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Ultra Mobile Reviews & Ratings

Ultra Mobile customer ratings in 2021

Ultra Mobile
Average Customer Rating38 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars10
4 Stars4
3 Stars6
2 Stars6
1 Star12
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Read 38 Ultra Mobile user reviews

Ultra mobile is the most terrible plan EVER!!

I phone was running slow I kept paying them more and more money and it never worked.

Smooth activation, good service

No issues. Bought a SIM card from the airport. Activated with no problem.

Speed, reliability

Great service. Ultra fast and ultra reliable.

Network issues

This is the without a doubt the worst experience I've ever had and I have Comcast as my internet provider. Didn't get texts. Didn't have access to any service when traveling abroad, even when I paid for said service. Customer support agents are not only dumb but rude!

Doesn't work

Ultra mobile is such a scam.


Unreal Mobile takes a little bit of time to get used to and set up. Glad I stuck with it because calls to my family's country (in Europe) is free!

Price, customer care

I definitely recommend Ultra Mobile. Great customer service. They're always so helpful.

Slow data

Data is slow. If you run out of high speed data you'll run out entirely.

Network, customer service

Good network, good customer service. Plan is okay.

Decent network, great prices

I love everything I got. You have to be tech savvy to really know how to set everything up. If you can manage that you'll fit in fine with Unreal Mobile. It does get the job done.

Overall cost

For the price I give it 5 stars. Otherwise it would be 3 stars. Calls to other countries are free which is really cool. But it can get congested and sometimes I get dropped calls. Internet speeds most of the time are just as fast as T-Mobile's net speeds.

Poor customer support, poor wireless signal!


I have port out my number, and they didn't get my account credit back, my account WALLET Credit, ROAM Credit, and 2 weeks of unused time. I have used their service for less than two months, they have two biggest problems. First, I will never get the fault fix; second, I paid an extra $20+ for nothing.


Sorry but I have to give a thumbs down to Ultra Mobile. Horrible service no matter where you go. Please don't make the mistake I made.

Good price structure

Got everything I need at such a good price. Good service if you're not in a rural area. However, to follow instructions you'll need to have some level of technical understanding.

Billing, coverage

The data speeds aren't as fast as I would have liked but otherwise okay.

Unknowledgable customer service

Very unhappy with Ultra Mobile's customer service. The representatives may be friendly but they lack the knowledge to even help. I asked a sales rep if the service would be good enough for my area and she said yes. I believed her and ordered a SIM card. I have had no service since switching over.


Overall, this is not a terrible service but there are better MVNOs out there. Customer service is pretty useless. But the service is decent at least.

Cost, service

This isn't so bad of a mobile provider. But beware of the data. You'll go through it quickly!

Service, customer care

I used Ultra Service for several years but it was only this year that I experienced such a good company crash and burn. I lose service constantly. I can't access my account half the time. Customer service doesn't seem to care about their customers.

Bad international coverage

The international service is lousy. They say you are covered and will have connectivity in other countries but when I traveled to Europe I lost connection many times.

Disrespectful representatives


Fantastic value

Cheap and good service. Purchased a month to see if I would like it and now I am autopaying for service everything 3 months.

Good service

This service does the job.

Customer service

Stay away from this company! They are nothing but liars!

Helpful customer service

Good customer service but could be more flexible in phone plans. Still cheaper than T-Mobile.

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Ultra Mobile Network Specs

Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Credit Check:No
Taxes/fees included:No
WiFi Calling:Yes
Visual Voicemail:Yes
Multi-line Discounts:No
Multi-month Discounts:Yes
International Roaming:Yes

Ultra Mobile Company Info

Headquarters:1550 Scenic Avenue Suite 100 Costa Mesa, CA 92626-1420
Customer Service:(888) 777-0446
Support:Visit Support
Website:Go to Website
Wikipedia:Go to Wikipedia
Facebook:Go to Facebook
Twitter:Go to Twitter
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