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Spectrum Mobile Reviews in 2021

Spectrum Mobile customer service ratings

Spectrum Mobile
Average Customer Rating1021 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars88
4 Stars22
3 Stars18
2 Stars44
1 Star849
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Read 1,021 Spectrum Mobile user reviews

Absolutely horrific nightmare !

There are NO words to describe my horrific miserable experience with Spectrum Mobile . They will try any deceptive trick to get their customers on the hook . It all started 4 months ago when they deceived me into switching to their services ( lies about returns policies , pricing , data usage,.... ) , unfortunately I took the bait , and I am still paying for that horrible mistake . it has been the most miserable customer service experience ever ! Shockingly RUDE customer service agents sometimes to make things worse . My advice to you : Do NOT do any business with this company especially their Mobile service . I truly regret the day I switched .

Like being in the movie Idiocracy

decided to switch from AT&T because of the cost savings. They couldn't use my AT&T phone, so I purchased another -- or attempted to. Their system wouldn't register the purchase, so the agent arranged for it to come by mail. The phone was right there and he had my credit card, but he made me leave empty-handed to wait. Days later the phone arrived and I immediately experienced problems, so I returned to the store. They couldn't help me BECAUSE I "HADN'T PURCHASED THE PHONE IN THE STORE." Even though I had. They referred me to Samsung. Forever. They were never going to be able to help me because I hadn't purchased the phone in the store. Even though I had.

Apparently Spectrum limits the actions their agents can perform on behalf of the customer in the same way some companies don't permit their reps to vary at all from a pre-written script. They disable functionality on your account in their system at the store under various circumstances (like not purchasing your phone in the store), and that disabling cannot be overwritten. The buttons are grayed out. He showed me. Their system had turned me over to Samsung, so they could not exchange the phone, or really help me in any way. There was no waving a manager over or calling one for guidance. They just dumped me and refused to help.

The agent got testy with me when I suggested he should call a manager, or take some action of his own to resolve the situation. "I already TOLD YOU, there's nothing I can do!" How dare I.

I went home and called their customer service, and while that agent feigned a little bit of sympathy, there was nothing she could do either because Spectrum doesn't solve problems. At all. Ever. Sorry! I had to go to Samsung. Spectrum can't help me with a loaner - they don't do that - or help me at all, really, because I hadn't purchased the phone at their store. Even though I had. Nobody grasped that part of the problem because they hadn't learned anything except what was on their pre-written script. They only saw grayed-out buttons and followed corporate instructions to refer me to Samsung.

Samsung needed me to mail in the phone and promised to return it or a replacement in 2 weeks. I have no other phone. So I went back to the store and told the guy I needed a loaner or an exchange or I was going to have to close my account and go back to AT&T with the AT&T phone Spectrum couldn't use, and reopen my account with them. What a pain you are, the guy's face said. "I already told you we can't help you, so do what you have to do." WRONG ANSWER. I spent years in customer service, and would have fired anyone who said that to a customer. So I replied, "Wow" and left to go to the AT&T store, where I had them switch my phone back.

I still owe Spectrum for the phone. Neither the store rep nor the phone agent knew what to do or had any thoughts at all about the process when I asked about returning the phone and removing the recurring charge from my Spectrum bill, now that I'd canceled all my service with them. They had no thoughts at all. None. It's not in their script. So I still have that very stupid adventure to look forward to when Samsung returns my phone.

And while I was at AT&T I had them switch my Spectrum cable over to AT&T cable because Spectrum doesn't want my business, and because I can't believe the kind of customer service they have there. Ye gods. Do business with them at your own risk.

buyer beware

I tried this mobile service for my business phone, and also had to buy a phone to use it... but the area in in got NO coverage, and didn't work. Dropped calls, would not let me make outgoing calls, and ended up costing me a ton of lost business and revenue, as it took 2 weeks to transfer my number, and I went without a phone during that time... after 2 months of issues, a representative finally admitted the cell coverage issue in my area, and told me to return the phone. the stopped the service, but because of a minute scratch on the cheap phone they accepted back, still are charging me the full price of the phone. I thought it was settled, but after 2 years, of no contact with them I get a call from acollection company . unreal. they take NO RESPONSIBILITY for their failures.

I hope everyone considering Spectrum mobile reads.

