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Spectrum Mobile Reviews

Spectrum Mobile user ratings in 2021

Spectrum Mobile
Average Customer Rating950 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars84
4 Stars20
3 Stars16
2 Stars38
1 Star792
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Read 950 Spectrum Mobile user reviews

Cost. As a veteran I came unlimited from V for for

Sucky customer service. Change plans anytime they say but that is BS you can't they won't let you

Spam is a big problem. How are people getting my #

Second spectrum mobile number. Spam calls and text on both. I think this is network related.

Hours spent trying to resolve their mistake

Trying to switch from Sprint/T-Mobile. Ordered 2 phones, they sent me 3 phones and would not refund the extra $650 they took out of my account until they receive the phone back. Transferred from departments for hours and hours over several days, having to re-explain their mistake to them, zero communication between their departments. Condescending attitudes from reps with absolutely no accountability. This is the worst service I have seen yet.

Sales reps lies

The sales rep told us we would need nothing more than one gig. Telling us that her father is a truck driver and she signed him up with one gig. She told us he never goes over the one gig because your phone will automatically go to the spectrum towers which causes you to use none of your data. This was an out and out lie. Now when we called them on it and want to cancel the service less than 48 hours from start they want to charge us a restock fee for the phone that we never would’ve taken had the representative not lied. Then when they had us they trying to get us to increase to unlimited which is $45 a month. We can get a better deal through T-Mobile

They won't CANCEL a plan after someone is deceased

Have placed many calls to discontinue my mothers cell phone plan since she passed away. Every single call I get the same generic answer that your representatives read. I've provided death certificate and other information and they still won't shut it off. This is my worst headache from all phone calls I've had to make


Only allow 5 lines, needed to move 3 lines to daughter’s new Spectrum Mobile acct. Total failure, Spectrum unable to transport, daughter lost all 3 numbers, forcing them to find another carrier. We are canceling our Spectrum Mobile, also Spectrum cable/internet and land line. Bad company, horrible untrained employees.

No tech support.

Joined spectrum in 4/2019, purchased a new phone from them as required. Technical problem arrose and I absolutely could not get any meaningful help whatsoever. Their techline was useless. Called samsung factory service center for assistance instead. They definitely do not have your back when there's an issue with your phone. Very frustrating

dont give a crap

wife got a xr not a good phone trouble since we got it tried too get help nothing

the mic in the LG Q70 is horrid.

i switched from verizon to this company. the mic on lg q70 does not work most of the time. the phone calls keep getting dropped. the cust service tells me to reset phone and it should work. not true. no one can hear me, including family. i can not view media on my phone. simply the worst company on the planet. the company females tell me that if i have to get a different phone it will cost me $50. I called the company the week i received this phone in the mail. The worst service.

These CLOWNS don't know what there doing.

I have spent months and hours on the phone with spectrum mobile. We moved to a new home. we had internet at the old home and signed up for internet at the new home. Never had a time without there internet. So the clowns start overcharging $164 for two phones because they can't switch my phones to new address. Hence a $60 overcharge every month for last two months. the computer/and clowns working for this criminal company. Think I don't have internet service. which I have been calling for months even in advance of the new location move. to tell them switch my phones to the new account. last month overcharged 60 . finally went into store and same BS. None of them know how to fix. Now after 2 hrs at the store they claim it is fixed. I then have to call back into the billing department. they say you will receive a credit for the overcharge from last month. Not only do I not receive the credit due, I am charged again $164 over charge for the month. The criminals-spectrum will not send out an email per our conversations of credit due. Here is something the other Criminals in congress could look at. This company (Spectrum) but that would actually be something for the public / Citizens of the United States help. How could they actually help the same people that pay them and elect them.

Customer service can't help you at all and rude.

I have had nothing but bullshit out of this service. My bill went from $51.50 to $71.50 because my husband ended his cable and internet service and it went in my name but the mobile was left in his name after we were told it would be switched over and now I am being told I have to go to the store to have it switched but I have to pay $71.50 because they added $20 to the Mobile payment because my husband no longer has the cable service in his name. I don't recommend this service at all. Customer is a bunch of rude and disrespectful people.

No Coverage. No Bars Even Outside

Purchased a new Google 5 Phone. The first few calls I received at home kept dropping. Even outside the phone would struggle to maintain a single bar. Poor coverage. Didn't have any coverage issues with Cricket Wireless. Likely need to return phone and cancel the service. I'll need to try another provider.

cheap plans and good coverage (verizon)

Selected trade-in of an Iphone 8 for a new 12. They offered a great number, and when the new phone arrived, no package to send back the old. I get an email a week later stating they have not received my old phone. I replied, and the email was rejected. No contact number or email to respond. I wait online for 20 min at spectrum to tell me they don't handle that and I should call the 3rd party that does. I wait another 30 min there, and they tell me there is no number for that complaint, but they gave me an email address to send a request. That was over a week ago, still no response. I now have 5 days to return the old phone and get my credit but don't know where to send it and there is NO way to contract them. WHAT A RIPOFF, I just got taken for 240.00

Costumer service the worst of the year

Without a doubt the worst customer service!!!!!! Don’t waist your money and time. They are scammers they send a phone without case and charger IPhone 7 I paid $360i called them we talk for 1 hour and they never send it.

