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Cell Phone Savings Calculator

Cell Phone Savings Calculator

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Cell Phone Plan Savings Calculator

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Millions of Americans are overpaying by hundreds of dollars each year on their cell phone bill. We designed our Cell Phone Savings Calculator to clear up the confusion within the cell phone industry and make it easy to switch and save.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using our Plan Calculator

Navigating the cell phone plan savings calculator is easy and only takes a minute to discover how much you can be saving. If you're tired of expensive cell phone bills and are ready for a change, read on.

cell phone calculator step 1

STEP 1 - Tell us your current cell phone carrier and we'll find a cheaper plan for you!

cell phone savings calculator step 2

STEP 2 - Tell us how many lines you have on your account. I've got a wife and two kids at home so that's four lines.

cell phone savings calculator step 3

STEP 3 - How much data do you use each month? My family is on an unlimited plan and we share our data.

cell phone savings calculator step four

STEP 4 - How much are you spending each month? I'm still on an old Verizon plan that isn't even offered anymore!

cell phone savings calculator step five

Voilà! It only takes a minute to find out how much you can save by switching today.

compare cell phone plans table


And here's the final result; the plans seen here were tailored specifically to meet my budget and preferences. I'm immediately brought to our cell phone plan comparison tool to make an apples-to-apples comparison of the most popular cell phone plans.

We designed our cell phone plan comparison table to be easy to understand. There's no complex language, we explain what features come bundled with your plan, and breakdown exactly what you'll be paying each month. Atop each plan, you can see how much you can save every month by switching. Clearly, I can save the most by switching to the Sprint Unlimited Freedom Plan--$130/mo I could be saving to be exact.

While this is a great deal, I might want to take advantage of international perks T-Mobile offers, or sign up for AT&T's upgrade plan to get the latest device every year. No matter your preference, we make it easy to see how much you can save each month and every year.

Don't like what plans you see? Use our filtering options to personalize your plan even further. Adjust what plans we show you by selecting how much data you want, lines, minutes, texts, and more.