I have been a spectrum customer for about 3 years, I have had their internet services for quite some time. My Mobile service was started a couple of months ago, everything was fine until I had to move, the Spectrum internet wasn’t in my name at the time, but I was told because I’m going to be at the service address, all I would need to do is call and change the account number. When I moved that was not the case, they told me I would have to send back the phone and get the internet in my name and get a new phone sent by spectrum(makes absolutely no sense). Bottom line is, even though I was on spectrum internet I could not receive my discount, no matter if the internet isn’t in my name or not, for the majority of my phone plan I was paying full price with no discount, only to find out that if somebody knew what they were talking about the day I called, I wouldn’t have had to pay an overpriced amount, when I moved again, I found out they could not come out to my service address to establish internet, which as a company it would make sense to make sure you can go out to many addresses that’s the only way I’m not paying over 120$ for my mobile bill i feel like I have been lied to, even though I spent hours and months trying to resolve something that shouldn’t been resolved when I called… why should I have to pay for that? I cancel my service and that’s when I found out that you have to pay off the phone balance even though the services are canceled, there’s no leasing the phone with them, if you get a phone, it’s yours, you have to buy it basically, and the amount of time that it takes for you to get the phone is the refund policy time period..it makes no sense to create a refund policy that grants phone returns within a 14 day period when it takes 7-10 days to get the phone, and documents need to be signed before the phone is actually sent, spectrum is the worst cellular service I have ever experienced, they treat their customers like crap, and everytime they mess up your bill or tel you wrong info, they don’t care if you have to pay for it, they do not care, AT&T, T mobile and Verizon have never treated me like this, the system is designed to make things 10x harder than it should be for the customer, this experience has been a nightmare with spectrum, I hope for the sake of everyone’s mental health and sanity, that they do not choose spectrum, if you get a phone online, it’s yours, pay on it if you want but if you cancel they will want the full price of the phone, they will not ensure that you can receive your discount, their customer service is horrible, I hope somebody buys out spectrum mobile and makes them better, their service is truly horrible

Looking for new carrier

Have mobile and internet. Internet going out every few hours for 15 min or up to 2 hours at a time been going on about a month and a half Had to use phones for internet. Wow! They totally screwed us with overcharges and hung upon us when we asked them to take the charges of..we will be changing carriers. Terrible service...their lines were faulty outside,

It's Just OK

I need to tag this immediately with something very important. You cannot independently get Spectrum mobile. You have to be a current internet customer in order to get their mobile. They've been ok. I've been a customer for almost 4 years. Their data is high at $14/GB unless you're unlimited. If you go off of their internet due to a move where you can't transfer service, your discounts end and go up $20/line. In my case, the bill would increase by $60/month or $720/yr. I found that the internet was constantly going down with Spectrum, which affected my mobile. Frustrating. They have a third party that does that side of it so you can't call Spectrum to complain. The mobile is a separate company even though they call it Spectrum Mobile. Their rates are great IF you have their internet but once you're grandfathered in and leave, they go way up.

If I could rate less than 1 star I would.

Every single call drops. Can't get an outside get outside line. On business calls it is embarrassing. I have a Samsung note 10 and it was aweful.

Very poor. Spectrum has consistent outages throug

I was promised several times by Representatives for reimbursement and a decrease in payment because of outages as well as not having the proper set up for my cable. The cost is extremely high for the times that I've had no services. I've heard from others in my area are complaining about the same things. I was also promised first few months free for being an educator. I never received it. I'm trying to find another company for my internet services.

Worst Experience ever Beware!

Sales person who sold me the phone told me the wrong price when I signed up, then so I returned it and the said I damaged the phone and sent pictures of a phone that wasn't mine. I can not prove it and they hold all the cards. It's a scam! Don't sign up with Spectrum! Go to AT&T or Verizon! I canceled my wifi with Spectrum! Cancel Spectrum

Previous Provider had Better Coverage

I have been using Spectrum (or one of the companies they purchased) since the 1980's. I never had much choice, other than satellite in terms of TV, but I did switch to Spectrum Mobile about three years ago. The changeover for my son's phone (he was a college student then) was a nightmare that cost me about six hours on the phone with support. Since then, I have been very disappointed with coverage (calls from my home are often dropped) and, lately, my "by the gig plan" crept into overage charges even though I was not doing anything differently than I had before when I was well under my usage cap. Finally, Spectrum pushes their nation wide hot spots...well, I travel extensively and have never once come across one of those hotspots. On the plus side, customer support is generally better than my previous provider (with the exception of the incident noted above). I cannot recommend Spectrum Mobile, but many of my friends/family have more issues with their own providers; perhaps it is just the nature of the business.


