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Good2Go Mobile Reviews in 2021

Good2Go Mobile customer service ratings

Good2Go Mobile
Average Customer Rating31 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars15
4 Stars4
3 Stars1
2 Stars4
1 Star7
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Read 31 Good2Go Mobile user reviews

Connection stinks, and texting and calling problem

i Have goodtogo but not happy with my experience.

Reliability, affordability, coverage

Reliable service, affordable for me, and as good a coverage as AT&T.


Great plans for those who are looking for a budget-friendly alternative. Service is great. No downsides whatsoever.

Customer representatives, great deal

Is a pretty good deal. Customer service is pretty responsive over the phone and email. Data is unlimited but when throttled it is really slow (as expected).

Cheap, great coverage

Very cheap for what it is. You get unlimited talk and text and your choice of high speed data. If you run out of the high speed data you'll get throttled but the data is still usable. There's no overage fees too. Very cheap for AT&T coverage.

Doesn't work for traveling

It isn't good for travelers. You won't have a problem though otherwise so long as you live or travel near AT&T towers.

Saves money

I'm saving lots of money by going Good2Go. It's good for those who don't use their cell phone very much.

Price, service

amazing price and an amazing service to match

Reception, customer support

Great reception and good customer service.

Standard, affordable

It's a good generic cell phone provider. Economical. Have some connection issues at night but other than that it works good.

Varied options

I don't use my cell a lot compared to other people. All I needed was unlimited talk and text and my GPS and Good2Go was able to provide me that.


A good provider for budget-conscious people. You don't need to waste any money and you get the same service as the major providers. If you don't like a lot of the heavy plans go with Good2Go!

Great customer service

Good2Go had a lot of good reviews so decided to try them out especially since they had a plan that was half the price of a plan I had with AT&T. Customer service was helpful and simply amazing. I'm so happy with my purchase!

Great plans

I was "good2go" away from another carrier (Verizon) so I decided to give Good2Go a shot. There are a lot of great plans - I don't use a lot of data so why should I pay for a lot more? I've seen no downsides with this carrier.

Excellent coverage

This company was good for me because I don't use a lot of data. It also offers excellent coverage, being 1/2 cost of my previous provider. Just know that you'll need to tweak the APN settings and if you ask for help you'll get some of the best the phone industry has to ofer. Amazing phone company.

No customer service

no customer service reps to even talk about my issue with. they wont refund my money so had to get my credit card to do it! beware of good2go!

Connectivity issues

When I tried good2go mobile I experienced severe connectivity problems in my own home. Unfortunately, since this pandemic I've been in my home 90% of the time so it sucks to be unable to contact anyone or I would I would have severe lag (it takes minutes or hours) when sending or receiving texts. Because I don't use a lot of minutes, texts or data I thought good2go would be ideal but looks like it isn't the carrier for me.

affordable, easy, and good coverage

I've been a Good2Go customer for 6 months now and am so glad I made the switch. I'm paying $15 for 1 GB instead of $45 for 3 GB with T-Mobile (I did not need all that data), and the coverage is better in my area with Good2Go. Now I tell all my friends to re-think their big network plans.

The price

I have the 1gb data plan same as I had with att. I've had G2G for a month now and all I can say is I'm truly amazed! I haven't be throttled and I know I've went well over 1gb I've had high speed data all month it's so crazy because with att my data would only last two or three days then I'm throttling all month like what am I paying for data for?! So I made the switch to G2G after doing a little digging around and reading bad reviews. You know what they say you get what you pay for and guess what they got a long time customer with me!!!

price. price price

the best

The price

If I can pay half and be throttled for the same things I'm Good2Go certified lmao

Everything else Horrible customer service

They apparently have just one customer service guy who will hang up on you just for fun. You have to wait another 30-45 minutes and get the same rep. He's rude and offers no help whatsoever. Go elsewhere for service, these people are not worth it!!

No coverage in TN

no coverage

No range

No network in TN

No coverage at all in Middle TN

I live in Franklin TN, (Around the Nashville Area) and i switched to G2G recently, they dont have range in middle tennessee. I called them and the same rep said currently they will have it in the next year. I kept getting connected to the same rep every time

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Good2Go Mobile Network Specs

Network:AT&T, T-Mobile
Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Credit Check:No
Taxes/fees included:No
WiFi Calling:No
Visual Voicemail:No
Multi-line Discounts:No
Multi-month Discounts:No
International Roaming:No

Good2Go Mobile Company Info

Headquarters:Dallas, Texas
Customer Service:(800) 416-3003
Website:Go to Website
Facebook:Go to Facebook
Twitter:Go to Twitter
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