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Is Xfinity Mobile phone service any good?


They couldn’t get one of our lines to work for over a week, was told over and over again different wait times and expectations. They couldn’t get anything right, was promised outcomes that never happened. Worst experience I have ever had! Back to Verizon we go, so long xfinity good for nothing!!

No resolution.

Beware, beware, beware. My ongoing experience with Xfinity. My first call to Xfinity to set up service for my daughter went very well. The girl was very nice. It went so well that we even switched her cell service over from Straight Talk. July 19. My second call to Xfinity was after installation, no flex box. She said that the flex box arrives separately however, they never placed the order for her. She immediately fixed it. July 24th (ish) We order a new phone from Xfinity Mobile. IPhone 12. Aug 5th. My 3rd call to Xfinity, it all goes downhill from here. My daughter's new phone keeps rebooting. Tiffany said that it had been dropping apps all week. I wanted the phone replaced. The woman kept saying that I would be charged again. Um no. Ultimately, the woman hung up on me. Now, when the phone does slightly work, she can no longer text. Aug 5th. My 4th call to Xfinity. New customer service rep tries to fix the phone. Always referencing the IPhone 8 which is her old phone not the new phone. They said that I could return the phone and they would order a new one so she would not be without a phone. Waiting for a return tag. Aug 5th. My 5th call to Xfinity. Called to be sure that the last representative put it through properly. Nope. This woman says that the problem is that the new phone is not synced and we have to wait 6 hours and network reset the phone. Oh and turn on airplane mode and then turn it off again. Aug 6th. The phone still does not work. My 6th call to Xfinity. They continue to troubleshoot. Everyone gives me a different story.. They refer me to warranty. Aug 6th. Calling Warranty. They do not cover this because it is under manufacturer warranty. They refer me to Apple. Tells me this after being on the phone for over 30 minutes. Aug 6th. Calling Apple. Apple tests the phone. Does everything possible on their end. Awesome customer service. It is not the phone. It is Xfinity. Apple outright said it. Aug 6th. My 7th call to Xfinity. Let them know that Apple said that it is their issue. They trouble shoot all of the same things that had been done already. I have to give it a few days for whatever fix he did this time. He promises that he will call and update me. I gave them the weekend. Aug 10th. My 8th call to Xfinty. At this point, tried to get a supervisor again, they never let me. Now, I am just furious. My daughter has a brand new phone that does not work. They troubleshoot again. Nothing. I want to return the phone and pull the number back to Att. The representative is messaging a supervisor who agrees at this point. They will send me a return label. They will release her number. Immediately call Att to set up service. August 14th. Att has a new phone in her hands, fully operational. Att has to call Xfinity to get the number released even after Xfinity gave me the pass code for the number. They still are unable to do things properly. Thank goodness for Att. August 19th. Xfinity calls me. This should be fun. Trying to upgrade my daughter's service that we just started in July and in July they felt that she had all of the service she needed. Then she proceeds to say let's discuss your mobile service.... wow, bad move. No thank you. (Maybe not worded so gracefully) This call also reinforced that I still have a Xfinity mobile account and I am still being billed. August 20th. My 9th call to Xfinity. No return label yet. The representative proceeds to tell me about their 14 day return policy. I proceed to tell him that I do not care what mountains he has to move, this phone is coming back. I am told something different every time I call. The return has already been approved by a supervisor. This is crazy. Promises to manually process a return label. August 23rd. My 10th call to Xfinity. Asked again for a supervisor. He will message a supervisor to return my call. No return call. Aug 23rd. My 11th call to Xfinity. Asked for a supervisor again. Nope. First thing she says... so you are trying to return an Iphone 8? NO OH MY GOSH NO!!!!!!! Why can't you guys get this right? Woman says that since a manual return was initiated and it still says pending, she has to escalate it. Still nowhere. Promises that she will call back. Of course, I have not added detail to each call like the hours that I have spent on the phone, how they cannot even find the Iphone 12, each call they say the Iphone 8. How I feel like exploding every time they say something different or something the same, it does not even matter anymore. I am in heart failure, my heart functions at 25%. I am not supposed to stress. These people have caused me more stress and anxiety over this than my job or anything else. This is ridiculous. Here we are... no resolution. I have now spent hours on the phone with Xfinity only to be nowhere, still being billed of course. I have made Tiffany sit on the the phone with me and them, it has been nothing but a waste of time. Do not use Xfinity mobile. They are absolutely terrible.

