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Internet & Cable Bundles

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Despite the wide availability of streaming media options in today's digital world, Internet and TV bundles play a prominent role in modern viewing habits. According to Forbes, survey data shows that consumers age 30 and up use the TV for over 80% of their movies and shows. Even Millennials still utilize the television for nearly half of their viewing.

Compare Internet, TV, & Home Phone

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Still, the popularity of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV has been a major motivator behind traditional media companies offering cheap cable and high-speed Internet service packages. This is good news for you because it means that the cable TV industry is becoming more competitive, especially since live TV viewing services, like Sling TV, are invading with cheaper prices. That trend translates to more savings for you and more convenient – and comprehensive - Internet and TV bundles.

What Are Internet and TV Bundles?

If you've ever moved or started up new Internet or cable services at your residence, you know that cable companies tend to encourage you to purchase multiple services at a discounted rate. This is called bundling, and it can – quite literally – save you a bundle. There are two types of bundles to consider - the double play bundle and the triple play bundle. While the double play bundle usually includes TV and Internet featured with a bundle discount, the triple play bundle includes TV, Internet, and landline phone, all for a reasonable bundle discount.

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In the initial days of Internet service, there was no choice but to get your dial-up service through your Internet service provider and your cable television through your cable company. Now, however, cable and the Internet are delivered via the same infrastructure in most cases. In addition, many companies, like Comcast, offer landline phone service - Xfinity Voice, for example - as well. This means that it makes sense both practically and financially to get all of your services from one company.

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You can always instead opt for a top-tier satellite Internet provider and/or a satellite TV service, but there are a couple of advantages that cable TV companies would have over satellite TV companies; for instance, cable TV companies offer faster high speed Internet service packages. However, satellite TV offers more flexible choices and better deals. If you're looking for flexibility, you should consider a satellite TV package from services such as DISH Network or DIRECTV. Both satellite TV service providers offer competitive double play and triple play broadband bundles, so you'll want to do a lot of research before you settle on either a DISH Network bundle or a DIRECTV package.