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Is Spectrum Mobile phone service any good?

Spectrum Mobile has an average rating of 1.5 stars from 1422 reviews, indicating most customers are dissatisfied with this carrier. Spectrum Mobile ranks 24th out of 28 cell phone carriers reviewed on MoneySavingPro.


What they call customer service should be called customer disservice. They have policies they go by and WILL NOT budge from that. You could blindfold yourself and throw a dart and hit anyone better than them, but they got you over a barrel. Either you pay for the phone monthly or pay it off at once but either way there getting the money and your stuck with a pos phone.

customer service is absolutely dreadful.

I have NEVER had as many issues with customer service as I've had with this company. To make a long story short, I was with spectrum for maybe 2 months before becoming so fed up with them, I was also charged for 2 months of service I DID NOT USE BECAUSE I SWITCHED... and they refused to give me back my money. I am so unimpressed with them. If I could give zero stars, i would. 0/10 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND

Not Even Worth It For Free

Mine is Free, part of a promo. But if I want to leave before 3/24 it will cost me almost $100 to pay off the cheesy phone. As far as service, you have a better chance sending a message by telepathy. Calls have about a 20 percent chance of going through. Service works when it feels like it. Calls to customer service (which I've had to call using a different phone) mean a two to three hours hold time, with a good chance of disconnection. I just forward the calls/messages to my T-Mobile phone now.

great experience

I worked with Jorge Vega at the Richardson Spectrum and he was so patience and helpful.

Customer service exceeded expectations.

The store's staff here is on it. They are great and fix issues with no fuss.

Spectrum mobile is the WORST mobile service ever.

It constantly times out when searching. I'll dial a # & it will say call ends. I'll have to call the # 5 times before the call goes thru. I can see why it's free. Once this over, I won't sign up again.

Use the US mail. It's faster.

My experience is horrible. Sending an sms message rarely works.

Lucky to even get a one star

Switching to spectrum mobile has been the worse decision I have made. Nothing but problems. Not a single person is ever on the same page. Ordered a new phone.. wrong order.. reorder.. took forever to get to me. Tried to activate new phone, doesn’t work. Called spectrum for help.. and they “accidentally” disconnected my phone number. They put in a ticket and told me I would get a call back in a couple hours. 4 hours later.. no call. I called them back, and supposedly there no way to tell if the ticket is being worked on and no way to contact that team. I expressed I work for a hospital. All of my patients contact me at the number they disconnected. No one can help me. I will be happy to be turning in all of my spectrum equipment and cancelling all services as soon as my phone number is reactivated

DO NOT GET SPECTRUM MOBILE! They can’t fix issues

In two months they can not figure out how to get text pics after talking to 7 people & over 10 hours

The absolute worst service ever!

Once you use your allotted data they don't throttle you down they stop you. I run my small business from my cell phone when I hit my cap I can't even watch a video on facebook. What ever you do DO NOT GET SPECTRUM MOBILE!!!

Worst mobile service I've ever had!

Switched due to the cost! Lowered my bill $200 a month! Guess it's the apitomy of you get what you pay for! Horrible signal! There's no possible way that it runs off of Verizon towers & you won't convince me it does, cuz Verizon towers are everywhere & 75% of the time, there's no signal at all! And now I'm stuck with it! I work EMS & need my phone, but now I don't really have one!

Absolutely the worst service ever

Best case senerio is spotty cell and internet coverage. I never get vm notifications or missed call notifications. Even in the spectrum store. The employees and customers are helpless when trying to explain why.

Horrible, 0 Customer Service 0 value.

