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    Visible Reviews

    Visible customer reviews & complaints

    Average Customer Rating116 User Reviews
    User Rating Distribution
    5 Stars30
    4 Stars11
    3 Stars8
    2 Stars10
    1 Star57
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    Reviews of Visible in 2022

    Read 116 user reviews

    Worst company in the world

    They send you a broken phone when you call to get it fixed they say they escalated the problem and it should be fixed in 24 to 48 hours it's been almost a year phone's still not fixed. They still deduct $40 a month out of my account but hey they did give me a whole $15 credit for months and months and months of problems so nice of them avoid them like the plague. If you want to spend hours on the phone or waste money every month for a service that you're not getting then go with visible if you want to pay for a service that you will actually get find any other carrier besides visible.

    Promises everything but gives nothing!

    I recently signed up for visible. Purchased a cell phone. I complained within the two week return time for the cell phone and visible still will not return my phone. I now have a different cell service provider. They are excellent. It would take one hour to send an email with a photo attached with visible service. If I texted images they never showed up. Dead zones everywhere. Absolutely the worst horrible service I have ever had.

    They lost our phone number and account! RUN!

    Deleted our account and phone number without any authorization and refuse to admit their fault. I have original account #, SIM #, Phone #, all payment info. Constantly lied about contacting us and being able to fix it. They never took responsibility. I have copies of lies in chats. Very unprofessional - needs to be shut down for their incompentance.

    There service sux!!!

    Had issues with sending and receiving text. Said issue would be resolved in 24-48 hours was not. Then lost service all together again issue would be resolved in 24-48 hours. I didn’t even have access to emergency services such as 911. It didn’t seem to be an issue with them. Would not recommend to anyone.


    They are most assuredly running a scam. Shipped a locked phone and refused to help. After months of waiting, we're stuck with a locked phone and they refuse to help.

    Absolutely horrendous customer service!

    Dealing with Visible.com is the absolutely worst customer service experience I've ever had in my life. They are most assuredly running some sort of scam. After knowingly shipping us a locked device, they kept us waiting for 2 months trying to unlock it. They continually opened new cases and told us each time they had to have 24-48 hours to resolve it only to extend it each time. We've now been waiting for over 2 months and they refuse to return/refund because it's past the return time frame for a phone that never worked!

    Too many customers, not enough bandwidth.

    This was a fair to good service a year ago. Now it is so slow mast afternoon's, it cannot be measured by speed check.

    Dear visible, just stop, stop selling new service

    Extemly poor data speeds through out the day, restart phone often and some times half to call in have sim card reset. So please just stop selling new service and upgrade and fix what you have or close up shop snd stop all together


    Spent 3 days trying to get Visible to work, never did. Spent over 2 hours with Verizon to try get back with them!! Am still on hold. Visible is owned by verizon, what a joke...Dont bother, its not worth the frustration.

    AVOID!!! Cell provider w/o a cust serv # … sad

    AVOID!!! They literally do not have a phone number to call for customer service, only chats, which are terribly slow and not helpful. Ironically terrible company

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