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Xfinity Landline Service

Xfinity home phone service

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$20.00per month
Peformance Starter Internet + Basic TV + Voice
$50.00per month
Peformance Internet + Basic TV + Voice
$60.00per month

Xfinity home phone service plans

If you have Xfinity, you may be wondering about their home phone service.

Good news: I'm about to give you an overview of their offerings, as well as let you in on what's coming next in the Xfinity family of services.

Xfinity Home Phone Plans

Xfinity Landline Only


Phone Plan


Xfinity Voice



Xfinity Landline Bundles




Phone Plan


Xfinity Peformance Starter Internet + Basic TV + Voice

25 Mbps




Xfinity Peformance Internet + Basic TV + Voice

100 Mbps




Xfinity Peformance Starter Internet + Extra TV + Voice

25 Mbps




Xfinity Extreme Internet + Basic TV + Voice

400 Mbps




Xfinity Peformance Internet + Extra TV + Voice

100 Mbps




Xfinity Landline Features

Xfinity Voice comes with 12 features for both plans:

  • Three-Way Calling

  • Anonymous Call Rejection

  • Call Forwarding

  • Call Forwarding Selective

  • Call Return

  • Call Screening

  • Call Waiting

  • Caller ID

  • Caller ID Blocking per Call

  • Caller ID with Call Waiting

  • Repeat Dialing

  • Speed Dial

However, some features - specifically three-way calling, anonymous call rejection, call forwarding, call forwarding selective, call return, call screening, repeat dialing, and speed dial are not included with the Xfinity Voice Unlimited Saver plan. Some Voice features can easily be turned on or off with simple button presses.

International Calling

With Xfinity International Calling, which is included with the Xfinity Voice Unlimited plan, you'll be able to make unlimited calls to roughly half the globe, from either at home or with your smartphone or tablet.

That being said, you'll have to pay when calling areas not listed in the unlimited calling countries. Without Xfinity Voice Unlimited, you'll pay the designated international calling rates. However, you can also take advantage of these following plans:

Carefree Minutes World Select 300

You'll receive 300 minutes for landline phone and select mobile phone calling in the listed countries for a certain fee. That being said, with the Xfinity Unlimited plan, minutes to mobile and landline destinations in China, Hong Kong, India, Mexico Singapore, and South Korea will not count against the Carefree Minutes.

Carefree Minutes Latin America 300

You'll receive 300 minutes to make calls in Latin America at a monthly price. This also includes discounted per minute rates for overages.

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Xfinity Bundles

In today's world, you need some type of phone and/or internet service. Without phone service, either cellular or home phone, you'll be unable to make a lot of life-changing (perhaps even life-saving) phone calls. Without the internet, you'll be unable to rely on services that make life a lot easier.

In fact, you can make phone calls with an internet connection if you do not have a phone service. Fortunately, Xfinity has affordable internet and phone packages.

Double Play

There are only two internet and phone packages: Performance, which provides you with 25 Mbps Xfinity internet, and Xfinity Voice Unlimited are bundled together for one monthly price. The advertised price for the Xfinity internet bundle promotion goes up after 12 months.

The other happens to be the Performance 25 and Unlimited Saver. So the offerings are surely sparse.

Triple Play

Of course, there are also Triple Play packages available to consider. With a two-year agreement, you'll pay an affordable price for the full two years. There is a wide range of Triple Play packages available, ranging from the Starter Triple Play to the Xfinity Complete Triple Play. These packages include Xfinity WiFi, Xfinity TV, and Comcast Xfinity home phone. You'll get the X1 entertainment operating system, which allows you to stream live TV on up to eight devices at a time.

As with most cable companies, Xfinity customers enjoy HD service, including channels such as Showtime, TMC, and Starz, and even access to Netflix originals on X1.

Xfinity Mobile

The telecom giant is doing something a little different with its Xfinity Mobile offering - not only will you have the option of five lines with no access fees when you add cell phone service to your internet, but you'll also be able to buy data one gig at a time instead of being forced to pay for a certain amount.

Is Xfinity Voice Right For You?

Xfinity is just one of the providers that offer home phone service, and though the company may not offer the most extensive home phone plans or buy out your contract, its plans are affordable.

But is Xfinity home phone right for you? It's best to see what Comcast offers for its home phone service before you decide on whether or not the provider is right for you.

Xfinity Voice offers a limited amount of plans, but they are simple and straightforward. However, these home phone services come complete with a wide array of useful features and offer incentives to sweeten the deal for potential Xfinity customers, including a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Overall, Xfinity services don't offer as many choices as its rivals, but its Voice prices are affordable and Xfinity customer service is solid. In fact, its customer representatives are willing to answer all types of questions. You'll be able to contact Xfinity at any time with the live chat function.

What makes Xfinity stand out is its 30-day money-back guarantee and its unlimited international calling to half the globe with Voice Unlimited, so if you're not happy with the service, you can always get your money back. Like its rivals, however, you'll have to pay the installation and other service fees.

Overall, Xfinity is a solid choice for consumers. Keep in mind that you are able to explore Xfinity's availability by ZIP code and compare plans with us.

If you'd like to compare home phone providers, then you should take a moment to read our buyer's guide to home phone service.

Perhaps you're also considering adopting other services brought to you by Xfinity. In that case, you should consider checking out Xfinity TV packages and Xfinity internet plans.

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Xfinity Landline FAQs

Does Xfinity offer landline phone service?

Xfinity offers landline phone services for long and short distance calls.

Does Xfinity landline come with a home phone?

The Xfinity voice service doesn't supply a landline phone, this will need to be purchased separately.

How much is Xfinity home phone service?

Xfinity home phone service starts at $20.

What phones work with Xfinity landline?

Any traditional touch-tone wired or cordless phone should work with Xfinity voice.

Xfinity Specs

States Covered:39 states
Population Covered:111.7M
Connection Type:Fiber & Cable
Internet Speeds:25Mbps - 2000Mbps (varies by area)
TV Channels:260+
4K Channels:No
Contract:No Term, 1-year, 2-year

Xfinity Company Info

Company Name:Comcast
Headquarters:One Comcast Center, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Customer Service:1 (800) 934-6489
Website:Go to Website
Wikipedia:Go to Wikipedia
Facebook:Go to Facebook
Twitter:Go to Twitter