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The Best AT&T MVNOs
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At long last, everyone seems to be talking about Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), who are now forcing down prices and putting real pressure on the big four carriers.

These MVNOS offer you great 4G LTE network coverage because they use the towers of one or more of the big four carriers. Since they do not shell out lots of money for overheads or marketing, they are able to offer much cheaper cell phone plans.

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Need another advantage? MVNOs also offer a customizable data plan to suit everyone's needs, not just one-size-fits-all unlimited data plans.

In this guide, you'll learn about AT&T MVNOs, which could help you to save over half on your cell phone bill while enjoying AT&T's nationwide coverage.


Below, you'll find a list of available AT&T MVNOs. You'll be able to find the best prepaid cell phone plans available, allowing you to find a plan that is tailored to your needs while saving hundreds of dollars each year.

Red Pocket MobileAT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon
Straight TalkAT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon
TracFoneAT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon
Consumer CellularAT&T, T-Mobile
FreedomPopAT&T, Sprint
FreeUP MobileAT&T
h2o WirelessAT&T
Net10AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon

The Best AT&T MVNOs

We recommend the following AT&T MVNOs in terms of value for money:

Red Pocket

Okay, so Red Pocket doesn't offer unlimited 4G LTE data, but it is perfect for those who are light, medium, and heavy data users.

All plans are highly affordable and depending on the phone you bring, you may be eligible for additional data. Plans range from 500 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data to unlimited talk and text, as well as over 10GB of data.

Every cell phone plan available includes the following features: unlimited texts, free unlimited international calling to 70+ countries, the ability to keep your current phone number, English or Spanish customer service access, a 30-day risk-free guarantee, and no credit checks, activation fees, or overage fees.

ROK Mobile

ROK Mobile is unique in the fact that you can also purchase insurance plans alongside phone plans. In fact, some phone plans come with insurance plans, as well as a slew of additional benefits.

All plans include unlimited talk and texting, free international calling, and roadside assistance, but some plans include life insurance, ID theft insurance, accidental death insurance, pharmacy savings, family telemedicine, and more.

AT&T MVNO vs AT&T Price Comparison

CarrierNetwork CoverageData LimitMonthly PriceAnnual Price
AT&TAT&T 4G LTEUnlimited*$75$990
Red Pocket MobileAT&T 4G LTE5GB$30$360
* Avg AT&T unlimited plan customer uses 4GB data

AT&T Network Coverage

AT&T MVNOs work by leasing 4G LTE coverage from AT&T, so you'll have AT&T coverage without paying AT&T fees.

In terms of overall performance, AT&T ranks second, behind Verizon, among the major network carriers, according to RootMetrics report for the second half of 2017. AT&T is given an overall score of 92.8 compared to Verizon's 95 and runs the number one carrier a close second in all categories - reliability, speed, data, call, and text.

A different perspective is provided by OpenSignal, whose report for the fourth quarter of 2017, places AT&T in third place behind T-Mobile and Verizon for 4G download speed and 4G availability, but top performer for 4G latency, its measure of responsiveness throughout the network.

AT&T and T-Mobile rely on the GSM radio system, whereas Sprint and Verizon run on CDMA radio technology. As you'll see, this has a bearing on whether your phone will work on another network.

Compare Cell Phone Plans

Time for a cheaper cell phone plan?

Cell Phone Compatibility with AT&T MVNOs

If your phone is compatible, then all you'll need is a SIM card from the new carrier and you'll be on your way.

Technologically speaking, you will need to ensure that your phone is compatible with the following frequencies:

  • 3G: 850Mhz (Band 5), 1900Mhz (Band 2)
  • LTE: 700 Mhz (Band 12), 1700/2100Mhz (Band 4), 1900Mhz (Band 2)

Since T-Mobile also uses GSM technology, their phones may work, but you should check first, as above. Please keep in mind that most Verizon Wireless or Sprint phones are unlikely to work with the AT&T network unless they are unlocked.

It's worth knowing that many of the recent versions of the Samsung Galaxy and the Apple iPhones will work on multiple networks, but be sure to check with the new carrier to confirm your phone's compatibility.

Bringing Your Own Phone to an AT&T MVNO

There are numerous advantages if you bring your own phone to an AT&T MVNO:

1. Save money! Don't fall into the trap of upgrading every 18 months just because your carrier told you too!

2. You'll have a hand in efforts to preserve the environment.

3. Money that would otherwise be spent on a new phone (whether through financing or upfront) will be saved.

If you want to upgrade your phone, then we recommend comparing phone prices first. Also, consider buying a refurbished phone in excellent condition, which can be purchased at up to 50 percent off the MSRP.


There are plenty of AT&T MVNOs out there: Red Pocket and ROK Mobile are just two excellent carriers who offer you AT&T coverage at much lower prices.

You should be able to save hundreds of dollars while enjoying additional benefits and features that are tailored to your needs. All you have to do then is to decide how to spend those savings!

COMPARE NOW: Cheap AT&T MVNO plans starting at $10

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