The Best No-Contract Phone Plans

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The Best No Contract Phone Plans

Looking for a great wireless plan that doesn't tie you down?

You have more options than you might think in terms of no-contract phone plans.

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Due to growing competition in the wireless industry prices are better than ever - and best of all, these amazing deals come with no commitments.

I'm going to show you to save 50% on your mobile phone service without giving up the quality and network coverage that you're used to.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a No Contract Cell Phone Plan

Here are a few factors to consider to help you decide on the plan that fits your needs:

  1. Coverage: Check out cell phone coverage maps so that you can choose a carrier that has a strong 4G LTE signal in your area. Don't forget to take into account any areas to which you travel frequently.
  2. Cost: Some carriers offer a better deal for high data users while others focus on smaller basic plans.
  3. Number of lines: If you need more than one line you'll want to compare family plans to find the best deal.
  4. Features: Each carrier offers something a little different in terms of extras. You can find no contract phone plans with international calling, mobile hotspot usage, and add-ons like more data.
  5. Device: No contract cell phone plans often require you to bring your own phone. Compatibility depends on whether your new carrier uses a GSM or CDMA network. AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM phones and Sprint and Verizon use CDMA.

Get the Biggest Savings With MVNOs

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) buy or lease extra network capacity from the big four wireless carriers. These smaller mobile providers are able to sell that service to you at a discount because they don't have the high overhead that the major carriers have.

Advantages of MVNOs:

  • The same nationwide 4G LTE networks as the major carriers.
  • Cheaper prices.
  • Custom plans that let you pick exactly what you pay for.
  • Great customer service.
  • No contracts, credit checks, or overage fees.
  • Easy signup process by simply ordering a new SIM card.

How No-Contract Phone Plans Save You Money

There are a couple ways this option saves you money:

  1. Customization: By picking and choosing just what you need - and nothing more - you pay only for the elements of the service that you're actually going to use. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars per year.
  2. Flexibility: Unhappy with your choice of mobile providers? You can switch carriers any time you want. You're not roped into paying higher prices than you want while you wait for your contract to expire.

The Best Unlimited Talk and Text No-Contract Plans


Tello operates using the Sprint network. There are plenty of customization options with Tello unlimited talk and text plans. Choose no data (Wi-Fi only) all the way up to 10 GB of high-speed data.

You also get these perks:

  • Tethering using your plan data.
  • Included calling to Canada, China, and Mexico.
  • No extra fees.
  • Optional international add-on service.

The Best No-Contract Unlimited Data Plan


Have you calculated your data usage and decided that an unlimited data plan is your best bet?

TextNow gives you a wide variety of choices, all on the reliable Sprint and T-Mobile networks.

TextNow offers plans that range from their free WiFi only plan to their unlimited data plan. How do they compare? Their unlimited data plan includes everything from unlimited calling, texts, and data to data hot-spotting, conference calling and voicemail transcription - and all for almost half of what you're paying with the big four networks.

The Best No-Contract Family Plan

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile (formerly Mint SIM) runs on the T-Mobile network. Mint is unique in that it offers a bulk discount on its prepaid plans. Instead of monthly plans, Mint sells service in lots of three, six, or 12 months. The more you buy, the deeper the discounts. That essentially amounts to a loyalty reward plan, which - let's face it - is unheard of in the cell phone industry.

Mint Mobile plans are pretty simple. All come with unlimited talk and text. There are three data buckets - 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB. Need more? Add data or international service to any plan.

The Best No-Contract Plan for Kids

Mint Mobile

What we love about Mint as a cell phone plan for kids is that they take the fussiness out of the whole process.

The 2 GB option is perfect for younger kids who need a phone to contact you, yet you won't feel the pinch of data overages. The 5 GB plan is great for teens - plenty of data for all that streaming and social media interaction, but still ridiculously affordable.

Best No-Contract Plan for Seniors


Shopping for a senior cell phone plan for yourself or a family member? Twigby may be just the answer. This Sprint and Verizon MVNO provides everything from basic wireless phone service to a 4 GB high-speed data plan for smartphone users.

As for talk minutes, you can choose from 200 up to unlimited calling. Global texting to over 180 countries is free. As far as Twigby's rates, they're affordable enough to fit almost any budget.

Best Cheap No-Contract Plan


Tello shines in the arena of cheapest no-contract phone plans. You put together the combination of features that work best for you, then watch the savings add up. Change things up any time you want. Enjoy calls to Canada, China, and Mexico using your plan minutes.

Whether you choose the bare minimum or go all out with the highest data bucket they offer, you'll still pay less than half of the average cell phone bill.

Best No-Contract Data Only Plan


Yes, you can buy a data only plan from MVNOs. Tello is our favorite service provider for your tablets and other devices that don't need talk and text.

The big four charge as much as $10 a GB for data - that really adds up if you're streaming HD video or gaming on the go. Tello data only plans save you 50% for service on the same reliable networks.

Best Overall No-Contract Plan

Mint Mobile

Out of all the great MVNOs we recommend, Mint is our pick for the most well-rounded and affordable carrier.

They offer the common features that most users look for:

  • Great prices
  • Your choice of data amounts
  • Tethering included
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Bulk discounts
  • 7-day customer service
  • Extras like international and data boosts

Great Ways to Save on Your Next Smartphone

There's no reason your device can't be as budget-friendly as your cell phone plan. Instead of paying $30 a month for the shiniest new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, try these money-saving options:

  • Bring your own phone: If you're upgrading every year or two just to do it, consider breaking that expensive cycle by using your current phone until it's truly outdated or worn out.
  • Buy a used device: Maybe you really want something new and different. No problem - choose from popular smartphones at half the retail price.

Finally, sell your old phone for some extra cash. Compare offers for the best deal.

Don't forget to unlock your phone from your current carrier so you can take it to your new one.

Compare Now: Cheap no contract phone plans starting at $10


Going with a no-contract plan these days means saving money without sacrificing quality or quantity.

Get inspired to switch now by comparing cheap cell phone plans today.

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No Contract Phone Plans FAQs

QHow much does it cost for a prepaid phone?


How much a prepaid phone costs varies from provider to provider. Virgin Mobile offers an unlimited talk and text plan with 4GB of data for $40 per month, while Cricket Wireless offers an unlimited talk and text plan with 2.5 GB of data for $40 per month, plus a $25 activation fee for new customers. A no data plan from Republic Wireless cost $15 per month for unlimited talk and text.

Who has the best cell phone service?

Typically, the Big 4 cell phone carriers (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) provide the most comprehensive coverage and service across the US, but are usually low ranking when it comes customer service and satisfaction. National carriers are able to offer better service and more coverage than regional carriers such as US Cellular, which doesn't work in every city.

QWhat is the cheapest cell phone company?


The cheapest cell phone company is chatSIM, which is available for $15 per year, plus a $15 charge for the SIM card. The company provides messaging services only, using apps such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. TracFone is one of the cheapest phone companies if you want to use your phone for calls. Plans cost $8.33 per month.

QWhat is a burner cell phone?


A burner cell phone is a prepaid phone that is purchased, used for a brief amount of time and then replaced with a new phone. Burner phones are often used by people who don't want to be traced or by people who don't want to give away too much of their identity or other details about their location.

3 Great Ways to Save

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