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Customer Reviews 1.8
124 Xfinity Mobile reviews
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Is Xfinity Mobile phone service any good?


I've swapped my wife's and I's phone from Verizon to Xfinity and so far I don't regret the decision. It only costs a little over $30 per month for both phones. With Verizon I was paying over $130 for both lines. The service is just as good too.

Good insurance, reliable service

I've had reliable service with Xfinity Mobile for 1 year now. They offer the latest phones with payment plans so you can upgrade after a year. They also have really good insurance. Xfinity Mobile is great for Comcast customers but there's one issue and that is they will charge you a lot more if you sign up with another ISP even if you moved to a place where you can't get Comcast. I also am no longer able to upgrade my phones without paying for them 100%.

Good prices

It's reasonably priced if you're a Comcast customer but I have trouble getting phone to pick up internet. It always says searching. I wish this problem would be fixed!

Poor reception

I either get dropped calls or I can't even complete calls. I'm switching as soon as possible.

Connectivity, customer service

I've had such a bad experience with Xfinity Mobile despite having Xfinity for everything else. Hardly have connectivity. Customer service is a joke.

User experience is simple, customer service

I moved to Xfinity Mobile after having a bad experience with Spectrum Mobile. So far I've been happy with the transfer. The customer service isn't frustrating to deal with, bill paying is very simple and the website is user friendly. I'm really glad I switched over!


I've been an XFINITY Mobile customer for a couple of years now and so far there hasn't been any problems except for when I'm in very rural areas.


I've been an XM customer for awhile now, and there have been times where I'm frustrated by the signal. Even with the wifi calling feature I get dropped calls all the time. I think it's time to swap back to AT&T!

Customer service

Save yourself the headache of dealing with Xfinity Mobile and just switch to another MVNO. Afterall Comcast owns this so you're getting incompetent customer service reps most of the time. They claim to be a prepaid carrier and I could cancel any time. Well I did cancel after trying to deal with their BS when I needed my number transferred for days now.

Terrible customer support, bad reception

Since using Xfinity Mobile's service, I've had nothing but issues with my signal. I've spent hours trying to get a hold of representatives to help me fix the problem, but they haven't been any help at all! Xfinity is cheap, yes, but it's a "get what you pay for" situation.

Outages, customer support

Xfinity Mobile is just as crappy as the internet I get from the same company. Customer reps are rude, outages happen frequently, and data is soooo slow. Moving to another carrier ASAP.

Bad customer service



I switched from a Verizon plan, we needed new phones and all Verizon would do is sell us 2 new phones cost of $600 to $ $900 each and continue to charge us $85.00 mo for unlimited talk and text with 2 gigs of data. We don’t need 2 gigs of data but did need new phones. Xfinity Mobile offered Samsung s10e phones at the cost of $12.50 mo ea for 24 Months plus $12.00 per month for 1 gig of data. That deal gave us 2 new phones and saved us $600 per year for the first 2 years and beginning the 25th month we save over $1000. A year. At least until we need new phones. Great support at Xfinity store setting up new phones and am perfectly satisfied with the Verizon cell coverage exactly what we had before. Kudos to Xfinity Mobile I just wish their Cable and Internet was more reliable and not such a dog and pony show every year when our promotion expires. Can you say up charge and up sell! Still very happy with mobile service!!!

Great performance, very clear billing, great price

I have two lines; have not used customer service bc I've not needed it.

Customer Service

9/10 when you can you'll get the internet or cable representative and then they have to transfer you to mobile, you'll be lucky the call doesn't get disconnected or you don't have to wait another 20 minutes on hold. I was having terrible dropped calls, multiple representatives and dozen of promised call backs later the issue was never resolved. I decided to transfer my service out, I'm 2 weeks in on still trying getting my phone (Android) unlocked by customer service. A lot of inconsistent communication and failed expectations they representative set for their company.

No problems whatsoever after more than a year of u

I purchased an S8 when I signed up for Xfinity mobile. I am using the by-the-gig plan. Since I use less than a gig of data each month, and my plan includes a $12 monthly credit, I end up paying $0 monthly for phone service! The only cost is the $25/month for the phone purchase.....can't beat that!!

Dropped calls, poor coverage.

Inside my home I have poor coverage (one bar cellular, one bar WiFi) had good coverage with Consumer Cellular. I’ve been getting the run around with customer service (Tier 2), they made like it was a problem unique to me; however, when a went on the Xfinity web site I found a forum that has been discussing this very problem for over a year! Can’t believe them and their fixes don’t work.

Great Value

The experience and price is top notch. The call quality is great, and there have been no issues, thanks to it using Verizon's network.

Customer Service

Customer service is awful and you can only do mobile autopay

Signal Quality

While customer support is crappy the service quality is excellent. I've had Xfinity Mobile for a few months now, and so far I haven't had any issues outside of dealing with employees. Quality is on par with Verizon, and the bill is wicked cheap!

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