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Customer Reviews 1.8
124 Xfinity Mobile reviews
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Is Xfinity Mobile phone service any good?

Bad Customer Service

We switched from Verizon to Xfinity Mobile and were told about all these promotions we would get. We could also bring over some of our phones and tablets. After the account was set up, I was ready to start moving phones and tablets over. Guess what tablets were not supported with bringing your own device. The sales rep told me wrong. We had a difficult time porting the phones. I spent hours on the phone with Verizon and Xfinity mobile IT, and finally, after a month, we got things moving. But the one free phone and gift card we were promised never happened. I was told by customer service that I need to call every couple of months to get my reimbursement for the free phone and keep waiting on the gift card. So the next time I called, they said no, that's not what happened your promotions dropped off because you didn't activate the phones in the correct amount of time. I then said what about the $200 gift cards? Those dropped off, too, but we will escalate, and you will have an answer in 5 business days. Here we are five business days later, and they need to escalate and let me know if our promotions will be reinstated. I will say the service is the same as Verizon, but good luck if you have any issues at all! I'm ready to go back to Verizon if they deny my promotions.

Disastrous Switch from Verizon to Xfinity

If you are thinking about switching from Verizon to Xfinity stop immediately. I was a 20-year+ Verizon customer. The hold times for Verizon customer service got quite long, but they always were helpful and resolved the issue. Thought I would try something different and save a little bit of money each month. I should have stopped after we figured out that the representative at the Xfinity store lied to us about the benefits of switching. They gave us a credit for the mistake which was extremely painful to access each month. The answer from customer service with Xfinity is allows “no”. They are difficult to get a hold of and it is difficult for them to understand your problem. With Xfinity mobile you are literally on you own. Switching to Xfinity Mobile was a terrible decision and I cannot wait to get back to Verizon.

Horrible customer service.

I switched over to Xfinity mobile when I lived inside city limits. As soon as I moved away from the city they would not offer cable or phone service. They went ahead and used my old address as a platform for my service and charged me triple because they didn't service my area. After that i have been attempting to switch my service over to at&t. My phone is paid off and Xfinity locked me out of all other companies. Do not get mobile service through Xfinity. Horrible company!

Poor reception everywhere, low tier signal

Low tier reliability and signal. Do not recommend

Great price. But that's it...

I have been an Xfinity internet customer for over 5 years. There's no other real choice in my area. They've improved over the years and all in all I'm happy. Then I decided to go to Xfinity mobile. What a bad decision that was. I got the Samsung Galaxy A13. I've had it for 35 days now. On day 2 I started noticing dropped calls and very poor connection. I called xfinity. Didn't get anywhere. Was aggravated and just dealt with it. I don't use the phone a lot so I thought whatever... Then it got worse. On the 9th day I tried calling 6 times. Each time calls kept dropping and/or bad connection and they couldn't hear me. Couldn't get anywhere and gave up. I just continued to deal with it. And then I finally had to try using the phone while out away from home. It said I had no phone service. Which also meant I had no GPS. I got completely lost and had a very difficult time. It's absolutely scary since I'm disabled and rely on portable oxygen tanks. If I break down or take too long getting home, I can run out. Especially if I can't call for help. I was still within the 30 days. I called 4 more times and STILL can't get anywhere. Calls constantly drop and service is poor. Called 8 more times 2 days after the 30 days was up. Couldn't keep a signal and gave up again. Then tried a few more times today. Only 5 days past the 30 day window. I've been trying to get help since the beginning. I'm wanting away from this phone and service. Now they're saying I must pay off the (non-working) phone and can't return it because it's past 30 days. Do yourself a favor...STAY AWAY from them. I gave 2 stars because they have a great monthly rate. That's all they have though.

Don’t do it !!!!!!! 4 days so far with no service

Don’t do do it !!! 4 days will no activation and they are telling me 10 more days. I can switch back to metro either until the Xfinity is activated!!,

They Will Rip You Off

I signed up for it in Nov. 2020 but never activated. I told them I wanted it canceled. Today, April 4, 2022 I received a letter from a collection agency saying I owe Xfinity $31.22 for two month’s service. Never mind they sent to a collection agency without ever notifying me but when I called them and waited a half hour to speak to someone they said even though the phone was never activated I still owe them for 2 months. When I asked why he said I was told back in Nov. 2020. I wasn’t. Why did they send to collection and not just contact me directly? I will never do business with them again.

Inexpensive, yes.