Deceitful. Stole my money

I was told to return my phone for full refund, but when I did, they never refunded my money and kept the phone I returned.

Terrible customer service

Great price, good coverage, TERRIBLE customer service. It is virtually impossible to get a customer service rep on the phone. When I finally did after holding for over 2 hours I was given incorrect information. The next time I called I did it at 5 am and got through in only 20 minutes and was told the other person gave incorrect information. After my situation still wasn't resolved I went into the store (which I did twice before calling and was told 2 different things) and was given different information. It's insane. No one seems to know what they are doing and just tell you whatever sounds good to get you off the phone. Now I have been chatting with someone over the same issue for 30 minutes and she after giving me the run around she FINALLY looked up my account.

lousy customer service and deceitful

We ordered phones but canceled the order within 10 minutes in order to order different ones. Was told to wait until received new ones and then cancel and reorder. They would not honor the special anymore so we just returned and canceled. They refunded us the tax we paid on the phones but not the service charges. They kept telling me it would come later and finally after a month of waiting they told me there was a restocking charge of $35.00 per phone (odd that is the amount they owe me). I was never told that and I feel that I was ripped off. We just paid $70.00 for absolutely nothing. I will not be switching to them. They had suggested I wait until another offer came along and switch then. I certainly won't and will warn others about them!!!

worse customer service ever in my life !!!!!!!!

Good price ,but if you need help with anything good luck . The worse customer service I have ever had in my life, and I have work in customer service for 35 years.

Worse service ever!!!

If you do any kind of business outside the office, both my phones have dial up speed internet service anywhere you go. I can send text messages from inside my house. I can't get GPS service while driving most of the time. My phone is virtually useless unless connected to a wifi. So unless you're a kid living at mom and dad's do yourself a favor and get a real company. Constant throttling of service is over the top. They say they use Vz towers, well guess what all those other higher paying vz customers get priority and again the phone is useless on the go. Even standing under cell towers with 5 bars I'm throttled. It's not with $1 a month because it doesn't work!!!!!!

Service ok, until they billed me $20 for HD Pass

Billed for HD Pass that I never ordered. They refuse to refund! Can’t trust them. Terrible service.

Not what they say it is!!!

So they say you're on vz hubs..... Maybe so but we're at the bottom of the priority list. In other words calls don't go through, calls drop, data is virtually non existent even if I'm right by a cell tower, I literally cant send a text message with a picture to my real estate clients. Guess what, on my iPhone 11, no way to see any notification if I have a voicemail, I call support or chat support they both tell me the same thing....... There's an xfinity voicemail app..... Uh guess what try searching for that app, it's completely not there ios or android. This service has less features then Cellular One did in the mid 80s. I switched from vz because I was told we use vz hubs etc. I've had text messages take 2 days to get to a client. Bottom line is if you're not a teenager living at home with mom and dad and really only care about using it for wifi, have at it. But.... If you're an adult and you care about connecting with your friends or clients and you need a phone for GPS, streaming your music, looking at social media or paying your bills, go get yourself a real cell company that gives you support and, ready for this, get a phone that works because no matter how cheap this service is the phone barley works the way you need it to in 2021. I will be buying my phone out with this sloppy lying carrier and never go back!!!

The worst support in the industry!

