers, like Straight Talk and Tracfone Wireless. Here are some of the other BYOP plans available on the Verizon network.


Twigby prices start ridiculously cheap, making it a great option for light to moderate data users. You can choose from six different Twigby plans with up to 10 GB of high-speed data, or opt for the free Wi-Fi option. There's also international service, with free global texting included with every plan.

US Mobile

This carrier uses the Verizon network to provide custom and unlimited plans. US Mobile plans are on the pricier side once you get up into higher data amounts, but you do get the option to choose from three different data speeds. The prices are very competitive for light users, though, plus you can get a free SIM card. On the downside, there's no international service.

Even though Verizon is considered the most extensive network available you should still check the Verizon coverage map to ensure that you'll receive service in your area.

Refurbished Phone Options

You'll need to own your phone outright in order to BYOP to your new plan. Obviously the cheapest cell phone solution is to keep your current device.

If you don't want to bring your current phone, you don't have to pay $1000 just for the latest iPhone. You can get a sleek smartphone a generation or two old at half the MSRP when you buy refurbished or used.

Why Buy Refurbished?

Aside from saving half on your cell phone, buying used is smart for several reasons.

  • Changes to new phone models are usually very minor.
  • Prices are rising, with some breaking the $1000 barrier.
  • Third-party phone repair shops make it easy and cheap to get your device fixed.
  • Reputable phone sellers offer protections like generous return policies and even warranties.

Key Considerations When Buying a Used Phone

There are some things to keep in mind when you're shopping for the best deal on a used smartphone.

  • Used vs. refurbished: A used phone is sold as-is. A refurbished device usually comes with any issues repaired, like a cracked screen replaced, etc. The memory is wiped clean and reset to factory defaults.
  • Return policy: Most sites give you some time - typically seven to 30 days - to return your device if you're not happy with it.
  • Warranties: The most generous protection is offered by Decluttr, which provides a one-year limited phone warranty. Most sites provide a 30-day warranty.
  • Certified pre-owned phones: There are a couple of phone sellers that put their devices through rigorous testing in order to sell them as certified. This gives you an extra measure of quality assurance.
  • Shipping: Most sellers cover the postage when you make a purchase.
  • Insurance: You can buy cell phone insurance for used devices through third-party companies.
  • Phone financing: Generally the device payments offered on used phones come at a high interest rate. Try to avoid this option if possible.

At MoneySavingPro we give you the tools to find a great device at the best price in just seconds. Shop used Verizon phones and find the perfect smartphone to bring to your new carrier.


There you have it, a solid strategy for saving a bundle on your wireless service:

Not sure what size Verizon bring your own phone plan you need? Figure it out in seconds with our data usage calculator!

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