• Monthly Price: $5-29
  • Data: 0-1GB

Tello Cell Phone Plans

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Tello is a wireless provider focused on delivering a simple way to provide cell phone service.

It accomplishes this through transparency in billing, an easy-to-use website to manage your account, and flexible choices concerning plans.

Let's go through the different plans and services Tello provides.

Tello Phone Plans

Package DataMonthly Price
$5 Talk & Text Plan 0 GB$5
$5 Talk Plan 0 GB$5
$6 Talk & Text Plan 0 GB$6
$7 Talk & Data Plan 0.2 GB$7
$9 Talk-Text-Data Plan 0.2 GB$9
$10 Talk-Text-Data Plan 0.2 GB$10
$11 Plan - 1GB Data 1 GB$11
$15 Unlimited Talk Plan 0 GB$15
$17 Talk-Text-Data Plan 1 GB$17
$18 Talk & Text Unlimited Plan 0 GB$18
$29 Plan - Unlimited Talk & Text 1GB 1 GB$29

When you choose Tello, you have the option of doing either a prepaid plan or a pay as you go option. On the prepaid end, you can build your own plan. This is a great service in that you tailor a plan based on your usage so you don't overpay for items you won't use. To demonstrate, if you text like a fiend you can select the unlimited texting option as part of your plan for $3 monthly.

If you prefer to take a more traditional route for your plan, Tello has options for you. Each of its plans contains access to calling, texting, and data with 4G LTE connection speeds. On the data front, the maximum usage per plan is 5GB. If you exceed your plan's data allowance, Tello slows the connection speed to 64 kbps. While the unlimited access is generous on the surface, Tello's data offerings fall short of what other mobile carriers offer. You might want to go for an unlimited data plan instead if you use a lot of data every month.

The good features about its plans are the versatility you receive. Each plan is good for 30 days. Should you decide you want to change plans you are free to do so. In addition, you have the option to cancel your service whenever you want without fear of receiving an early termination fee since they don't exist with Tello.

Along with these benefits, you also receive free tethering. With this, you can transform your mobile device into a hotspot where you can connect your laptop, Smart TV, tablet and other devices easily. And if you have relatives or friends living in Canada or Mexico, you can use your talk-time minutes to call them without worrying about international roaming rates.

Tello Pay As You Go

On the other end of the spectrum is the pay as you go plans. These plans give you the freedom to pay for the items you use. How this works is you start by adding money to your account, and when you use a service such as making a call or sending a text, the fee for each feature deducts from your account. Here's a breakdown on what Tello charges per activity:

  • Calls within the United States = 3 cents per minute
  • US texts = 1 cent per message
  • Data within the US = 2 cents per MB used

The pay as you go option is ideal if your intention is to use your phone sparingly. However, if you plan to use your phone regularly it's a much better deal to go with the monthly plans, as they start as low as $9 a month.

Tello Coverage

Tello runs on Sprint's nationwide network. You can visit its website to view its coverage map to determine service eligibility in your area. You can also view Sprint's coverage and compare it against the networks of the other major three wireless providers with our guide, "Who Has the Best Cell Phone Coverage?".

Tello Cell Phones

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Tello possesses a wide assortment of phone available for you to buy on its website. If you want to go old school and have a flip phone, you can buy one. Alternatively, Tello carries some of the latest models like the Apple iPhone 7. The carrier also sells some refurbished phones which are pre-owned models that have undergone testing and are in good enough quality to sell. These phones come with a discounted price, but obviously, there are risks associated with using them.

You also have the option to bring your own phone if the device is unlocked and is on the CDMA network, which you can learn more about here if you'd like to. To determine if your phone is eligible to use you can visit Tello's website and use its "bring your own phone" page to enter the device's IMEI, MEID or ESN code.

Read More: If you're unsure about which smartphone you should buy, you can always rely on our smartphone comparison tool.

Tello Phone Insurance

At this time Tello doesn't sell insurance for its phones. You have the option to purchase coverage through a direct provider, though. Before you settle on phone insurance, you should probably take a moment to read our guide, "Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth It?"

Tello Phone Activation

Tello makes service activation simple and free. If you ordered a phone through its website you need to go to My Tello and follow the prompts. Tello states it can take up to 30 minutes for service to activate on your device. Another option is to call its customer service line, as Tello's staff can assist you with service activation.

Tello SIM Card

Some devices require a CDMA SIM card (you can learn more about SIM cards here) to use 4G LTE data. To see if your phone needs one you can visit the "Bring your own phone" page and enter your device's information. In the event that you need one, you can order one on Tello's website.

Deals, Promotions & Discounts

Tello does offer discounts on select models of its phones. To find these offerings you can visit its website and select the shop tab. Tello is also running a special promotion for former RingPlus customers where if you switch your service to it you'll receive a substantial discount off the price of your first month of service.

Customer Service

On its website, Tello states its customer service team will answer your call in under five seconds. That's an incredible precedent for a carrier to set. Judging from customer reviews, most express satisfaction with Tello's services. If you need to contact customer service, you can do so via phone, email, and through the mail.


With varied plan options including the choice to pay for services as you go, attentive customer service, and good service reliability through Sprint's improving network, Tello is becoming one of the more reputable prepaid cell providers to have service through. You can use our cell phone comparison tool to see how Tello compares to the major providers.

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Tello Plans FAQs

Q Do I have to wait until the end of my plan to change it?


No, you can change your plan whenever you want. Any unused portion of your old plan including talk-time minutes, texting or data rolls over to your new plan. However, if you decide to eliminate a service like calling, the balance won't roll over since you won't be using that option.

Q Can I transfer my number to Tello?


Yes, you can. If you bought your phone from Tello, simply call its customer service line to complete the port in process. To do this, you need to have information handy such as the phone number you want to transfer service with, the provider, the account number with the provider, the PIN number or password, the address on the bill, and the first and last name of the primary account holder.

Q Does Tello offer family plans?


At this time Tello doesn't offer family plans.

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