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    Cricket Wireless Reviews

    Cricket Wireless customer reviews & complaints

    Cricket Wireless
    Average Customer Rating36 User Reviews
    User Rating Distribution
    5 Stars7
    4 Stars3
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    Reviews of Cricket Wireless in 2022

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    Read 36 user reviews


    i signed up for autopay & they did not process it! now they are charging me a reactivation fee because i thought it would automatically charge me & instead they suspended my account. i am very disappointed

    Can't call my husband's cell for emergency.

    I needed to call my husband on his cell to meet me at the hospital and it goes directly to voicemail and tells me that the voice mail is not set up. There aren't any instructions how to set it up. I called Cricket to see if they could override it and they said no. I never made it the 54 miles to the hospital for my brother because I couldn't call my husband on his phone. This is not the first time I could not call him on his cell. Once I had to walk 5 miles home when I had a flat. Why would anyone want to carry around a useless phone? Do not get Cricket since you would be better off without any phone at all.

    Customer Service! Associate Monica at Westnedge l

    Associate Monica very good at explaining phone use!

    The price and coverage

    I got in on a bring your own device plan that’s very affordable. I really like that there are Cricket stores if I need assistance.

    signal it drops when on call very bad

    signal it drops when on call very bad not worth the price

    customer service

    Increases a Late Payment Fee without notification/was lied to and told this 24 hour grace period was due to Covid (it's been around since I started service at least 2 years ago--long before covid)

    Shortened Bridge Payment Date from what told by customer service rep--they consider 7 days including the date you enact...if you pay on what normally would be considered 7th day..you have to reactivate and pay reactivation fee.

    Cannot make any changes, like canceling lines during bridge payment period

    Told managers will call and discuss, they never call back

    Finally put through to one after waiting forever, only to be hung up on while explaining my story.

    Customer Service issues alone are not worth the service...T-mobile and Verizon now offer their own 4 lines for $100 plans and their service areas and customer service are much better. Avoid this company or deal with additional charges/extremely poor customer service and especially during Covid!

    Fake like wwe

    Very few places to use poor signal

    Misleading website for accessories.

    I ordered some accessories for my phone. One of the accessories is only compatible with Apple phones and nowhere on their website does it list that under the product details. After several calls to their customer service and warranty department they REFUSED to help remedy my situation and will not budge on offering a credit for the money I am now out for a product.

    I love the family plan it works for us.

    I have had Cricket for awhile and in four different states. The parent company is the main reason cricket has problems. As for the referral bonus yes you do get it. You need to make sure that when someone signs up they use your name and says that you referred them. The clerk in the store can help with that.

    Price is the best thing about Cricket

    I have been with Cricket for 2+ years. I have a five-person family plan with unlimited data for $125/month including taxes. That’s really cheap.

    One thing I really like is the availability of WiFi calling. My family lives in a rural area where no there’s no signal from any carrier, so we utilize WiFi calling on a daily basis and Cricket was the only prepaid carrier that offered that service when we switched. And it works great.

    One downside to Cricket is the data speed. It’s capped at 3 mbps. That’s fine for most things but streaming YouTube or Hulu or whatever can be annoying as it buffers sometimes. I’m a middle aged man, so it doesn’t bother me enough to switch to another service. If you’re a dang millennial (just kidding) or just like to watch a lot of HD steaming video, it may be a deal breaker.

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