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Verizon Wireless Family Plans

Finding a great value for phone plans as a family is important. After all, everything surrounding family life can be rather expensive, so why not save with your carrier? Verizon offers a broad range of family cell phone plans, that provide neat bonuses and useful features while saving you money.

Verizon Wireless Family Plans

Verizon doesn't offer a traditional set of family plans - instead, it integrates family plans into its new Verizon plans.

There are several Verizon family plans, which include unlimited talk and text, to select from, ranging from 2GB to 100GB. Between 2GB and 24GB, the amounts are labeled by sizes. For instance, 2GB is labeled as Small and 24GB is labeled as Extra-Extra Large.

The service recommends for families to begin with a Verizon cell phone plan of 8GB, otherwise known as the Large plan. Beginning with Large, each plan has an added incentive: an extra 2GB of data per line. Verizon allows up to 10 devices to be connected to the plan.

Of course, there are additional fees on top of the plans you're paying for. You need to pay the line access fee for any device (smartphone, tablet, hotspot, or other connected devices) you plan to add to the service. Then, unless you bring your own phone or sign up for a promotion, you could be adding a monthly finance fee produced by your new phone.

These plans include features such as Carryover Data, which allows you to keep your unused data until the end of the following month, and Safety Mode, which prevents you from encountering overage charges after your data is exceeded.

Unfortunately, Verizon doesn't offer any unlimited cell phone plans, which would be perfect if your family consumes data like it's water. This makes it hard to recommend Verizon if your family consists of data hogs.

Verizon Shared Data Plan

Verizon doesn't exactly have an exclusive family share plan, but the service does feature data-only plans, which is perfect for everyone. Though the data plans once fell into the Verizon Share Everything Plan, they now fall into the Data Only Plan.

You can choose between 2GB and 100GB per month - mind you, the 100GB option is incredibly expensive. However, with 100GB you can look at up to 300,000 web pages, check 1,300,000 emails, stream 300 hours of video, or use 20,000 hours of turn-by-turn navigation per month. Nevertheless, after you select your data amount, you can add tablets, hotspot, or a connected device to the plan. If the plan's size is too large, you can switch sizes at any time you wish.

Verizon Family Base

A question you may be curious about as you contemplate Verizon's service is, "What is Verizon family base?" That's a good question!

Let me illustrate a situation for you - say you have a 13-year-old child who attends a public school. Your child needs to be in bed by 9 PM in order to be up for school at 5 AM. Your child is in bed for the night, but you're concerned that your child may be staying up with their phone, texting their friends when they should be sleeping.

Surely there is some way to ensure that he or she isn't texting? Maybe you just need a way to monitor his or her phone's usage without taking away your child's phone for the night.

Well, that's what FamilyBase is for. FamilyBase (or Family Base) provides parents with insight and control over when, how, and with whom your son communicates. If you wish to control who your child is in contact with, there is a feature that allows you to whitelist or blacklist new contacts added to their phone.

FamilyBase provides you with a dashboard of your child's wireless usage. You'll be able to know when and how your child uses their phone. Furthermore, you can set controls or limits on data, voice, and messaging usage. The data limits can be especially helpful, as a lot of children are known to devour data. If need be, you can restrict when or how long your child uses his or her phone or lock the phone on-demand entirely.

FamilyBase is only $4.99 per month per account.

Verizon Family Locator

Here's another scenario for you to consider: you plan on picking up a child from a friend's house. You arrive at the friend's home at the time your child specified. However, neither your child nor your child's friend is at the home. In fact, no one is there. You knock on the door but receive no response. So you're a little worried about where the children are. In that case, you can always use the Verizon Wireless Family Locator.

You'll be able to track down your family quickly from your mobile phone, tablet, or PC. You'll be able to get the locations of your family members, including the address, a detailed map, and turn-by-turn directions.

Furthermore, Family Locator will text or email you when family members leave or arrive at locations that you choose. Pretty nifty feature, admittedly.

Additionally, you'll be able to schedule automatic updates. You'll be able to find your family members every day at the scheduled time and either text or email you with the members' directions.

And finally, you'll be able to text family members after locating them with integrated messaging capability.

As the cherry on top, if you have a teen driver, you'll be able to receive an estimate of the child's driving speed whenever you locate his or her device.

To activate Family Locator, which is $9.99 per month per account, you simply need to log into My Verizon and add Family Locator to your account. From there, you'll be able to set up your phones, sync with your family, et voila! You're secure.

How does Verizon Compare to other Family Cell Phone Plans?

Verizon is expensive - there is no denying that. In fact, it's one of the most expensive carriers available in the nation; it's up there in price with AT&T. That being said, you're paying for quality. You're receiving extensive coverage even in rural areas, a high-speed network (though not as fast as T-Mobile's network), and solid customer service.

However, Verizon's plans are still considered a little outdated, though it has lately adopted rollover data and no overage fees features. That being said, it is still missing perks that T-Mobile includes, such as unlimited music and video tied to its plans, which is rather important for Verizon, as it doesn't feature any type of unlimited plan whatsoever, unlike T-Mobile, Sprint, or AT&T cell phone plans.

Overall, if you're not worried about affordability, then, by all means, you should consider Verizon because of its incredibly strong network.

is the verizon family plan right for you?

Is a Verizon Family Plan Right for You?

Verizon's family plans are decent, relying on the new Verizon plans with added lines. While the plans aren't exactly cheap, and while Verizon doesn't feature an unlimited plan for families like its rivals, you will receive the top most reliable network. That being said, if your family is heavy on data, you may want to consider Verizon's rivals or at least take advantage of Verizon FamilyBase.

If you're considering switching to Verizon, then you and your family members should be made aware that Verizon will buy out your contract and pay off the remaining balances of your phones. In other words, switching to Verizon will contain no major obstacles.

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