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Dish offers TV service with plans starting at $70.


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America's Top 120

190 Channels


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190 Channels


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240 Channels


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290 Channels


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With plenty of TV providers to choose from in Sioux Falls, SD at MoneySavingPro we're here to help make finding your perfect tv package easy.

Whether you're looking to bundle your tv and internet service, get the best entertainment programs and movies for you and your kids, or just looking to save money on your home TV package there's an option for everyone at affordable prices.

We've broken it down below to help you find the best TV service provider in South Dakota for you.

TV Providers in Sioux Falls, SD

Best cable companies & TV packages in Sioux Falls

Best TV service in Sioux Falls

With a wide range of tv providers in Sioux Falls, SD to choose from including CenturyLink there are plenty of affordable television providers to fit your needs whatever you're looking for.

If you're moving to Sioux Falls or you're wanting to find something more suitable to stream and watch shows on demand, you're in the right place. You can check availability at your address using your ZIP code so you can have peace of mind you're getting the best for your area.

Make sure to check for any additional fees and taxes as some providers charge for installation and equipment.

Cable TV packages in Sioux Falls

Provider Channels Price Connection Type
Dish 190 - 290 $69.99 - $104.99 Satellite TV

What types of TV service are available in Sioux Falls

Cable TV

The most common tv service, cable tv is available in most areas. Cable tv providers offer a range of plans and some offer a month to month payment plan. But there's normally more discounts available if you sign a contract.

Fiber TV

Delivered over fiber cables, which are made of thin glass and transmit data using light, enabling faster speeds. Fiber tv is only available in certain areas in Austin. You can check your ZIP code to see if it's available in your location.

Satellite TV

A good choice for rural areas where options are limited. Satellite tv has improved since it was first introduced and you'll get competitive pricing on plans and equipment.

Deciding on the best TV provider for you and your family is personal and can come down to a number of things. What channels are you looking for, do you want to bundle with home phone and internet service, how much can you afford to spend per month?

You'll also find customer reviews under each of our providers, so you can check out what real customers have to say about each provider.

If you have other wireless services like internet and home phone, you could save money by bundling your services in one place. It can be more convenient having everything all in one place.

Considerations when comparing cable companies

Finding the right TV provider in Sioux Falls to fit your needs can come down to a number of factors.

  • Pricing - What do you want to pay for your tv service? Decide how much you can afford or are willing to pay for your tv package so you only pay for what you need.
  • Channels - There's a range of different plans to choose from with each of the tv providers and they all include a variety of channel choices. You'll have the option of local channels, movies, kids, sports channels and more.
  • Packages - If you're looking to include internet service and phone service with your tv package you can check internet speeds at your address using your ZIP code.

Sioux Falls TV provider service FAQs

What TV providers are in Sioux Falls?

Sioux Falls TV service providers include CenturyLink and Dish. Use our availability checker to find the best TV provider in your area.

How much does TV service cost in Sioux Falls?

Sioux Falls TV service providers offer packages from $70-$105. The price varies depending on the provider, package, and bundled services you choose.

Which TV provider is cheapest in Sioux Falls?

Sioux Falls TV service providers offer packages starting at $70. The price you pay varies by the provider, package, and bundled services you select.

What's the best TV provider in Sioux Falls?

The best value TV providers in Sioux Falls offer packages ranging from $70-$105. Check availability by address to find the TV providers by ZIP code.


Choosing the best tv provider in Sioux Falls, SD doesn't have to be overwhelming.

With a variety of packages available you can check your address using your ZIP code to see what's the best technology in your area, fiber optic, satellite or cable.

You'll find affordable plans for any budget and a great selection of packages, with various amounts of channels, add ons and additional features to pick from.

If you're looking to bundle your services you can compare the best tv, internet, and phone services in Sioux Falls.