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Mint Mobile Reviews & Ratings

Mint Mobile customer ratings in 2021

Mint Mobile
Average Customer Rating136 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars42
4 Stars12
3 Stars16
2 Stars15
1 Star51
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Read 136 Mint Mobile user reviews


Customer service are clueless and Horrible!! They are located in Puerto Rico or Tijuana they don’t have access to accounts when you are try to get a refund. I was told it was refunded to my bank but they have no idea what bank they send it too or when it was refunded.


I called customer service several times,

I requested to speak with a supervisor, which I was told one would call after I was on hold more than 30 mins. however, never did.

You cannot sell a product and negate the companies responsibility

by hiding behind copy and paste return policies when asked for a refund

because of poor service. You are advertising a service that does not meet basic standards.


Slow data

Beyond slow data. Can’t connect to any website.

Perfect fit for me.

Activation was super simple just follow their directions. Easy to see your data use. Super cheap.

The Coverage map is misleading.

When I first booted up my phone with the new Mint Mobile sim card, I promptly sent a text to my son and received one back 30 minutes later. I didn't have high expectations but in 3 months I've been able to have a 50 second rough conversation and sent and received a total of 9 texts, only ONE of which from home which is CLEARLY covered according to the map on the site. I guess the price is just too good to be true.

The worst and shadiest costumer service ever

The phone service was bad, constant dropped calls and incoming calls were always routed to voicemail without ringing. Texts failed to send all the time.

But the worst part about mint was the customer service. No resolutions after a month. Incompetance in filing tickets (they do it to T-Mobile on your behalf and you're kept out of the loop the whole time), missing crucial case details that result in weeks of no progress. Lies upon lies about when they'll follow up with you and how. (They never do.)

One supervisor said plainly we cannot give you in writing the dates the tickets are filed because it could harm the company's image.

Service is NOT reliable, price is reasonable

Data service is very slow, if working at all, as well as delay in texting

Haven't been able to receive calls since November.

Most calls go directly to voice mail. Called customer service twice and still have the problem. Where is the help Mint?

You get what you pay for

Below average service but cheap so it’s ok

Wildly Bad Activation

Ad said it took longer to order a cup of coffee than it would take to transfer existing number and activate new service. After 3 days, still working on it. Haven't completely given up; but on-going effort will be the last try. Have no idea how service works after activation; not sure I'm ever going to get to that level. Concept is great and I'm a fan of the celebrity owner - and folks on the help line are friendly; but jeez o pete, its been like pulling your own teeth level of pain.

Terrible mobile service. Service randomly drops

Terrible mobile service. Service randomly drops without warning in metropolitan areas, and presumably areas with worse coverage. Even though the signal bars are full, incoming and outgoing calls and texts are unreceived/sent.

Furthermore, the customer service is overly scripted and generally unhelpful. You will repeat steps each time you contact them and each time they forget where you got to during the previous chat. Absolutely frustrating and unable to resolve the signal issues. It's been a month of spotty issues now.


If I am on a call and I receive a text or an email, which means it uses the data , the call gets static or the voice is echoed....what else can we expect from a cheap service provider.

customer servicec

Not off to a great start with this company, ordered a sim website says when it should be delivered by. A few days pass with no updates so I reach out to CS, they tell me that my sim will deliver by x date on top of that am told that the delay is due to a promotion I missed by one day I ask if I can get the promotion am told they are sorry you missed the promotion. Then I receive an automated email letting me know my order has only been shipped by the day I was told I would receive it, and that same email also includes a congratulations about the promotion (the one I missed so isn’t applied to my account). So, ultimately I do not have high hopes for this company and my continued journey with them.

Update : mint customer care reached out I provided additional information and received yet another canned response. They offer nothing to mitigate dissatisfaction of customers. I’ve worked with customer service teams in varying capacities and it’s very easy to turn a bad review into a great one but this company has no interest in creating customer loyalty.