Don't use spectrum mobile. I agreed to bundle it with my internet and TV thinking it would be easier and cheaper. Instead they have charged me on top of what I was paying my carrier. I cancelled my service with them 5 months ago, and they haven't stopped billing me. I've been on the phone with them multiple times and each time they act like they have canceled everything. Then the next month they continue to charge me and the next customer service person has no idea why. I'm about to change my bank account just so they can't keep taking my money.

Stay away from Spectrum whatever you do. Never use any Charter service.

Their sales agents are uninformed

Sales agent messed up trade in part of the order and their is no way for me to trade in my two old phones with Spectrum. It took me a week of conflicting customer service interactions to figure this out both in person at the local store and by phone with their national service number.

Customer Service

Don't sign up for service over the phone! I signed up over the phone which took over a hour and a half. I needed 2 phones with new numbers. Woman I spoke with was super nice, Someplace along the line talking about phones she put me down for the Note 20. I ordered the note 20 ultra. I was on the phone so long that I didn't notice that she started calling it the note 20. She had given me so much information over the phone I was over loaded. I didn't even notice that she ordered the Note 20. She also said I needed to call AFTER I activated the phone when it came in to sign up for insurance. Ok fine and dandy!

When the phones came I was so excited to get the new phone, I opened it, after looking at it; realized it wasn't the Note 20 ultra. I called the number explained what happened and a NEW representative told me that I would have to pay a $50 restocking fee because I opened the phone. I get that...shouldn't have to pay though I think. The woman also told me I would NOT be able to get insurance because it had to be done before the close of sale and there was no way to get ins once it was in my hands.

So I have to go though the process of returning the phone waiting 3 to 5 days for a money refund. Representative was super nice. I decided to go to the store and get the new phone. The new rep said that I could go the next day. Again she said on the phone said I could go the next day AFTER dropping the phone off at the Fed ex store to return it. She assured me 3 times I could go the next day. So great. I returned the phone to fed ex and proceeded to the Spectrum store where I am told that I will have to wait until the original phone is back to the warehouse and goes through a check to make sure it's not damaged. AGAIN something different then what I was told. EVEN the store representative told me that the phone representatives ALWAYS tell customers they can come the next day when they know the customer can't get the phone the next day.

So the 4th person I speak with (3rd on the phone) tells me yet something different.

I will NEVER go through Spectrum Mobil again. Apparently there sales people are all told something different! Yet all 4 agreed I would have to pay the restocking fee.

Don’t waste your money

Told by several representatives if you are unhappy with service you have 14 days to receive a refund. What they don’t tell you is that doesn’t apply to the Service, only devices. If you bring your own device and it doesn’t get service where you need it you took that money and threw it in the trash basically. Customer service is a joke, poorly trained representatives who mislead customers to get a sale and then don’t provide resolutions to any problems. Cost me money and time to have crap service for ten days. Save yourself time, aggravation, and the lie you will save money with them.

Good coverage, bad customer service

The mobile coverage seems to be the best I've had. I haven't had a complaint about spectrum mobile until a couple days ago when my phone fell and the screen shattered. I started the claim process only to find out that it would cost $99 to get it replaced with a refurbished phone. I was already considering upgrading before my phone got broke so I decided to go that route instead of paying that much for a refurbished phone that is however many years old. I ended up visiting 3 different spectrum stores and calling spectrum customer service twice because they would send me to the store and the people at the stores would tell me to call customer service...obviously they weren't on the same page. I ended up doing the upgrade over the phone but am still very disappointed with the service. Although spectrum kept sending me messages telling me that I was eligible for and upgrade over at least 3 months when I actually tried to do it I had to pay a ridiculous amount of money to pay off my old phone then(Although I have excellent bill payment history, have never had my service suspended, and have decent credit) it still cost me another $222 for down payment and taxes on the upgrade! I asked the guy on the phone if, considering what it just cost me, could he at least overnight the phone to me since the shattered screen on my broken phone was scratching my face. He agreed and said that my phone would arrive the following day or the day after that at the latest. We'll I (finally) got the tracking number the next day and my phone won't be here for another 5 days even though it's considered 2 day delivery! I was with Verizon for years before switching to spectrum and never had to go through anything like that! If the phone broke, you call and they replace for free; if you wanted to upgrade you call or go to the store and they don't charge you anything except taxes. I seriously regret switching now! If you have to choose pick Verizon and spectrum should take lessons from Verizon on how to keep customers happy!

