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Customer Reviews 1.8
124 Xfinity Mobile reviews
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Is Xfinity Mobile phone service any good?


I don't stream movies on my small phone because I have a large TV and surround sound for that so it works for me.

The customer service is beyond terrible!

They are completely incompetent. I have spent hours and the phone with them for things that would have taken minutes to do with Verizon. I have added up about 20 hours on the phone with them so far this week because they have to keep transferring me from department to department. They are actually dumb and it is astonishing. I don't know if this is their training program or if they literally just higher anyone. Any time they dont feel like helping they just hang up or leave you on eternal hold so that you have to call back again. The line is always busy so you have to wait 30 min to an hour to get to someone. They are horrible, it is making realize the money savings is not worth the headache and I will just switch back to Verizon.

Horrible customer service -- worst experience ever

Xfinity Mobile is great as long as 1. you never need support 2. never move to a location without local service 3. don't try to bring your device with you I switched my service on Dec 10th but spent the 4.5 days online/on the phone trying to unlock my phone. Complete runaround through their phone and chat support. Endless circles waiting in bottomless queues. Finally resolved my problem after only 5 minutes with the correct person in "Unlocking Department". BTW who has an entire department dedicated to just unlocking phones?!? The support "executive" I spoke with had no clue as to the hassle I encountered just trying to reach a real live person. I begged her not to drop the call until my phone was unlocked. As it turned out, it only too her less than 10 SECONDS to unlock the phone. Literally a mouse click and it was done.

Customer service, communication of payment

Worst experience with a phone company I have ever had. They lack communication within the company, I am constantly overpaying, the operators can be rude and clueless usually all the time. It’s terrible service for for anybody who’s a good person.

Trying to get any help at all.

For a week since my phone service was canceled, I have been unable to receive any help from customer service. And they couldn’t even recognize my phone number or my account number so I had to find a way to restore my phone service myself. For the last 3 days I’ve been attempting to transfer to another carrier, with nothing but more problems. Finally I had to change my phone number in order to switch to the new carrier. But even after all that, now I’m unable to cancel my account with XfinityMobile . Unbelievable poor service!!


Customer support needs a lot of work. Service is great tho.

Fits perfectly

This is the best service for me. I don't stream movies or use apps on my phone - I just use my phone to make phone calls or send texts. Xfinity Mobile works great for that! I pay so much less for services I actually use!

Ordering process

Ordering the phone and service was an absolute nightmare. Still waiting for it but already considering returning the phone and canceling the service.

Customer service, reception

Had a signal issue that I spent over a week trying to fix. I wasted so many hours on calls and in stores and they couldn't even fix the problem! It may be cheap but you get what you pay for. Beware!

Affordable most of the time

Employees need better training in customer service etiquette because they are pretty rude. Sometimes I'm overcharged for my data usage so I have to contact support to get it corrected every time. Autopay is 100% required. At least the service is cheap.

Decent price

The price is reasonable but the internet on my phone is pretty bad. Half the time it doesn't even pick up the internet. I expected better since Xfinity Mobile is on Verizon's network.

Wifi calling

Wifi calling is awful. If you use xfinity services to save money with XM you're just paying the same amount as you would with any other alternative carrier. Not worth it.


While customer support needs a little improvement Xfinity Mobile is such a lifesaver! My previous phone service provider kept increasing their prices to the point I could no longer afford the monthly bill. Since I had Comcast internet I figured to try out the mobile service. My service is still the exact same but I'm saving $40 per month!

Weak service, poor tech support

Really weak service. Get bad reception in a lot of places. Nobody can help me fix this issue either. Tech support's a joke! It's tiring to yell at friends to see if they can hear me!

Bad customer service and mobile service

I switched to Xfinity in July 2020. I had horrible reception in the area I live, so I switched back to Verizon and have good service again. However, Xfinity is still billing me in October, and I moved my phone plan from them to Verizon in JULY! Twice I've been told that my account is closed and I won't be billed. Twice I have been billed since then. Porting the numbers over from Xfinity to Verizon was the most horrible experience I've ever had. Stick with Verizon!

Great pricing

Only Google Pixel, Samsung, LG, and Apple phones are sold at prices that I couldn't even afford. However, you can bring your own phone. Just make sure it is compatible! Even worse is the customer service. The wait times to get anyone is terrible.


Xfinity Mobile offers great plans for seniors! You can use Wifi to save data and you only pay for what you need so you'll save lots on your monthly bill. Great reception.


Xfinity Mobile is very unreliable. They say they use Verizon's service but it doesn't work the same as Verizon's. If you deal with important phone calls or need super fast data for business avoid XM at all costs. They're just not reliable enough!

Customer service

What a mistake! Tried to port my number over only to get errors! Customer service is so unhelpful too! They managed to port the phone numbers from Verizon but the ports couldn't complete! My phone numbers are stuck in limbo so I can't even use cell phone service!

Outstanding service

I've only used xfinity mobile for a few months but I have had no issues with the service or the price. The monthly bill is a sigh of relief compared to bills from Verizon. So much cheaper and the call quality is fantastic!

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