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Satellite Internet Reviews

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The best satellite Internet should provide reliable and affordable service competitive with normal Internet providers.

If you live in a rural area far away from high-speed Internet grid - and cannot make do with dial-up Internet - or are unhappy with your current Internet service provider, it's time to consider satellite broadband Internet.

Your choices may be limited, but the satellite Internet providers I've reviewed are viable options compared to cable Internet.

For those who live in remote and rural areas, satellite Internet - especially with rural high-speed internet connections - can be a lifesaver.

When doing my research, cost and Internet speed were at the top of my list. Satellite broadband Internet operates slightly differently than your cable Internet providers, so you want to make sure you are getting a good value for your dollar.

Because Internet browsing habits are based on personal preference, the decision to get satellite Internet - even high-speed satellite Internet - may vary.

Our review of the top satellite Internet providers should help you find a company that best suits your needs.

Our Top Picks

I've compiled this list of who we believe to be the best satellite Internet providers out there.

  • Download Speed: 5-15 Mbps
  • Installation Fee: Free
  • Monthly Price: $29.99-69.99

HughesNet Internet

  • Pros
  • Free Installation
  • A long established provider
  • Excellent range of customer service options
  • Decent speeds with base package
  • Excellent speeds with Power MAX plan
  • Cons
  • Does not offer any bundled services
  • Not suitable for heavy gamers due to latency
  • Actual speeds are slower than advertised

A longtime player in the industry of satellite internet, HughesNet satellite Internet has been in existence for over 30 years, and currently has 2.5 million systems in place for customers across the globe. With their innovative and exclusive Gen4 technology, they boast some of the fastest speeds in satellite internet.

For watching videos, downloading files, checking email, and simply just surfing the web, their 15 Mbps speed is an excellent option, though their Gen5 technology has recently launched with 25 Mbps speeds, so if you want high-speed Internet via satellite, then you cannot go wrong with HughesNet. Considering that many of their competitors offer speeds at a significantly lesser rate, if you want exceptionally fast speed in satellite, this may be your best option.

An additional asset HughesNet offers is their Express Repair, which supplies technical support whenever you need it over the phone, 24/7. However, if the problem is not within your abilities of solving with assistance, HughesNet will dispatch a technician. However, one downside is that they do not offer any bundled services, so there is no option to save money on your service that way.

  • Download Speed: 12 Mbps
  • Monthly Price: $49.99-99.99

Exede Internet

  • Pros
  • Well known provider with a solid reputation
  • High speeds with all plans
  • Little difference in speed between peak and slow times
  • Late night free zone for unmetered bandwidth usage
  • Competitive pricing
  • Cons
  • No standard 30 day return policy/cooling off period
  • No live chat facility for customer support

As another high-speed Internet service, Exede has some great internet plans, and they offer a lot of things no one else in the satellite internet game is doing. For example, their Freedom Plan offers the closest thing to an unlimited package around. 12 Mbps is their standard download speed, with 3 Mbps as their upload speed, both being fairly speedy for this type of internet connection.

The Exede Internet service's Freedom Plan is an excellent choice for those in need of unlimited access without a data limit. Unfortunately, though, this high speed Internet plan is only available in select areas. They offer 25GB of data monthly, which is average for the industry, however, they also offer the option of purchasing additional data if need be. Conveniently, and cost-effectively, DIRECTV service can be bundled with Exede satellite Internet for added savings.

  • Download Speed: 5-10 Mbps
  • Monthly Price: $39.99-69.99

Dish Internet Review

  • Pros
  • Reputable brand that has been around for years
  • Entry level and comprehensive package available
  • Discounts and fee waiver available on bundles
  • Up to 30GB monthly data plans available
  • Get up to 10Mbps
  • Cons
  • Speeds considerably slower than cable internet
  • Not ideal for heavy gamers due to poor latency
  • Not BBB accredited

DishNet is extremely popular for their great prices, especially in regards to their bundled services, which can include television and phone service. As one of the most reliable and readily available internet choices, DishNet satellite internet is widely available in all 50 states. They do not have the same level of high speeds as others in the industry, however, they offer exceptional affordability. 10 Mbps is their standard download speed, and 5 Mbps is their upload speed.

Most plans come with a standard 50GB of data available for use at off-peak times. Another aspect to consider is that the technology involved is continuously evolving, and companies are always developing new advancements to improve the level of quality; DishNet is always on point with this. Along these lines, DishNet boasts some of the most steadfast internet connections, designed to work in any weather conditions.