Several reviews say the same thing over and over. If there is an issue of any kind.... it is likely you will find yourself getting a scripted corporate answer from customer service reps. They are simply unable to resolve anything outside of the simple answers. Plus there is no-one above that position you can talk to. No call backs. No resolution. Terrible system for such a large company. My situation after switching mobile service to xfinity was finding that my phone (2020 Samsung S20+) no longer worked outside WIFI. In short.... my phone became a paperweight (useless). After 15+ hours of tech support, 5 different physical visits to the store, and attempts to find any help through customer service.... Nothing. Their best solution was "Buy a new phone, yours is broken". Wasn't broken before I switched?????? Here's another $1000 for another new phone. I doubt anything will come of my complaints and this company will continue to disappoint. I'll happily pay a little extra for another company that will actually show some sort of support for a paying customer. Advise anyone looking to make a switch to head elsewhere. Xfinity is extremely poor quality.

Stole money.

One month they told my wife she didn’t owe anything, when she tried to pay the phone bill. Few weeks later turn her phone off bc bill wasn’t paid. Talked to them about it they said they would put it in 4 payments on top of her monthly bill. They have her specific dates. After paying bills we put all our money into one account and xifinity took all the money out of the account to zero her bill with them. This happened over the course of 2 days after her monthly bill was paid

Horrible phone service, slow internet

I left Verizon because Xfinity was cheaper, by the end of the week I’m changing providers

Billed for HD Pass but never ordered it.

Terrible customer service. Was billed for HD Pass but I never ordered it. They will not refund. I do not trust them and I’ve been a customer for three years.

The most pathetic customer service EVER

Customer service is the biggest joke. Their famous line is “it will take a couple of hours”…if you hear this, that means they have no clue what you’re asking for, and they just want to get you off the phone. Any change in service that I have had, has taken days or sometimes over a week with multiple calls until I am so exasperated that I am ready to scream. Don’t do it.

Worst customer service in my life!!

Nobody knows anything about nothing. There is nobody in charge that can take care of things. Was lied to over 10 times straight to my face! I had 10 other family members and friends waiting to see how they were because they were going to switch also. Definitely don't switch from the big 3 because saving just a few bucks isn't worth the headache. I paid for my phones and didn't even receive them. I cancelled after about 10 lies, 8 wild goose chases and 25 hours on the phone with the worst customer service people I have ever had. Mary the manager from the Martinsburg store literally lied to my face and cost me time and gas to ride to winchester in rush hour for nothing. I still havent recieved the money back that I paid for the phones. I swear if I didn't go through it I wouldn't even believe just how bad their customer service really is. I have had xfinity TV and internet for a few years and they are totally different. Stay away from xfinity mobile not just for the bad customer service but I honestly don't trust them at all. Once you are lied to that many times you lose trust and faith in a business.

Poor quality phone

In receiveing the phone within the first 2 days it was getting hot. I called and spoke to a rep with no help at all. In calling again I was pretty much told too bad your 14 days is up with it being the 15 the. day. Now I've had this phone 2 months and it's getting even hotter with it constantly freezing up and spinning to get on internet. Over the weekend in going into the setting I found someone else's e-mail along with the old # to this phone. Hmmmmm!!!! So why in the hell would I want to keep this service with Xfinity? I will be returning it to Xfinity today and go else where. Pissed off customer!!

Terrible Network Speed

immediately after purchasing i noticed a huge negative difference in the data speed. I would not recommend XFINITY Mobile Service if you need to rely on having internet access / data

The service is Horrible!

Immediately after making the switch to them, I regretted it. My calls would disconnect, and when I tried to redial, there was no dial tone. Therefore, I would have to reboot it which became very frustrating. I ended up paying the balance on the phone to switch to a new carrier.

When a billing error occurs they won't fix it

In July I replaced a phone, After a week I returned it because it was defective. The bill in August showed I had 3 lines. I actually had 2. They billed me for 3 phones but I owned 2. Then my data plan changed without my knowledge. No one could explain why. My account hadn't been straightened out by December. I switched carriers 12/4 but they choose to cancel my phones on 12/5 and 12/8 in order to get 2 more months of billing. It should have been closed 12/4. They had me pay for the phones $60 each but I owned one. They say I owe $100 on 1 phone. I asked for an itemized bill for the phone that failed.

Poor service

After only a week of switching to Xfinity Mobile, I regretted this. Tech support is terrible...I’ve been on hold for over an hour attempting to fix my phone service. I absolutely do not recommend Xfinity mobile!

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