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Twigby Reviews in 2021

Twigby customer service ratings

Average Customer Rating44 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars24
4 Stars5
3 Stars4
2 Stars3
1 Star8
Plans starting at:$6.50/mo*
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Read 44 Twigby user reviews

Twigby now uses Verizon but no wifi calling

Ported my Samsung Galaxy S9 over from Verizon 5 months ago and have been very happy with Twigby running on the Sprint network for the price. They are now switching over to the Verizon network and I got set up yesterday and have fantastic coverage now - except the new network no longer supports wifi calling - which is a bummer because cell coverage is terrible where I work :(

It is cheap.They don't support the phones they sel

Twiggy is very cheap and definitely saved some money. We ended up buying a phone from them which they would not support whatsoever. It was from China and the only place you could get repaired is in China so we wasted a bunch of money on a phone they would not offer any type of refund or credit. I guess you get what you pay for

I like Twigby!

Been with Twigby since April/2018. I don't use the phone as a computer. I do have 200Mb of data because I have to download an MMS once in awhile, but the 300 minutes of voice and unlimited texting suites me just fine. Have been fairly satisfied with service. I live in SE Iowa and I do have some bad area's of coverage, but you will get that with any of the providers unless you live in the big cities. I have been and will probably continue using Twigby until something really stupid happens. I am old enough to remember when we didn't have cell phones and you had to wait for the neighbor to get off the land line so you could make a call! Have a great day!

Compatible with iPhone

I bought Twigby's SIM card for the iPhone 6 after being told about the low costs. I was a little hesitant at first since I used to have AT&T's network but turns out Twigby's network works just fine. Glad that I switched over.


Screw Twigby!!! They're way more expensive than other carriers!

customer service

customer service is really good at twigby and is a very affordable service


A lot of phone plans they offer are senior-friendly. Verizon was just too expensive for my budget so I switched to Twigby. Now I pay $80 less every month.


Been using Twigby for a year. No issues.


I live in a very rural area where Verizon doesn't work well. So I decided to try a cheaper alternative. Twigby has not only great coverage but they have affordable rates and customer support that's easy to work with.

Competitive pricing initially

Twigby is pretty good at what it does so long as you're not a data hog. After 5GB a month it'll be more expensive compared to other MVNOs.

Twigby pros and cons


  • No hotspot/tethering charges

  • International calling and texting

  • 4G LTE coverage

  • Exclusive deals and discounts as a Twigby customer


  • Limited handset selection

  • Not for the data hungry

Twigby cell phone plans

Unlimited Talk & TextVerizonUnltdUnltd0GB$6.50** 50% Off for 6 Months
1GB DataVerizonUnltdUnltd1GB$8** 50% Off for 6 Months
3GB DataVerizonUnltdUnltd3GB$10** 50% Off for 6 Months
5GB DataVerizonUnltdUnltd5GB$12.50** 50% Off for 6 Months
10GB DataVerizonUnltdUnltd10GB$17.50** 50% Off for 6 Months

Verizon vs Twigby Plan Comparison

Keep your Verizon phone, number & coverage: Save $780 per year

CarrierNetwork Coverage4G LTE DataPriceAnnual Cost
VerizonVerizon 4G LTEUnltd*$80/mo$960/yr
TwigbyVerizon 4G LTE3GB$20/mo$180/yr
*Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GBSavings$60/mo$780/yr

Twigby Specs

Network:Verizon & Sprint
Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Credit Check:No
Taxes/fees included:No
WiFi Calling:No
Visual Voicemail:Yes
Multi-line Discounts:No
Multi-month Discounts:No
International Roaming:No

Twigby FAQs

What is Twigby?

Twigby is an MVNO that offers cheap prepaid cell phone plans.

Is Twigby any good?

If you're looking for cheap cell phone service without compromising coverage, Twigby will help you cut your phone bill significantly.

What cell towers does Twigby use?

Twigby operates on the nationwide Verizon & Sprint 4G LTE & 5G networks.

How much does Twigby cost?

Twigby offers a range of cheap cell phone plans starting at $13 per month.

Twigby Info

Headquarters:1418 Kensington Square Court Building A Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Customer Service:Online Chat Only
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