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Internet & Phone Bundles

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The concept behind internet and phone bundle packages is older than the technology itself. Fast food restaurants have been using this marketing strategy for decades via offerings like children's meals. Even my favorite grocery store gets in on the action with their prepackaged Thanksgiving feast, which includes everything you need for a complete holiday dinner. So why not apply this idea to your home communications services as well?

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Bundling is an established fixture among home internet service providers, with names like Double Play and Triple Play denoting the number of services offered in a given package. You may wonder if internet and phone bundles are right for your needs, and just as importantly, your budget. In this guide, I'll give you an overview of how internet and phone bundles work, along with tips to help you decide on a package.

What Are Internet and Phone Bundles?

Bundling is a common practice among communications services providers. Companies put various services together in packages to make it simpler for you to get everything you need, ideally at a better price than if you purchased the services separately. The best internet providers, like these providers here, offer a variety of package combinations, in the form of double play or triple play bundles. In addition to internet and telephone service, you can also combine other services, like cable and internet bundles. For example, Comcast Internet (Xfinity) pairs its cable television packages with internet and home phone service in their triple play bundles or internet and phone in their double play offerings. You can learn more about Comcast's internet packages within this guide.