Everything else

My mom and I switched from Verizon to Spectrum Mobile so we could get the iPhone 12 pros with the deal they were having. 2 weeks later we already started having problems. We got the unlimited data plan, but it maxes out at a certain level of data usage. When the data “caps out” I absolutely can’t use my phone. That’s not an exaggeration either - they slow the service so much that if I’m not connected to any wifi I have the same speed and same quality as an iPhone 4. To the ones commenting that it’s so great and the negatives are probably all Verizon workers, 83% of reviews are 1 star and have horrible things to say about this service. I doubt almost 800 Verizon workers are taking their time to write reviews about spectrum mobile.

We called spectrum mobile about our phones being slow, and getting automated texts stating we’ve maxed out our data. The lady told us even though we have unlimited data, our data maxes out at a certain GB percentage. She also admitted that they do slow the service down and “all carriers do it” but we’ve had Verizon since I was a kid, I’m now in my 20s, and we’ve never EVER had this kind of problem with Verizon. We also found out apparently they have nothing higher than 30GB so once that’s hit your service gets cut (originally our “unlimited data” capped out at 25 GB, my mom switched it to their “highest” at 30GB - so once you use the 30GB of your UNLIMITED DATA plan, you better be connected to the best wifi possible everywhere you are). Overall, -20/10 absolutely do not recommend. Stay with whatever carrier you have now because the affordable prices are not worth the inconvenience and annoyance. We’re most likely changing back to Verizon after our 2 year plan is up. Don’t waste your time!!

They just don't give a crap!

I have a very simple issue to resolve with multiple possible solutions. I have spent hours and hours over at least eight months with no solution. Yes you heard that correctly.... 8 months. They tell me it is a company issue but nobody can refer me to somebody with any authority. They referred me to a local Spectrum store front as a possible way to solve the issue. A store which they tell me has no phone number. Let me get this straight, A phone company that does not have a way to reach them by PHONE. No wonder they have 758 1 star reviews out of 897 total reviews. That's 84.5% one star reviews. Good luck and buyer beware.

Technical difficulties

I waited over an hour on the phone trying to upgrade my son's phone. They could not figure out what was going ion with the server. All of the phones he wanted sold out in the

amount of time I was on the phone. Very disappointed...

Customer Service is RUDE AF. They overcharge.

OVERALL BAD COMPANY. I should had stayed with Metro bc they are better. Please dont switch to them.

They don't stand behind their products!

I bought a $1000.00 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5g phone less than 3 months ago. The microphone cuts out on the phone and because it has a tiny little chip on the corner the size of a pin head they won't warranty it! I have the protection plan but I shouldn't have to pay anything out of pocket this soon.

Customer service

The tech Taylor I spoke to was very unprofessional and spoke like she wasn’t really sure what she was talking about, she either had to keep checking saying hold on and didn’t explain anything and at the beginning I didn’t want to do the survey but after talking to Taylor I was annoyed and that’s when she told me we name, please train people that no how to speak on the phone, also getting transferred to the correct person.

Great Price and Service

I've had great experience and looking at the reviews on here raises question marks. I'm willing to bet all the negative reviews are Verizon workers. Spectrum works off the Verizon network for a fraction of the cost. I've had great service for an affordable amount. I've also called their customer service on a few occasions and they helped through the problems.

I'm again not at all sure why everyone is grading this such a bad service when that is simply not the case. My parents use them and so do a few of my co-workers. None of us have had any issues.

Their customer service

I am beyond fed up with spectrum after having to call 7 times for an hour plus each time to solve a simple problem of porting a phone number over. I am still trying to get this problem solved as every time Spectrum has "fixed the problem" it has gotten even more screwed up. Spectrum has the worst customer service. Will not let you speak to any supervisors or mangers and will hang up on you if they do not know the answer or get frustrated.

Sell you phones you don't need.

Terrible in every way! Sales reps lie, tech support inexperienced, no returns or exchanges, management team not helpful!

nothing so far

we have been told so many different things about this moblie service, i have called 4 times about my bill, and always something different. i have been a customer for a long time so i thought i could save a little money on my moblie, and i have not. I left Verizon and never had a problem with them. I called again today to get on unlimited and i got charged again. I guess we will see.

Customer Service

Was great until they increased my bill by $20. Switched to visible for $40 a month. Much better so far.

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Spectrum Mobile Network Specs

3G Bands:WiFi
Bring Your Phone:No
Keep Your Number:Yes
Contract:No - prepaid
Credit Check:No

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Headquarters:12405 Powerscourt Dr. St. Louis, MO 63131
Customer Service:(833) 224-6603
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