From the beginning I've had nothing but problems with Mint Mobile. The techs aren't familiar with the phones on the site so don't know which phones are/aren't compatible. I purchased a phone that I thought was compatible only to find out that it wasn't. It took going through numerous techs and ending up on the phone for over TWO HOURS because my calls kept getting dropped. I finally got a tech who told me that the problem was that the phone was not compatible so he told me to go the T-Mobile site on Google and look through their list of phones to see which ones listed on the Mint Mobile site were compatible. I then purchased a phone that was compatible based on the information I was given, but there was some mix up from the phone company and they ended up refunding my money. That actually turned out to be a good thing as by this time I no longer wanted to continue with Mint Mobile. The first phone I had I attempted to return for a full refund, but they don't pay for return shipping and they charge a $10 shipping and handling fee for all refunded goods. They also charge a 20-50% restocking fee if the phone is not defective. THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS business practice! It costs me additional monies just to send this messed up phone back!!!

It has been nothing, but a nightmare just trying to get my service started. I will end up eating the $45 dollars I paid to Mint Mobile for the 3 month service because I didn't cancel within the 7 day time frame. I just want to get rid of this carrier out of my life completely. Getting a cell service shouldn't be a hassle.

I do not understand why there are 1 star reviews.

I have had the best service and have saved so much money. I think that if you do not pay your bills and get cancel you may post a one star review. But really for 15 dollars a month or 30 for unlimited you cannot find a better price. And 5G does not cost extra. I live in Southern California so there is a lot of 5G service.

won't refund me

couldn't receive incoming calls and wasn't able to receive a refund either

Customer Service and 1/2 my calls 'd go str8 to vm

Contacted them to get my Acc # and PIN # to port out. Told them i was not renewing. However, they charged me for 3 months. Called right away but was told to go to website. Went to website they said they will evaluate and let me know if they'd refund me in about 7-9 days.

missed texts ,slow net, do not get mint !

Cheated on data and slow as dial up, missed textsjust terrible terrible service, in Los Angeles and Boise ! DONT GET MINT

Customer service! Worst ever encountered!

I was preparing to change service providers because of the many dropped calls...I called Mint because I was awaiting new iPhone 12 and was scheduled to receive it day 2 of what would be my new 3 month billing period. Agent said..,NO PROBLEM...pay the 3 months...don’t use the SIM card and I will get full refund..,phone arrived when expected snd guess what...no refund!!! I even had text messages during chats I screenshot telling me I’d get refund. All I can do is tell EVERYONE every time snd on every platform about this experience. A “manager” at Mint refused to refund service I never even used. Wow..what a horrible company!


Calls had trouble connecting as well as being dropped.

Only a 7 day return policy. REALLY. Avoid them like a plague.

Customer Service

Tried to activate using 2 gift cards. Was transferred to 3 people, took over an hour wait and they said, you have to cash in the two gift cards, get one gift card, then can activate.

Absolutely abysmal customer service.

Tried to call Customer Service multiple time. After waiting for more than 10 minutes all times, the call ends abruptly. So, my question is, if you are going to cancel my call automatically why don't you say anything about that?! Looks like their Customer Service is their very weak point.

The lies. Service is awful

Mint is absolutely the worst. If you are in an area in which T Mobile is popular, your service is absurdly bad. I got promises that it was a good service area, but unstead I have to walk a couple of blocks to get service. Then, when I try to leave, I get promises but they refuse to release the number.

This is theft, pure and simply. Reynolds knows what he is doing, he just wants to grab new sign-ups and then refuses to let them walk away with their own number. He is a fraud, hopefully some U.S. Attorney will take a look at this miserable service. Please, please do not sign with these people. They are phones, fakers and robbers.

Customer Service

I’m sitting here with a phone and waiting over a week for a SIM card. Bad enough my phone was stolen, but bought a new phone.

Card number one was activated mistakenly by them to my husband phone. Then the nightmare. Three reps later, no SIM card. Another rep lied and said he would overnight it, that was last Friday, next rep

tells me, hmmm, the warehouse is closed on the weekends...I will expedite ANOTHER SIM card....guess what...no SIM card.

Called for a supervisor last night around 6...oh we are busy can you leave your number, he will call you back.

Still waiting and looking for another service

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Mint Mobile Network Specs

3G Bands:1700/2100MHz
4G LTE Bands:1700/2100MHz
Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Contract:No - 3 mths prepaid
Credit Check:No

Mint Mobile Company Info

Headquarters:1550 Scenic Avenue Suite 100 Costa Mesa, CA 92626-1420
Customer Service:(800) 683-7392
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