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Pure Talk Reviews & Ratings

Pure Talk customer ratings in 2021

Pure Talk
Average Customer Rating97 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars25
4 Stars12
3 Stars8
2 Stars9
1 Star43
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Read 97 Pure Talk user reviews

No contracts, No Hidden Fees, No customer service.

Sometimes you get what you pay for. While the price is good, the coverage is iffy and customer service is terrible. After purchasing a new Iphone 12 from Pure Talk, we immediately started having problems. Couldn't connect to customer service from that line and when I returned from a business trip and called from a separate line it took them nearly an hour to confirm that we were outside their warranty window so we are on our own. No apology, no offer to help. Just "It's outside 14 days, so there's nothing I can do". Mark us down as a dissatisfied customer!

Worst Experience EVER!

Just like Joe from Ohio; Puretalk kept messing up my activation process and then after 30 days charged me for my free phone offer. My final call (actually 2nd call today. The 1st call I was put on hold for 24 minutes and no one ever came back on the line.) was today which was after more than a dozen+ calls all taking up most of my time being on hold and then if transferred, I had to repeat all the same information over and be placed on hold again. So, today I was informed for the first time after all those calls to a lame customer service department, that I did not activate my phone in time, so that is why they charged me for the phone. No responsibility was taken on their part for all their delays, confusion and non-productive calls made to them to reconcile a simple process of phone activation.

Stay as far away from this company. They have proven through so many bad reviews that they are not worth your time and effort and definitely do not deserve your hard earned dollars, because they don't seem to care about the customer.

Great service, coverage is iffy

The service is great overall, but I don't get coverage in my office. Sadly, I need my office and my phone to work, so I had to drop the service.

Customer service is horrible. Non-existant!

Can't get anyone to pick-up a call for help or to answer a question. I decided to stay with Consumer Cellular for a few bucks more per month.

Amazing company but spotty service

Love the ambitions and goals of Pure Talk USA but as far as service goes, I'm a little disappointed in the reception strength.

They May drop you for no reason/except greed

To be brief....I was dropped after I had the lowest cost plan and had approx 5,000 min built up..

Poof...they treat seniors terrible!

Stay away from this provider!

Worst customer service on the planet! They have no idea what's going on. 20 minute hold times everytime. They ported my number and can't activate new phone they sent me. I've been without a phone for 3 days now and I've made 23 calls and counting (from a borrowed phone) Over 10 hours with them and I get a different story every single time. I could go on but trust me when I say stay far away from these idiots!

Horrible service

I've made 14 phone calls and counting, just to activate a new service. By far worst phone experiences I've ever had. Not once have a waited less than 10 minutes to reach the first person. I've paid for their phone and I'm a new customer. Still they can't activate their own phone! What a complete joke of a company. I'm done waiting on hold and done with these idiots!

Really good value for the price you're paying

Better reception and better coverage for much much less than my old carrier. I'm happy to have swapped to Pure Talk. I just wish I've done it sooner!

Best service for small price

Best decision I've ever made! Superior service all around. My bill was over $100 with Verizon, but since switching to PureTalk my bill has only been $30. That's such a huge difference and I can put that money towards more important things.

Saving a lot of money with Pure Talk

Pretty easy to make the switch. Signal and service is really great and I'm saving a lot of money, so it's a win/win for me.

I'm personally not a fan...

I swapped to Pure Talk from Straight Talk and so far my phone signal has been worse. I've been experiencing dropped calls and delayed text messages. Considering going back to Straight Talk or trying another competitor.

A really good phone service for senior citizens

I've been with PureTalk for a few months now and so far I've been really enjoying the service. Being elderly, it's great to have a phone service that is affordable. Thanks PureTalk!

Customer service is some of the best around

Your support associates have been very pleasant to work with whenever I had an issue with my phone.

No issues, great savings

Haven't had any issues in the past few months with PureTalk! Even better are the savings!

Unsafe. Open door to ID theft

My fiancé had her account hacked with the help of Pure Talk, lost over 30K and after 3 weeks, hours of calling and emailing, is still not able to regain control of her account given to the identity thief

You'll never turn back with Pure Talk USA!

Pure Talk USA is phenomenal! The pricing is perfect and what you're getting for it is comparable to the big carriers. Speed is blazing fast and the reception is really good.

Got a free IPhone SE by signing up thru AMAC.

After 4g data is used up, you go to 2g. Fine. I get it. But then that stopped. I called, and they said they would turn 2g "back on". Unnecessary to cut it off and make me call to get it back on since its unlimited.

Customer service

Today we received our phone. It was defective so we called to see how to exchange it. The customer service was awful. They refused to make an exchange. We cancelled our plan from them and will have to dispute charges with our credit card company. It has been a headache. Now we will look for another cell phone provider.

customer service after you sign up

I have been on the phone at least six times dealing with an issue, they keep transferring me without notice, and then I have to start explaining everything again and still no resolve.

The price and service were fine.

After using PTUSA for several months, I had a Call Forwarding need. This function is NOT supported on Android phones with this carrier.


I had an older Motorola that worked great but suddenly I could no longer send or receive pictures on messages. I could still send photos on whatsapp and facebook messenger so it wasn't my phone. I called customer service tech on several occasions and they all kept doing the same thing but didn't work. Then i was told it had to do with AT&T who they use and they would contact them to fix it. Never happened after a few more calls. I had to spend hundreds to buy a new Samsung and it worked great for a month or so then again i'm having the same problem. I'm loosing reception where i could get it before and am starting not to be able to receive and send pics on messenger. I'm going to have to leave Pure Talk USA and get a more reliable provider

Service is not as promised

I have a brand new Pixel 4a that supports WiFi calling, so before I signed up I called customer service to see if this would be included in my plan since it isn't with many MVNO carriers. I was told, "All of our plans include WiFi Calling." WRONG! After my service was activated, it wasn't available, so I called again and was put through to tech support. I was told WiFi Calling is NOT available! And this came after I was told by customer support to do a factory reset on my phone to get the option to appear. Worst customer service ever. These people don't even know what they offer let alone how to setup an Android phone.

took my money, never received sim cards or refund

didn't get phone service and lost money

Coverage, internet

This is an absolutely horrible cellular and internet/data solution. I went from Verizon to this company and cut my costs n half. However, when you can’t even get phone call coverage in your house or data, it’s hardly worth any savings. Half the price, get 5% performance.

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Pure Talk Network Specs

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Keep Your Number:Yes
Contract:No - prepaid
Credit Check:No

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Customer Service:(877) 820-7873
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