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Spectrum Mobile Cell Phone Deals in 2021

Spectrum Mobile promotions & coupon codes

Best Spectrum Mobile deals in October

Best Spectrum Mobile phone deals

Apple iPhone 11New64GBAT&T$499
Apple iPhone 11 MaxNew64GBAT&T$899
Apple iPhone 11 ProNew64GBAT&T$799
Apple iPhone 12New64GBT-Mobile$729
Apple iPhone 12 miniNew64GBT-Mobile$629
Apple iPhone 12 ProNew128GBVerizon$999
Apple iPhone 12 Pro MaxNew128GBT-Mobile$999
Apple iPhone 13New128GBT-Mobile$829
Apple iPhone 13 miniNew128GBT-Mobile$729
Apple iPhone 13 ProNew128GBT-Mobile$999
Apple iPhone 13 Pro MaxNew128GBT-Mobile$1,099
Apple iPhone SENew64GBT-Mobile$399

Cheap Spectrum Mobile phones

Samsung Galaxy S7Refurbished32GBVerizon$63
Apple iPhone 6SRefurbished16GBVerizon$75
Samsung Galaxy A10eRefurbished32GBT-Mobile$88
Samsung Galaxy A11Refurbished32GBT-Mobile$95
Samsung Galaxy A20Refurbished32GBUnlocked$99
Apple iPhone 7Refurbished32GBAT&T$100
Samsung Galaxy S7 edgeRefurbished32GBT-Mobile$103
Samsung Galaxy S8Refurbished64GBAT&T$105
Samsung Galaxy A50Refurbished64GBVerizon$115
Apple iPhone 6S PlusRefurbished16GBVerizon$116
Samsung Galaxy S9Refurbished64GBUnlocked$127
Samsung Galaxy S9+Refurbished64GBUnlocked$131
Apple iPhone 8Refurbished64GBAT&T$147
Samsung Galaxy S8+Refurbished64GBAT&T$148
Samsung Galaxy S10eRefurbished128GBUnlocked$175
Apple iPhone 7 PlusRefurbished32GBVerizon$181
Samsung Galaxy Note8Refurbished64GBT-Mobile$187
Samsung Galaxy S10Refurbished128GBUnlocked$193
Samsung Galaxy A21Refurbished32GBT-Mobile$197
Samsung Galaxy A51Refurbished64GBVerizon$199
Samsung Galaxy Note9Refurbished128GBUnlocked$203
Apple iPhone 8 PlusRefurbished64GBAT&T$214
Samsung Galaxy A71Refurbished128GBT-Mobile$220
Apple iPhone SERefurbished64GBT-Mobile$229
Samsung Galaxy S10+Refurbished128GBUnlocked$233
Apple iPhone XRRefurbished64GBUnlocked$297
Apple iPhone XRefurbished64GBAT&T$297
Samsung Galaxy S10 LiteRefurbished128GBUnlocked$316
Apple iPhone XSRefurbished64GBT-Mobile$335
Samsung Galaxy Note10Refurbished256GBT-Mobile$336
Samsung Galaxy Note10+Refurbished256GBVerizon$360
Apple iPhone 11Refurbished64GBAT&T$362
Samsung Galaxy S20Refurbished128GBVerizon$375
Apple iPhone XS MaxRefurbished64GBAT&T$406
Samsung Galaxy S20+Refurbished128GBAT&T$414
Samsung Galaxy S21Refurbished128GBT-Mobile$459
Apple iPhone 12 miniRefurbished64GBUnlocked$468
Samsung Galaxy S21+Refurbished128GBT-Mobile$486
Apple iPhone 11 ProRefurbished64GBT-Mobile$490
Apple iPhone 12Refurbished64GBT-Mobile$495
Samsung Galaxy Note20Refurbished128GBVerizon$505
Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraRefurbished512GBT-Mobile$517
Apple iPhone 12 ProRefurbished64GBVerizon$540
Apple iPhone 11 MaxRefurbished64GBUnlocked$597
Samsung Galaxy Note20 UltraRefurbished128GBVerizon$749
Apple iPhone 12 Pro MaxRefurbished128GBT-Mobile$885

Spectrum Mobile coverage

Find Cheap Cell Phone Plans in Your Area

Spectrum Mobile plans

1GB DataVerizonUnltdUnltd1GB$14
2GB DataVerizonUnltdUnltd2GB$28
Unlimited DataVerizonUnltdUnltdUnltd$45

Spectrum Mobile features

Spectrum Mobile phones FAQs

What phones work with Spectrum Mobile?

If you currently have a phone on the Verizon network, it should work with Spectrum Mobile. Most unlocked phones made in the last few years will be compatible. If you're still not sure you can check your phone compatibility.

Does Spectrum Mobile sell phones?

Yes, the Spectrum Mobile online offers a selection of cell phones.

Is Spectrum Mobile a good deal?

Spectrum Mobile offers a variety of cell phone deals. You can either bring your own phone or purchase a new cell phone from their online store.

Are Spectrum Mobile phones locked?

No, Spectrum Mobile cell phones are unlocked.

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Spectrum Mobile User Reviews

Spectrum Mobile
Average Customer Rating1076 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars94
4 Stars22
3 Stars18
2 Stars49
1 Star893

So Disappointing

So I went in to sign up for spectrum mobile because I already had the internet which is one of the requirements to have mobile service with them but when I go to sign up I get treated like a second-class citizen First my credit is ran without even being notified that there was a credit pull being done.. then the customer service rep precedes to tell me that I didn't qualify for financing which is confusing to me because my credit score is in the mid 700 so? That was weird... then after I decide to pay out right for the phone he tells me I can't have the phone that's currently in stock there that I have to wait till the phone is mailed out to me.. what kind of bullcrap, I have never heard off.. you want me to pay for a phone and then have to wait to get it in the mail when you have it in hand in stock ready to sell..no thank you I do not recommend Spectrum unless you want a headache and bad service... So disappointing

Customer service varies Among stores

Customer service was excellent at one store and the absolute worst in another.

I attempted to upgrade my phone under my current plan with spectrum at the Latham New York store and receive the absolute worst customer service. The sales associate was Incompetent and turned her frustration onto me. I asked to see the manager and rather than inquire as to what the problem was told me to leave the store and never come back in a loud voice and the presence of other customers in the store. The store manager and sales associate Should be severely reprimanded if not fired further absolute poor customer service and demeaning attitude

I left the Latham New York store and went to the Albany New York store in Colonie center. Here I was greeted in a friendly matter and was treated with the upmost respect by a sales associate named Malcolm Hinnant Malcolm arrange for my new phone to be ordered and when it arrived he happily was able to transfer my data from my existing phone to my new phone. He also helped me make sure my old phone was returned so I would receive the appropriate credit.

Spectrum should hire more people like Malcolm and less people like the store manager and associate at the Latham New York store

By the way I love my new phone it works perfectly Malcolm did an excellent job setting it up

Thank you for listening to my comments and I hope you take appropriate action to reward Malcolm and to reprimand the store manager in the Latham New York store


just terrible.......