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RecommendedVery affordable, and good network coverageNetwork can be spotty on cheap plans, great price

I've loved Mint mobile. They have great customer service, and they are the cheapest LTE providers that I have found.

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RecommendedAffordable, service ok. LTE not so much. LTE data pkgs

No complaints except for data packages.

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RecommendedSwitched and Im very happy! voice mail issue

Switched and I'm very happy with signal, price, etc. I have had 2 issues, one with set up and I used the on line chat which was very helpful and another time I called in and my issue was resolved promptly. I don't get any notification when I have a voice mail, but I've just gotten used to checking it.

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RecommendedWorks every bit as good as T-Mobile.Easy to switchNone.

Order the free trial SIM, you won't be disappointed. Takes just minutes to set up.

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Recommendedno different than any other carrier None

I've used Verizon and AT&T in the past before switching to Mint. the only difference between Mint and the larger carriers I used to use is no more insane cell phone bills! Customer service was very friendly and helpful! So glad I made the switch!!

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Not RecommendedThere is NO best thing about Mint Mobile!Customer Service, worst I ever experienced

Bought 3 month service,was cancelled after one month. After several phone calls was promised that service would be restored. Still no service. I am now convinced that Mint Mobile is a scam and that I must let as many people as possible know that this outfit is a bunch of charlatans.

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Not RecommendedPricePoor Coverage area.

My T-Mobile phone has much better coverage than my Mint Mobile phone.

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RecommendedData goes down, Often!Data goes down

Get what you pay for, subpart compared to every cell company I have had.

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Keep in mind that $15 monthly rate is an introductory offer for tye first three months on a 2 gig/ month 4g plan. After that it goes to $23/ month.

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Not RecommendedLower pricesUnreliable service

Had to give up Mint Mobile after one month. Some calls were going straight to voicemail. There is no notification for missed calls. Caller id only shows the #. It can't be customized. Horrible if you are trying to run a business.

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RecommendedService and the foxNone

Great purchase experience and awesome savings!

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RecommendedData is pretty fast.Spotty coverage.

If you aren't near one of their towers, voice calls are unintelligible

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RecommendedPriceCustomer service.

Tried to get a refund during the 7 day Grace period. Over 30 days and still waiting. CS is really poor and should count for something. They just give you the runaround. Service does work though. Who cares about the fox....

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Recommendedsuper cheap, easy to change plansnone

so easy! should have done it sooner. you can change plans online. I make international calls, easy to top up and cheap.

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I should have switched to Mint SIM sooner. The network speeds between Mint SIM and T-Mobile are nonexistent, and no other company compares when it comes to price. I love how much I've saved with Mint SIM!

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RecommendedValueCustomer Service

Mint SIM's prices are great, but their customer service isn't very responsive. it's taken days for them to respond to issues.

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Not RecommendedValueCustomer Service

The customer service is the worst we've experienced. Long wait times, and the rep wasn't helpful.

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As a former Verizon customer, Mint is a life saver. My wireless bills were just insane! It's nice to have a carrier that isn't sneaking junk into my plan when i just want a working phone!

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RecommendedCustomer ServiceNone

I used to use Walmart's simple mobile but alot of bad customer service there made me want to stop using all their services. Mint sim came in with the save with a plan that fits my budget and i can still use my iPhone!

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Coverage is good, data is fast. Plus, 1GB for $15 is nothing to sneeze at! That's way less than what I've been paying before!

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RecommendedEase of UseNo Visual Voicemail

Outside of not having working visual voicemail working with my phone, I get some pretty okay service. It's cheap and easy to set up. I guess I could ask for the bill to pay itself but that'd be asking too much.

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RecommendedNo hidden feesNone

I'm honestly surprised how well this worked for a company that doesn't shove commericals down my throat lol. I was very worried about getting a decent signal at first but Mint SIM works out just fine for me. Finally, no hidden Fees. I've been recommending it to my family!

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I started using Mint SIM after a recommendation from a coworker. After a few months of service I really should buy them lunch from all the money i saved. I used to get really spotty coverage in my home with Sprint but no longer since switching to mint SIM!

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