How to get a free Twigby SIM card

Twigby 2GB
Twigby 2GB plan
  • Unlimited talk & text
  • Verizon 5G & 4G networks
* Only $5/mo for First 3 Months
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Twigby 5GB
Twigby 5GB plan
  • Unlimited talk & text
  • Verizon 5G & 4G networks
* Only $10/mo for First 3 Months
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Twigby 8GB
Twigby 8GB plan
  • Unlimited talk & text
  • Verizon 5G & 4G networks
* Only $16/mo for First 3 Months
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Twigby Unlimited
Twigby Unlimited plan
  • Unlimited talk & text
  • Verizon 5G & 4G networks
* Only $25/mo for First 3 Months
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Looking for a way to snag a free Twigby SIM card? Fortunately, it's a walk in the park. By choosing this MVNO, you'll save up to $700 a year and get service powered by the Verizon network.

Let's dive into how you can lay your hands on a Twigby prepaid SIM starter kit, plus what to keep in mind before you hit that "order" button.

Where to get your free Twigby SIM card

There are a few ways to get your SIM card so you can start saving on your phone plan:

  1. Buy a Twigby phone: Ready for a device upgrade? Get a brand-new device directly from Twigby. Your new phone will come equipped with a Twigby SIM card.

  2. BYOP: If you bring your own phone, you can order a SIM kit from this carrier at no charge. Even the shipping is on the house!

Ordering your Twigby SIM card

No matter how you decide to get your Twigby SIM card, there are a couple of things to mull over before making the switch.

1: Check Twigby coverage

Before you leap into a commitment with Twigby, it's smart to confirm whether they provide coverage in your area.

Twigby operates on the reliable Verizon network. Simply pop your ZIP code into our Twigby coverage map to verify that they've got you covered.

2: Check phone compatibility with Twigby

One of the cool perks of this low-cost carrier is that you can bring your phone to Twigby. That means you might not need to shell out cash for a new device if your current one is still in the game.

Just ensure your phone is compatible. Most modern unlocked phones play well with Twigby, as long as they've got a SIM card slot or support eSIM.

To be absolutely sure, you can run your device's IMEI number through our phone compatibility checker.

3: Compare Twigby plans

Twigby plans come in flavors fit for anyone's needs. Customize your plan with unlimited talk and text, or go all out with an unlimited data plan. Plus, all plans include free international calls to 80+ countries.

Prices start at around $10 per month, which means your annual savings will add up quickly.

4: Twigby SIM card activation

Once you've selected your Twigby prepaid plan, your SIM card kit will come in the mail within several days. You'll get a standard, micro, and nano SIM so that you're all set regardless of which size you need.

And don't worry; you can easily port your current phone number to your new Twigby SIM card. Just choose this option at checkout and follow the instructions during the activation process.

Twigby SIM card deals

Since Twigby is all about prepaid plans, there's no need for any long-term commitments or contracts. That means you're free to tweak your plan whenever it suits you.

While Twigby's plans are already wallet-friendly, they occasionally roll out special deals, like a free SIM card bundled with a plan discount.

These deals are typically available online, so watch out for promotions when you're getting ready to switch.

Free Twigby SIM card FAQs

Does Twigby charge for SIM cards?

Nope. As long as you're purchasing a phone or a plan, you'll get your SIM at no cost.

How long will it take my free Twigby SIM card to arrive?

Twigby has three shipping speeds for their SIM cards: Standard, Accelerated, or Express. Delivery times range from 2-10 days, so you can choose when you want it to arrive based on your budget.

Does Twigby support eSIM?

Not yet; however, I have reached out to the carrier, and they are working on providing eSIM support in the near future.


Switching to a low-cost carrier is a breeze with Twigby. Even better, your Twigby plan gives you access to Verizon's 4G LTE and 5G wireless coverage.

Not only will you get a complimentary SIM card, but you'll also see significant savings on your monthly cell phone bill.

Compare the cheapest cell phone plans to find the best free SIM card or free eSIM service.