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Customer Reviews 1.8
106 Optimum Mobile reviews
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Is Optimum Mobile phone service any good?

Optimum Mobile has an average rating of 1.8 stars from 106 reviews, indicating most customers are dissatisfied with this carrier. Optimum Mobile ranks 21st out of 28 cell phone carriers reviewed on MoneySavingPro.

Quite pleased with plan and the signal strength

I’ve had their service for 4-5 years with no problem. The service at the beginning when they leased AT&T and Sprint’s towers the signal strength was poor but now that they lease T-Mobile’s towers the signal strength has improved. Their customer service has improved considerably. I am vey happy with Optimum.

It’s not as bad as others are saying

I’ve been with them since November 2019 when it was Altice Mobile. My plan was everything unlimited $20 for life. Originally, they ran off Sprint’s network and was fast. When you were out of Sprint’s coverage, it would use AT&T….so slow that only calls and texting could be made. Believe me, I was ready to switch back to Verizon. Eventually, they began using T-Mobile. I just wish T-Mobile had better rual coverage.

dropped calls and difficult to contact customer se

dont do it!

Not truthful about coverage; hours of wasted time

Salesperson said optimum coverage used verizon and other towers, but once we got phone activated with optimum, after hours of failed attempts I might add, the coverage was so bad, even with wifi calling enabled, I decided to go back to verizon. Nothing short of a nightmare of wasted time.

The coverage can be spotty

I sometimes have to use a co workers cell phone because I don’t have service in that area

Optimum leases T-Mobile’s towers

Optimum is a carrier that is similar in plans and price to any other prepaid carriers. I haven’t experienced any issues so I can’t give my appraisal of their customer service. They lease space on T-Mobile’s towers so signal strength for me in the NY metro and Long Island areas has never been a question. My only complaint is if you are going to promote your plans as “ unlimited data” then provide that. I’ma light user on the 20gig plan so for me monthly it is unlimited.

Terrible service

Phone not 1 month old son gets an err message phone can't charge, they basically told me not there problem worst service ever.

I have had Optimum Mobile when it was Alice

I have had Optimum Mobile from the beginning (when it was Altoceq). So,emissive in the very beginning, but has been flawless all,over the country and Europe!

Calls don’t go through. Dead zones everywhere.

Company apparently doesn’t care about their customers. You’d think that with the horrible reviews, they’d try to improve.


Commitment isn't req'd but be prepared to rec'v a 36 month phone commitment letter sent to your email at sign up. Which they don't tell you. Cus serv is not trained to help with any real issues bc optimum mobiles fine print states policy is subject to change . If you decide to leave bc of bad or poor communicated service be prepared you will have to pay your phone in full or your are stuck in auto pay before reporting you. You will save $5 for TV/internet only. And is Not worth the headache .


I returned a damaged phone . .I was told to wait until they receive and process the device, Its now 30 days and I still don't have a phone to replace the damagaed one. Yet payments are still being successfully processed through auto pay.

Terrible service, not suited for traveling busines

Their customer service is horrible, even compared to the low standard in the industry. Then when I started traveling for my job, even more when going outside the US, it becomes clear that Optimum is not at all suited for anyone who needs reliable service. This is not a serious player in the market.


I had two lines, financed two phones, paid my bills ahead of time, and paid off the two phones early. In September 2022, I decided to leave Optimum mobile because of all the dropped calls, and my service kept going in and out even though my bills were paid in full. After paying off my two phones early, I asked the Optimum representative for the unlock code but she refused to answer the question, instead she just asked me why did I want the unlock codes. I explained that I was unhappy with the service and decided to go elsewhere. The representative insisted that I give them another chance to make things right and said that they will leave my service on at no charge to me until November 2022. As of today, I still keep telling them to disconnect the lines but my requests fall on deaf ears. Optimum mobile continues to email me for payments and threatens to send me to collections.

I could give a zero star

I could have given a zero star if the have it. I had a worse experience with a customer service representative. They care nothing about customer loyalty. She hang up on me and in no way can explain and speak proper English. Don’t get this mobile service. Horrible experience.

If I could I'd give Optimum less than one star

I cancelled my service November 7th and they continued to charge me for three months. I have called at least half a dozen times about this but they have never reimbursed those charges. I think that is called blatant dishonesty.

Worst service ever!! Fighting w/ them for 6 months

Don't do it! You will regret it!

Worst customer service I’ve experienced in America

Service is the worst. Text messages delayed coming in. Missed calls you don’t see. Customer service members treat you like garbage. No resolution from customer support. They don’t help you. They don’t prorate the bill if you leave to another service. If you leave a day after coverage they charge you the month and remove all discounts and up charge you. Porting my number took 5 attempts and they send you through the customer retention department first every time to try to get you to stay and don’t want to give you the port information. I had to call with my other carrier on the line before they even started working on porting my number. Went weeks cause they give you the run around. If you complain they say it’s company policy and hang up. No help whatsoever

Optimum mobile is horrible. I can’t leave 0 stars

I can NEVER get 4 bars. I live in Long Island and work In Manhattan and can’t get a signal. The month starts and 2 days later I get a message saying I used most of my data, I HAVE AN UNLIMITED PLAN, and they slow me down. I wouldn’t use my data if I could get a signal but that doesn’t happen. DONT GET OPTIMUM MOBILE


No service, dropped calls, customer service only cares about not letting you leave…. Don’t do it!


I had optimum for a couple months, calls constantly dropped and once your paid data is used up and you are switched to slower data, the slower data is useless, plus customer service is horrible. —- I Finally dropped optimum but customer service gave me a difficult time obtaining my transfer pin to prevent me from switching.

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