Does Boost Infinite have international roaming?

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Boost Infinite leverages 4G LTE and 5G wireless coverage across the AT&T, DISH 5G, and T-Mobile networks.

This carrier has set itself apart from the competition with its affordable unlimited data plan. Even better, you pay one price forever for Boost Infinite.

Beyond high-quality domestic cell phone service, Boost Infinite plans also offers some international services.

Boost Infinite international roaming and calls

This MVNO gives you two different options for international usage, depending on whether you're a traveler or want to stay connected with another country.

Boost Infinite North America Connect

Features of this international plan include:

  • Unlimited talk and text while roaming in Canada & Mexico
  • Includes unlimited talk/text from the US to Canada & Mexico
  • 5 GB of data while roaming in Canada & Mexico

Boost Infinite International Connect

When it comes to international calling, Boost Infinite offers the following features:

  • Unlimited calls to mobile lines in nearly 50 countries
  • Unlimited talk to landlines in 80+ countries
  • Calling to 120+ destinations (minutes vary)
  • Unlimited texting to 200+ regions

If you have Boost Infinite's Unlimited plan, each of these add-ons is the same price - $10 per month in addition to your regular plan fees.

Boost Infinite eSIM international roaming

You can certainly use your eSIM with Boost Infinite's international services. You'll just need to use one of their compatible eSIM devices: iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and newer.

How to activate your Boost Infinite international plan

You can activate international services by simply logging into your Boost Infinite account and choosing the add-on you want.

Is a Boost Infinite international plan worth it?

The add-ons available from this low-cost carrier pack a significant amount of value into a reasonably priced package. They're ideal if you're looking to stick around North America - either for traveling or communicating.

If you're a jet setter, however, you'll probably need to purchase a local SIM card once you land at your destination overseas.

Boost Infinite international features advantages

  • Affordable pricing for data roaming in North America
  • Included add-ons make Unlimited+ an even better deal
  • The extensive list of included countries

Boost Infinite international features drawbacks

  • No roaming outside North America
  • Monthly fee, no pay-as-you-go

Boost Infinite international plan FAQs


Boost Infinite international plans are straightforward and easy to activate. This carrier shines in terms of affordable wireless service throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions of each international option and the list of covered countries. Go over the details, like what data speeds you'll get while roaming.

If they don't have an option for what you need, there are plenty of affordable international phone plans available from other MVNOs.

Check out more features and benefits in our comprehensive Boost Infinite review. Happy travels!

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