1st understand their Refund Policy: The 2 week Return Window starts when you "Purchase" your device. That means if you order online, the day you "Pay" is the day the return window begins. If you receive your device on the 12th day, you have 2 days to decide to return it. That INCLUDES: DEFECTIVE DEVICES. Which was my problem. My phone had issues "RECEIVING CALLS" straight from factory. I contacted customer support on the 10th day after I received the phone, but they claimed that it was from when it was purchased. For reference: Purchased on April 24th Arrived on May 1st Reported problem on May 11th Spectrum denied the refund. Forwarded me to the manufacturer. Manufacturer proved the device was defective: offered an exchange and would have offered a refund had it been purchased through them* In order to do this, following the manufacturer's instructions, I had to have the device on and in normal use. This was so I could capture the issue in real time. These were known as bug reports*. I sent constant bug reports every time the problem reoccurred. I have the full correspondence available. After they saw and understood the problem, they offered me an exchange. The manufacturer would have actually let me return it. However, since it was purchased through Spectrum, I was having to get a refund through them. Spectrum denied the refund, stating their policy, which is written with working phones in mind, is active the date of sale NOT delivery. They then had the audacity to talk about how the phone has been under heavy use, (when I was TOLD BY THE MANUFACTURER TO USE THE PHONE AND SEND THE BUG REPORTS) They're grifters and I fully expect a class action lawsuit to pop up. After speaking with the reps, note: while speaking my signal kept timing out and removing me from e-chat, roughly every 15 minutes. The "lead" switched gears and began talking as if the problems happened outside of the covered repair period. She bold-face lied. There's no protection if you purchase a defective device. The service is horrible. You're better off literally using any other provider. For example, T-mobile return window is 20 - 30 days, from shipping. Meaning when it ships, assuming there's no issues, you have a couple of weeks to use your device before finding out it doesn't work or shipping it back out of preference. Sounds pretty reasonable, doesn't it?

Don't go there!!

So common is to receive a 'Server error' message when attempting to receive or make a phone call. If you're paying on a phone with your monthly service, they increase the service rate once your phone is paid in full. Same with internet service. They offer a great rate when you initially enroll, then they raise your rates after having promised no rate increase through a particular date. Sly and crafty is the best way to describe Spectrum. I can't wait to say bye bye!!!

Great service for me

I had spectrum mobile back when the iPhone XS Max came out I had for 13 months never had an single issue expect super slow speed after you use up your data, I have now gone back to spectrum and still have no issues, All the people who seem to have issues most live in an bad area were Verizon is that’s not every one.

An awful experience, I don’t recommend.

At the beginning it was okay, I bought an iPhone 11 at the spectrum store, been having issues for the past few months. The connection is always poor, it’s an on and off service for me. My internet at home sucks as well, ain’t no way I’m paying more for speed, it would be stupid. My wifi disconnects and I have to use my data which then comes to one bar and it’s even slower. I’m informing everyone I know to not use spectrum, because of the horrible data and home internet.

If I could give 0 stars I would

I don't even know where to begin. It's been complete h3ll for the last 2 years honestly. It all started when they stopped doing mobile service on its own. Then when i dropped the family plan I was on to be on my own plan it really messed things up since then I wasn't able to log in online. It sonstantly says my email and phone number aren't linked to an account. Recently I had to get a new card and calling them to try and find my account to switch it was a nightmare. They kept claiming it didn't exist and was canceled in 2021 and it caused my payment to lapse and I lost service. I was forced to change service providers since they couldn't find my account. I went to port my number and now all of a sudden since they need money from me it's like they have no issue finding my account and nobody will even take accountability for this mistake and let me have the number I've had for 5 years. I feel so unbelievably cheated. I can barely afford 1 phone bill and now I have to pay over $100 to them to get my number even though it was 100% their fault I was unable to make the changes to make my payment. I tried so many times so many days and even different ways. Spectrum is a literal nightmare and their nothing but inconsiderate jerks! Never go through these guys !

THE WORST carrier ever!!!!!

The absolutely worse mobile carrier out there. We went to spectrum because of the lower costs and it was a huge mistake! Multiple dropped calls, no reception, you’re on SOS more than you’re able to use your phone. It’s horrible. I wish we would have looked at the reviews before we switched, multiple people have the same complaints.


