How to Sign Up for Tello

Tello 1GB

Tello 1GB plan

  • Unlimited talk & text
  • T-Mobile 5G & 4G networks


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Tello 2GB

Tello 2GB plan

  • Unlimited talk & text
  • T-Mobile 5G & 4G networks


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Tello 5GB

Tello 5GB plan

  • Unlimited talk & text
  • T-Mobile 5G & 4G networks


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Tello 10GB

Tello 10GB plan

  • Unlimited talk & text
  • T-Mobile 5G & 4G networks


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Tello offers affordable prepaid cell phone plans with reliable T-Mobile 4G LTE and 5G wireless coverage. As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, this low-cost carrier can save you up to $600 a year on your phone service.

Signing up for Tello plans is a breeze. Read along as we guide you through the steps to get started quickly and easily:

1: Check Tello coverage

Before you sign up for Tello's service, it's essential to verify the network coverage in your area. You can easily do this by entering your ZIP code into our Tello coverage map.

Don't skip this step if you're new to T-Mobile's network.

2: Bring your own phone to Tello

Once you've confirmed coverage, it's time to decide whether to bring your own phone to Tello or upgrade to a new device.

You can save money by bringing your unlocked T-Mobile-compatible phone. Alternatively, if you prefer a new phone, Tello has you covered. One notable advantage this low-cost carrier has over its competitors is that Tello phones provide great deals on certified pre-owned phones as well as certified refurbished devices.

3: Choose your Tello plan

Carrier Network Data Price
Tello SIM card - Horizontal Tello unlimited talk & text plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 0GB $8/mo
Tello SIM card - Horizontal Tello 1GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 1GB $10/mo
Tello SIM card - Horizontal Tello 2GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 2GB $14/mo
Tello SIM card - Horizontal Tello 5GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 5GB $19/mo
Tello SIM card - Horizontal Tello 10GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 10GB $24/mo

Tello plans offer maximum flexibility for various needs. Custom plan options range from no data to a limited data allotment, plus Tello unlimited data plans are available, although high-speed data is capped at 25GB.

All prepaid plans include unlimited texts, and data plans allow mobile hotspot data usage.

If you need multiple lines, you can build your own custom family plan depending on how much data each person needs. Tello sets itself apart from the major carriers with its customizable options. And you'll never see extra fees at the end of your billing cycle.

After choosing the best monthly plan for your needs, you'll pick between a physical SIM card or eSIM activation (eSIM-capable device required). You can still bring your unlocked phone to a Tello eSIM plan if it's eSIM-compatible.

4: Activate your Tello plan

The activation process depends on whether you chose a physical SIM card or an eSIM plan:

How to set up a Tello SIM card:

  • Insert your SIM card into your phone once it arrives.
  • Register for or log in to your Tello account on the website.
  • Enter your activation code and follow the prompts.
  • You can also port in your existing number during this process.

Most of the time, your device will automatically detect the Tello APN settings. If not, don't worry; configuring your phone to optimize your services only takes a few minutes. Just head over to our guide to Tello Mobile APN settings.

How to set up your eSIM with Tello:

  • Tello stands out from its competitors by supporting a wide selection of eSIM devices, including iPhone SE (2020) and newer, Samsung, Motorola, and Google Pixel.
  • Choose the eSIM card option during sign-up and follow the provided activation instructions.

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Sign up for Tello FAQs

Is my phone compatible with Tello?

Most likely, yes. Tello phone service works with the majority of unlocked 4G LTE or 5G phones. Just make sure your phone is unlocked from your previous carrier.

Does Tello support eSIM?

Yes, you can bring your eSIM device to Tello's service.

What carrier does Tello use?

Tello runs on the T-Mobile network, ensuring reliable 4G LTE and 5G wireless coverage.


Tello customers enjoy a low monthly bill while maintaining phone service on the award-winning T-Mobile network.

Whether you bring your existing device or upgrade to a new phone, activating your Tello SIM starter kit is a quick and effortless process.

Get expert guidance navigating carrier options in our in-depth Tello review.

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