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Is Tello phone service any good?


Works ok .Clear voice

Good price

Tello offers great deals for good service that rivals the bigger carriers.


Been using Tello for years. Great support team. Great coverage too. Great company.


Service drops calls quite a bit and even when it connects it's hard to hear who I called. At least customer service is really good.

Good prices

I don't get service at home which sucks.But a great price.It's nearly perfect!

Best pricing

It's so cheap to use Tello. It has the best prices anywhere but the customer service needs work. Chats are cut short and telephone communication is a mixed bag. I'll stick with Tello but I really wish they would improve the service!

Dropped calls

Having issues with dropped calls. Tried everything to fix it and nothing can be done. Disappointed in the service.

Clear, crisp calls

Phone works where ever I travel, the calls are crisp and clear, and they never get dropped! Tello is amazing!

Inconsistent service

i've been using tello for over a year and sometimes i never received phone calls then i would just receive a voicemail. it's not worth the money if the service is this bad.

Affordable and flexible

Super affordable and never had a real problem with these guys. If anything goes wrong customer reps hop onto the matter quickly and don't stop until it is solved. Super flexible plans too.

Dropped calls and faulty voicemail

Voicemail doesn't work. Calls drop. Switching to another carrier.


Tello used to be pretty good but since Tello's new pricing, I've not been big fan. There is a prepaid minimum now (it's minor amount but it's the principle). Your service will be terminated if you don't put in an order in 3 months.

Good reception

We've used tello for a few years now and haven't had any issues.


Tried to activate our phones with Tello but gave up after hours of phone calls. I went back to Verizon.


If you want great service just like the big giants, you can't go wrong with Tello, because it has the same call quality as verizon but for cheap.


Fantastic service. Sticking with Tello.

Customer service

Tello's customer service is one of the best I've ever experienced but I do have one issue and it's the network, which is only good some of the time. Other times I only get 1 to 2 bars.


The best service you can get for the price you pay!


Tello is pretty cheap and reliable. I bought a flip phone for my elderly mother and so far she's been enjoying the service and the phone.

No overage fees, hidden fees

Tello is a great carrier! I can't believe how much I've been spending with Verizon! Tello also doesn't overcharge! No hidden fees and I love not having a contract! You can't beat this service!

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