I have been with spectrum internet for years and my credit hasn't ever been the best so I decided to get spectrum mobile because of the cheap phone service. I was able to get 2 brand new phones, they were both Samsung Galaxy flip 4. I paid the taxes on them which was like $200 total to have them shipped to me. The phones arrived on November 1st, 2022. I went and spent $100 more at best buy for 2 phone cases and screen protectors on the way home from work the day they were delivered to my house. When I got home we opened the boxes and put the new Sim cards in and turned both phones on and started activation. Whenever I would get to the last part of activation, both phones would tell me that I needed to call and speak to a representative to complete activation. I called and spoke with a representative for 2 hours and he didn't know how to activate them. He told me to call back later basically to speak to somebody else because he didn't know how to do it. I called back later, 1 hr before customer service closing and this guy couldn't get them activated either so he transferred me to a specialist and they were also unable to do anything for me. The put in a work order for me and said they would give me a call back within 3 days. I gave it 5 days and never got a call back. I called them back and went through thr same process and they had to put in another work order and told me to wait for 3 days for a call back. This time I waited about 7 days and had to call them back myself once again and they basically told me that they just didn't know what to do or why they were unable to be activated for me and that's all he could tell me. So at this point I was halfway through the month of December and still had 2 brand new phones sitting In my drawer that were not of any use to me whatsoever. I never got a single call, text or email about the phones at all for the whole month of Dec, Jan, Feb or March. I just kind of gave up and forgot about them. At the end of May this year (2023) I saw an email stating that my phone service was about to be suspended for nonpayment and the bill was $350, mind you that the phones were never even activated still at this point and yet I had a large bill and my phones were about to get suspended. The first week of June, last week I decided to do an online chat through my spectrum internet acct about this issue. I was thinking that they would say something along the lines of "I see that you haven't been using the phones because they were never activated or used all these months due to it being our fault and all since we were never able to get your phones activated for you". The customer service rep told me that the phone financing had accelerated and the service was suspended for nonpayment and all I could do at this point was pay the total balance due of $1670 to have the phones activated or unlocked to be used. All I was hoping for is that the could knock the $350 I owed a couple weeks ago down to maybe like the first month's payment and activate the phones for me and I would start paying each month. I really shouldn't have had to pay anything at this point since it was 100% their fault this whole time and they should have been willing to simply activate my phones and start this over from the start and have a happily paying mobile customer. I wasn't even asking for that much though, I would have been willing to pay like $150 of the $350 owed and them activate the phones but none of this was an option. Apparently my only option is to pay $1670 now for 2 phones I never activated and never knew even could be activated because they never told me the problem had ever even been fixed with the phones or anything. They don't care about any of this situation or me as a customer, all they wanted to do is for the situation to accelerate as it did so they could get a whopping $1670 out of me. They know that some people that have alot of money would be willing to pay that amount and that they would just make free easy money is what it is. Little do they know, I don't have $1670 to spare for something as stupid as this. These people are ridiculous! I'm telling you, DONT GET SPECTRUM MOBILE. I've been a loyal internet/cable customer for many years and this is the way I was treated when the solution should have been simple but they rather try to make a big paycheck is all they are after. I was nothing but nice to all of them during all of this as well. If they treated me like this, they will treat anybody like this. Their cheaper phone service isn't worth it in the end because they will find a way to get you some how!! Take my word for it or don't, that is up 2 you.

They are the worst service by far.

My girlfriend got us this service thinking it would be a cheaper/better service. Mind you, you get what you pay for. Their cell service drops calls multiple times a day. Even when you have 5 bars. Thier customer service lies to you about everything from the cost of your plan to looking into fixing the problem with their towers/carriers. And their internet is just as bad if not worse. Dropping them and going elsewhere would be everyone's best bet. AT&T I'm coming back to you!

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