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Cox Home Phone Plans & Prices

Home Phone starting at $ 10 00
  • unlimited phone calls
Cox Phone Service

Call Cox Now: (858) 251-1008

Internet Essential + TV Essential $ 74 99
  • 15 mbps download speed
  • 150 tv channels
Bronze Triple Play $ 89 99
  • 50 mbps download speed
  • 200 tv channels
  • unlimited phone calls
Advanced TV Economy $ 31 99
  • 40 tv channels

Cox Phone

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Cox offers a solid home phone service at an affordable price with reliable service. They make installing and operating your home phone service equipment a breeze with step-by-step, guided help to resolve any issues that may arise.

Cox's home phone service certainly has its advantages; the plans are cheap and there is no contract required. However, despite the advantages, is the service right for you?

Cox Voice

I will provide you with the information you need to make a comfortable decision of whether or not you should adopt Cox's home phone service. Before you do, you can check Cox's availability by ZIP code and be able to compare plans on our site.

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Cox Home Phone

Cox has a variety of phone plans. From its featured phone offers page, you'll find the cheapest plan available (among Cox's competitors no less).

However, if you check the residential page, you'll find more services.

Cox Phone Plans

Package MinutesMonthly Price
Telephone Only Unlimited$10.00
Internet Essential + Phone Premier Unlimited$49.99
Bronze Triple Play Unlimited$89.99
Silver Bundle Unlimited$109.99
Gold Bundle Unlimited$129.99

Here are the plans Cox offers:

1. Telephone Premier

This plan consists of a Primary Phone line, complete with either 13 or 14 calling features (conflicting information), voicemail, and an Unlimited Domestic Long Distance plan. With unlimited domestic long distance, you'll be able to make direct-dialed residential and non-commercial voice calls within the United States, to Canada, and to landline phones in Mexico. Telephone Premier also features phone tools, which include readable voicemail, the Telephone Essential features, and more.

This can is considerably the cheapest phone plan among the three, but only for 12 months. After that period, it becomes the most expensive available.

2. Telephone Starter

This plan features unlimited local calling, enhanced 911 service, and the ability to keep your own number.

3. Telephone Essential

With this plan, you'll receive unlimited local calling and these available Phone Tools: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Waiting ID, and Busy Line Redial.

All phone plans are digital.

You can also take advantage of Cox's Long Distance service at a per minute rate. Furthermore, you can always adopt the Simply 5 Savings Plan, Simply Worldwide, or Mi Mexico 200.

A quick explanation of Simply 5 - Simply 5 allows you to make domestic long distance calls for a low rate per minute, but you have to pay a flat monthly fee on top of the per minute rate.

Alongside these plans, you can purchase the following:

  • Cox Service Protection Plan
  • 1-3 Additional Outlets on a separate trip
  • 4 or more Additional Outlets
  • EMTA Battery

While some providers offer directory service assistance at no additional charge, Cox, unfortunately, doesn't. You'll be charged a rather hefty fee per use of the Directory Service Assistance service.

Cox Lifeline

Cox offers one other plan that other providers have shed fairly recently: Lifeline. Yes, Cox can provide you with the Lifeline program, should you need it. The Lifeline program offers discounted telephone service to qualifying low-income customers. Benefits of the Lifeline program include:

  • Monthly discounts on a phone line with unlimited local calling
  • A waived service deposit for the telephone line if you elect to receive free toll blocking/restriction
  • Waived End User Common Line fees

To enter the Lifeline program, you need to fax or mail a Lifeline application and provide proof of eligibility. You must be a current Cox customer, but if you're approved, the discounts will be applied to your bill.

Cox Phone and Internet

Having phone and the Internet is important nowadays. You need to remain connected not only with friends and families, but also with doctors, corporations, insurance agencies, and more. You can't do that without a phone and/or Internet, and if you're lacking a cell phone, you'd best have a landline at the very least. You'll be able to save with a phone and Internet bundle or even a Triple Play bundle, which includes access to TV, Internet, and phone.

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Cox Internet and Phone Bundle

Cox offers several different bundles that include TV, Internet, and phone. However, among the competition featured on MoneySavingPro, Cox is the only provider that doesn't offer a Phone and Internet bundle.

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That being said, we will go over the available Triple Play packages.

Cox Internet and Phone Deals and Plans

Cox offers three types of bundles, which come complete with free professional installation. These bundles are categorized by types of metals.


The bronze bundle offers 230 channels, free HD programming, up to 50 Mbps Internet download speeds plus PowerBoost, unlimited local calling with four popular calling features, and, to top it all off, free professional installation.


This package gives you 240 channels, with HBO and Cinemax included, up to 150 Mbps Internet download speeds as well as PowerBoost, and unlimited local calling plus TV Caller ID. As the cherry on top, you'll also receive free professional installation.


With this package, you'll own up 340 channels, complete with free HD programming and HBO and Cinemax included, up to 300 Mbps Internet download speeds plus PowerBoost, over 250,000 free WiFi hotspots to take advantage of, unlimited cloud storage, and unlimited nationwide calling. Like the Bronze and Silver bundles, you'll receive professional installation, free of charge.

Landline Features

Before discussing any of the available features, I'd like to first introduce you to Cox's enhanced 911 service, which immediately sends your phone number and home address to emergency service personnel. Furthermore, like its competitors, Cox offers an app that allows you to manage your home phone, TV, and home DVR services, pay your bill, and more.

Here are the calling features offered by Cox:

  • Readable Voice Mail
  • Call Forwarding
  • TV Caller ID
  • Free call-blocking

Unfortunately, Cox doesn't offer as many calling features in comparison to its competitors.

International Calling

You can take advantage of the following add-ons for your Phone Starter, Phone Essential, or Phone Premier plans:

Simply Worldwide

You must pay a small monthly fee, but you'll enjoy discounted rates for international long distance calls.

Mi Mexico 200

This international plan allows you to take advantage of 200 long distance minutes per month per line at no additional charge. However, the minutes are limited to Mexico.


Cox offers live chat, free installation with bundles, a 30-day money back guarantee, a Lifeline service, and, best of all, highly affordable prices. You cannot go wrong with Cox Cable when selecting a home phone service.

If you're unconvinced with Cox's service or feel that it does not suit your needs, then you should take a peek at our best home phone service review. However, if you want to see more of what Cox has to offer, then you should read our overview of the Cox's TV packages and Internet plans.

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