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Customer Reviews 2.7
7 Boost Infinite reviews
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Is Boost Infinite phone service any good?

Boost Infinite has an average rating of 2.7 stars from 7 reviews, indicating most customers are dissatisfied with this carrier. Boost Infinite ranks 12th out of 28 cell phone carriers reviewed on MoneySavingPro.

Good value for money

The online registration process couldn't have been easier. With a monthly fee of just $25 for 30GB of high-speed data, the value is exceptional. I've experienced consistent, strong coverage thanks to AT&T's network and haven't run into any dead spots yet. Additionally, extra taxes and fees are minimal, just 86 cents in my area. The customer service has also been commendable. Overall, it's an outstanding deal.

Easy to sign up

Signing up online was hassle-free. The monthly plan costs just $25 and comes with 30GB of fast data, providing excellent value.

WORST of the WORST! Beware

Beware of the lies! Beware of the lack of service, the overcharging, the plans that don’t work and much more,

Keep sending wrong SIM card

I have three lines and on two of them they sent the wrong SIM card. The number on the SIM card did not match the ID on the phone or the phone number signed. The first time it happened was when they had that total shut down right after they launched. My son happened to be switching lines when that happened and had already ported his number from Verizon. He was without a phone for a little over a month because there was no customer service and no one to reissue a new SIM card. Turns out they had switched the SIM cards for the lines. Had to get a burner phone for a month. Yesterday tried to activate the third line it said it was active but it wasn't getting any service. Guess what turns out they sent an incompatible SIM card. The SIM card number didn't match the phone ID or the number assigned to it. They wanted to send a new SIM card to me in Tennessee, and have me forward it to my daughter in Washington who has the third phone. They absolutely would not send it directly to her even though she's also without a phone right now because of their error. Had to talk to 3 departments and go full on Karen before they would agree to send it directly to her even though I authorized it. Still don't know if they're going to send the right SIM card to her we'll just have to find out but so far the whole setup experience has been an absolute nightmare. I highly recommend avoiding this company.



Great service and coverage.

The coverage is great and the customer service was knowledgeable and very helpful.

Beware of misleading statements!

My money was taken twice because their customer service is not well trained, my bill went from $25 to over $125, customer service make me believe I was getting a refund which never happen. Besides I purchased a phone and paid cash but they will charge me financing. Try resolving the problem and spend more than 8 hours on the chat different days. Each time I listen the same lies over and over, then I spoke with a manager who basically I was not getting my money back because they don’t prorate and I got my number outside of their billing cycle. So they kept the $125.

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Headquarters9601 S Meridian Blvd, Englewood, CO 80112
Customer service(866) 957-7772
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