Great phone service, worst customer service provid

I had all carriers before and decided to give a try with Spectrum mobile. Great coverage but cross your finger if you ever need customer service

Crooks and all the negative comments

Getting out as soon as possible

Amazing service

I have had Spectrum mobile since it first came out. Amazing service...Never ever a issue


awful representative, awful leadership, increase of bill without notice.

Would not allow phone exchange

Sold a defective phone...purchased an LG phone with stylus...first time my sister tried to use the stylus, it broke. She could not get it out and it came apart. My sister is 86 and cannot deal with a phone that is not user friendly. We tried to return the phone and actually wanted to upgrade, but were told we could not exchange the phone because it was broken. The manager then proceeded to tell us that my sister must have bent the stylus and then proceeded to show us how it was done on the display phone and the stylus broke exactly the same way...He still would not take the phone back and allow an exchange...obviously this is a defective product....along with being rude and impatient and actually refusing to answer me when I asked a question....more than once...he then said , again, that we had to return to the manufacturer....I then asked if when the phone was replaced, can we exchange it if it is still within the 14 days...he said no, because it would not be the phone we purchased..

I have called as many people as I can and have been told that he should have taken back the phone, but they had no authority over him....

When I did call LG, I was told that the stylus is not covered under the warranty???.....we would have to return it (which means she has no phone for however long it takes) and there would be a charge for the repair!.....

To say I am furious, is an understatement....you need to fix this problem!


I don’t even know where to begin. First off, stay away from their pay by the gig plan. I purchased that plan for my kid because she’s always in the house and we have wifi. So please explain how someone who doesn’t leave the house, is always connected to wifi, always has insane data overages consistently each month. Don’t even try to challenge Spectrum, their customer services reps will talk down to you and act like you’re an enemy rather than a customer. So I bit the bullet and switched her to the unlimited plan which they claim is substantially cheaper than Verizon/ATT. Before you believe that nonsense go price a similiar plan with those companies and you will see that the prices over are comparable and you will be getting good customer service and better cell phone reception. Besides all of that, their website is a joke. The chat option always shows an error message advising that you can’t he connected to a rep because you aren’t logged in, while you’re logged into the website. Then a few days ago I logged in to add my new debit card so that I could process a payment. The payment reflected was $195.80 which is the amount I authorized. Shortly after, I noticed the charge was deducted from my bank account twice. I reached out to Spectrum immediately and the rep advised that the extra payment was already applied to my upcoming bill that is due next month so although I never authorized a double payment and it was due to their system issue they denied giving me a refund. I have never in my life heard of a company with such unethical business practices. I spoke to a sup and he basically told me the same thing. I’m a single mother and unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of double paying a bill a month in advance. Needless to say I immediately switched.

They are con men. Repeatedly.

I'm not writing this because I'm angry over something today, it's happened over and over and over again during the past year I've been with them. There's literally too many cons and times I've been lied to. Then the next person will apologize and will say they understands and claims they'll do this or that, and it's never true. I'll say, please read the last persons notes and what they promised me and they never back their employees promises or do what that person promises me. Worst experience I've ever had with any company in my life.

Worst internet connection

I switched from Verizon to save a few bucks... But let me tell u, spectrums wireless may say 5g but is so slow, long buffer times and broken up connections. Also the phone quality is poor sometimes when in a call it will start breaking up bad. Step your game up spectrum I'm about to switch back to Verizon.

If 0 stars were available, Spectrum would get it

Customer Service is a nightmare, if there's a problem, and there always is because they're well trained to create one. I have had Customer Service representatives tell me less than the truth and when I go to the local store to do what they suggested, I'm told "We can't do that". And the in store representatives will tell you to call Customer Service at 611 and the Customer Service phone people will tell you the store can do that. I've wasted two days, for the second time since getting Spectrum Mobile, and finally I've had enough. At this point I'm more than willing to pay a little more at Verizon. I've had Verizon before and they do what they say, they tell you the truth and you know where you stand.

Customer Support is the Worst ever!

My phone quit working and I called and tried to communicate with "Dave". I have never, ever talked to anyone so arrogant! He talked over me and would not stop long enough to hear or try to understand the problems I was having with my service. Do not use them. You will regret it!

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Spectrum Mobile Network Specs

3G Bands:WiFi
Bring Your Phone:No
Keep Your Number:Yes
Credit Check:No
Taxes/fees included:No
WiFi Calling:Yes
Visual Voicemail:Yes
Multi-line Discounts:No
Multi-month Discounts:No
International Roaming:Yes

Spectrum Mobile Company Info

Headquarters:12405 Powerscourt Dr. St. Louis, MO 63131
Customer Service:(833) 224-6603
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