However, their communication skills are severely lacking, and so is their customer service department. I started off as an X-Finity internet customer, and was informed about a new deal for their mobile services if I switched over. I was hesitant, but of course they made it sound great. My experience has been anything but; It's been horrendous, actually. I actually was in phone limbo for a week. There were so many problems, back to back, that I can't even list them all on here. Ultimately, when I called customer service to ask about my extremely high bill, and a gift card I was told I would receive, they told me I no longer qualified because it was associated with my old number. The number I had to give up (which I was weirdly attached to because I had been using it since 2004) when I switched over from AT&T. The first person I spoke to explained that my bill was high because my old phone number was still being paid for as a second line. When I mentioned the gift card, the agent said they were going to cancel the line and see if they could help me resolve the gift card issue after. Turns out, they didn't want to give me that gift card, and they were going to be sneaky in order to get out of it. I'm not pleased with this company at all, and I don't recommend anyone switch to it. The slightly lower bill isn't worth the hassle.

go else where, poor signal quality

I have had xfinity mobile since Nov. The signal quality is poor. 3 trips to xfinity store for sim card after switching to Xfinity Mobile. Can't speak to a rep , end up in a phone maze.

Carrier service and price are excellent but outsourced customer service is a joke. I have spent 6 hours and 12 minutes of my time in the past week trying to solve a simple problem. The so called agents that are in India have no control over the computer system that controls our accounts. I have nothing against India. I have a doctor from India but xfinity mobile customer service is like a room full of people huffing paint thinner. It wasn't like this early on.

They hide details about the 200 gift card

After I switch my 5 phones numbers to xfinity they had told me previously that I would get 200 gift card each line..but they didn't tell me I had to wait 3 months to get it..I spoke to then numerous tike and they told me I would get it right away..they hide the details now I feel tricked and misled.. if I had known I would have never switched...and their service sucks

Customer service team had me in tears

My phone was shipped to me then they requested fedex ship it back to their warehouse, I am still being charged for the phone but they refuse to reship it to me. I have spent over 10 hours on the phone with them trying to resolve but they keep saying they will reship and call me the next day with tracking and don’t. I then have to start the process over, where I am told I am a liar and no one told me that previously. I have asked for all of the calls to be pulled to they can confirm I am not lying and they refuse. I have wasted so many hours of my life have no phone and an additional bill. I asked them to cancel my order for the phone they have in thier possession and reissue a new one at the same promotion but they also refuse to do that. I am in a lose lose situation. I either order the same phone and pay more or am stuck with out a phone I am paying for.

They lie steal and cheat their customers without a

If u give money to this company you are part of the problem

Worst Customer Service experience ever

My father has been trying to simply get his sim card activated for days now and for some reason their website says a glitch happened and to call their customer service line. Today I sat in and next to him and tried to help him because english isnt his first language and he isnt so savy technology wise. I found that their customer service is literally and truly non existent, 90% of the time i was talking to a robotic voice which glitched and made it literally impossible to continue with my requests further, and then eventually I was finally able to reach through to a real person only to have them immediately redirect me to another line where the wait time was estimated to be over 30 minutes.. When we finally get connected to the person who was supposedly supposed to help us we explained the issue and they said that they were not able to fix it and to go back to the website and try again and we did and we got the same message referring us back to calling the same customer service line again because theres a glitch… It is literally impossible to get help. We tried messaging their live support agents also and the conversation always ended with them asking us to call the customer support line. Safe to say I convinced my father to cancel his agreement with them and to switch to a phone company which actually gives a shit about their customers, absolutely terrible company in terms of customer support. If i could go any lower than a 1 star i would.


Very disgusted at the fact that I was exchanging a phone and was charged $500 for the iPhone SE I returned and still have not been refunded months later. This has put me in a bad position to not be able to feed my family. They give you 20 days to return I never received the actual label until days before 20 day mark so they still charged me and then never have refunded me after calling for months.


I made the mistake of signing up with Xfinity mobile. First of all the store didn't know how to set up the phone properly. My telephone number was on their new phone and my old phone at the same time. The following day I canceled my contract. The next day I canceled the contract and talk to the Philippines and they told me they would send me a return label which never happened so they gave me the return address to send it myself which I did overnight mail with the tracking number. They received it the following day and they are still trying to charge me for the device. I can't get anyone in the United States to help with this issue and I'm tired of calling and calling and calling

0 stars. They still charge after cancelling.


Xfinity mobile did me dirty

They charged a card 235 that had 0 on it, I had 3 different kinds of verification that it was that amount, put that account in the negative, so when I went to get it reversed on to a different card, they lied and said they only charged me 176, I will never deal with them ever again, they are liars and their customer service is terrible and trash

Xfinity mobile customer service means "NO SERVICE"

Xfinity mobile customer service means "NO SERVICE", they really do suck. When I tried to reach customer service I had to call for 3 days, on hold for 1 1/2 hrs each day, and still did not get to talk to a humanoid, so we went to the Xfinity store and they are nothing more than sales office, customer service flew out the door as soon as the door was opened. I'm telling you, if you want customer service with your provider, DO NOT GO WITH XFINITY MOBILE.

They used to be better than everyone else but...

Now they're even worse than sprint and T mobile which were companies known for their bad customer service. That is what Xfinity is known for now. If you call the main number, you have to go through the automated system and there is no option to speak with an agent. the system sends you a link and then hang up on you? what have we come to? what has happened to exceptional customer service? I want to speak to a human not a pre-recorded voice that pretends to type!

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