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If you're fed up with trying to decide on a new cell phone plan, Boost Infinite can help simplify it for you.

Offering just one plan with unlimited talk, text, and data and coming in at a cost of $25 a month, helping you save hundreds of dollars a year on your cell phone bill.

I'm here to guide you through switching to a Boost Infinite phone plan, that's budget-friendly and feature-packed. It's about time you got to experience the liberating world of unlimited everything without breaking the bank.

How to switch to a Boost Infinite plan

When switching to Boost Infinite, there are a few things to check:

  1. Coverage: Boost Infinite operates on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks and the DISH network. It's best to check the Boost Infinite coverage map to ensure you have coverage in your area.
  2. Transfer your number: If you want to port your current number to Boost Infinite, you can do that when activating your SIM card. Make sure not to cancel your current contract until your number's been transferred successfully.
  3. Bring your own phone or upgrade: There's no need to upgrade unless you want to. You can bring your own phone as long as it's unlocked. If you're interested in a new phone, Boost Infinite only offers a small selection of Android phones to buy.
  4. Buy your SIM card: Your Boost Infinite SIM card will be sent directly to you within a few days. Or if you've got an iPhone XS or newer and are interested in an eSIM, your plan can be live within a few minutes.

Bring your own phone to Boost Infinite

Boost Infinite offer the option of bringing your own phone (BYOP) to the plan.

This means you won't need to spend extra cash on a new phone unless you want to.

Just make sure your current phone's unlocked, and it should be compatible with the T-Mobile or AT&T network.

If you're bringing your own phone, before purchasing your SIM card, there are a couple of things to check:

  1. Unlock your phone: It's common for your cell phone to be locked to the carrier, so the first thing to do is make sure it's unlocked and free to use on any network.
  2. Phone compatibility: As long as your phone's unlocked from its current carrier, it should be compatible with Boost Infinite. But if you're worried, you can use our phone compatibility checker using your IMEI number.

The Boost Infinite plan

The Boost Infinite plan stands out in the overcrowded market of cell phone plans. The mantra here is simplicity and affordability. For a competitive monthly fee, you get unlimited calls, texts, and data (capped at 30G of high-speed data).

No more fretting about exceeding your data limits or only making calls at certain times of the day.

Plus, with a large, reliable network, you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, whether on a road trip or working from your home office.

The Boost Infinite plan also offers the following:

  • No contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • Option to add up to 5 lines
  • Hotspot and International options are available as add-ons.

Activating your Boost Infinite SIM card

You can activate your Boost Infinite SIM card in a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to the Boost Infinite app.
  2. Follow the steps and fill in your information.
  3. You may need your phone's IMEI number if you're bringing your own phone.
  4. Confirm if you're transferring your number or looking for a new one.

Why choose Boost Infinite?

There are numerous reasons to choose Boost Infinite, but it comes down to one essential element: value for money.

Boost Infinite offers an unbeatable combination of cost-effectiveness and unlimited access to all your communication needs with no hidden charges or unexpected fees-just one straightforward, affordable bill every month.

This low-cost carrier offers a range of great benefits:

  1. Affordability: One plan at a cost of $25 a month.
  2. Reliable coverage: Powered by T-Mobile and AT&T's networks, you'll receive excellent coverage and reliable service wherever you go. According to this Root Metrics report, you could get one of the best networks for 5G coverage with T-Mobile.
  3. No contracts: With no long-term contracts, you're free to cancel at any time.

Switch to Boost Infinite FAQs


In a world where connectivity is essential, Boost Infinite offers an attractive, budget-friendly option that doesn't skimp on features.

By switching, you'll enjoy unlimited access to calls, texts, and data (capped at 30GB high-speed data) but also experience the convenience of a simplified, no-nonsense cell phone plan.

Read our Boost Infinite review to learn more about this low-cost carrier.

Boost Infinite FAQs

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